All set for the Final 8: Press conference of Alessandro Bertolucci, Paulo Pereira, Alejandro Domínguez and Edo Bosch

It’s the final countdown for the WSE Champions League Final 8 that starts today at Pavilhão José Natário, in Viana do Castelo. This Thursday, 4th of May, the coaches of GSH Trissino, UD Oliveirense, Sporting CP and AD Valongo/Colquímica hold a press conference previewing the day two of the quarter-final games, scheduled for 5 May.

GSH Trissino, current European champion and the only Italian team in Viana do Castelo, plays against UD Oliveirense. Many supporters are expected in the stands. The GSH Trissino fans traveled from Italy to support their team. Many supporters are also expected for Oliveirense due to its proximity to Oliveira de Azeméis.

After that game, there is a duel between portuguese teams. Sporting CP, champion in 2019 and 2021, plays against AD Valongo/Colquímica, a young team that has already managed to win in this WSE Champions League at Barça’s home.

Press Statements:

“It will be a very difficult game against UD Oliveirense. Return to Portugal? It’s like a second home, I spent a great time here and I have a lot of memories. My second daughter was born here. I try to pass my ambition to win to my players”- Alessandro Bertolucci, GSH Trissino coach

“Our expectations are huge. We really want to go as far as possible. It will be a great game against the current champion GSH Trissino. I’m sure it’s going to be a great rink hockey show” – Paulo Pereira, UD Oliveirense coach

“We want to win and do things well. It will be a very difficult 50 minutes against AD Valongo. We didn’t have much time to prepare the game, I tried to recover the team mentally and physically after the Portuguese Cup final. Our ambition is intact” – Alejandro Domínguez, Sporting CP coach

“We really want to continue in this competition. We’ve had a great WSE Champions League and we want to keep dreaming. We only lost one game in group stage and we are here on our own merits.”- Edo Bosch, AD Valongo/Colquímica coach

Date and schedules of the fixture (local time GMT+1)

18h00 – SL Benfica vs FC Porto;
21h00 – Barça vs OC Barcelos; 

18h00 – GSH Trissino vs UD Oliveirense;
21h00 – Sporting CP vs AD Valongo Colquímica;

15h00 – “Winner of Benfica vs FC Porto” vs “Winner of Barça vs OC Barcelos”
18h00 – “Winner of GSH Trissino vs UD Oliveirense” vs “Winner of Sporting CP vs AD Valongo Colquímica”


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