Bassano, Braga, Caldes, Coutras, Follonica, Igualada, Lleida and Voltregà are in the quarterfinals

Seven of the eight teams that had a certain advantage after the first 50 minutes of the game managed to confirm themselves and snatch the ticket to the quarter-finals. There will therefore be four Spanish, two Italian, one Portuguese and one French in the Quarter Finals and only four will be the semi-finalists who will play for the title in April.  Bassano, Braga, Caldes, Coutras, Follonica and Igualada, Voltregà confirmed the advantage of the first game, while the only one who managed to overturn the result was Finques Pratis Lleida, who won on penalties on the Valdagno rink, after the tie of the series only at 8 seconds from the end of the second half (matchwinner on penalties Sergi Folguera). Bassano only managed to win the Italian derby against Grosseto on penalties. An incredible match because Bassano was leading 4-1 five minutes from the end and Grosseto managed to make it 4-5 just a few seconds from the end, temporarily equalizing the match (4 goals from Marc Coy). Braga won 3-2 over Spain’s Alcoy after a very tense game that was only defined in the second half (Trabulo the matchwinner). The French Coutras prevails also in the second match for 8-3 (3 goals for Toni Sero) over the Germans of Herringen. Italy’s Follonica continued its qualification by beating German side Remscheid 8-3 (hattrick for Banini and Cancela). Igualada was defeated by Lyon in France 6-4, but the 13-1 lead in the first leg didn’t create any problems for the Spanish team (4 goals for Lazarus from Lyon). Voltregà, on the strength of their three-goal lead from the first match, won 4-1 in Switzerland, at Diessbach’s home.

The quarterfinals will be played on March 11 and March 25 to define the four of the Final Four (April 22-23, 2023). There will be two Spain-Italy matches that will be fairly balanced, Voltregà-Follonica and Bassano-Lleida, while Caldes and Coutras and Igualada-Braga are the other two matches in the first round. The second round will be the decisive one in the home of Follonica, Lleida, Coutras and Braga.

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Alexander Mount (Grosseto) and Andrea Scuccato (Ubroker Bassano) – Credit Photo: Michele Brunello

WSE Cup – Round of 16 – 1st leg – 28/01/2023 / 2nd Leg – 11/02/2023

16:00 (CET) – 15:00 (GMT) – I.G.R. Remscheid (Germany) x Galileo Follonica (Italy) – 1st leg: 0-6 – 2nd leg: 3-8 – Total goals: 3-14
Remscheid: Langenohl, Kramer, Strieder, Schmidt, Peinke (C) – Halek, Kulmer, Beck, Kessens – Coach: Wienberg
Galileo Follonica: Barozzi, Pagnini F (C), Pagnini M, Cancela, Montigel – Banini D, Bonarelli, Irace – Coach: Silva S, 
Scorers: 1st: 13’24” Cancela (F), 15’49” Pagnini M (F), 20’31” Banini D (F), 22’42” Kramer (PP) (R), 23’22” Banini D (F) – 2nd: 11’39” Halek (R), 13’09” Strieder (R), 14’52” Cancela (F), 15’37” Banini D (F), 22’41” Bonarelli (F), 24’38” Cancela (F)
Penalties: 1st: 21’17” Bonarelli (2′) (F), 24’48” Pagnini M (2′) (F)
Referees: Alvaro De La Hera (Spain) and David Cantos (Spain)

17:00 (GMT) – 18:00 (CET) – H.C. Braga (Portugal) x P.A.S. Alcoy (Spain)  – 1st leg: 3-2 – 2nd leg: 3-2 – Total goals: 6-4
Braga: Magalhaes, Trabulo, Seixas, Hugo, Mendes – Pereira G (C), Sanches, Korosec, Pereira R, Teixeira – Coach: Neves
Alcoy: Grau Villa (C), Formatje, Ceschin, Morales, Perez G – Pujadas B, Dominguez, Matoas, Grau Blanquer, Oltra – Coach: Pastor
Scorers: 1st: 9’22” Formatje (A), 22’20” Trabulo (B) – 2nd: 9’48” Hugo (B), 10’01” Formatje (A), 24’46” Trabulo (dir.shot) (B)
Penalties: 1st: 11’56” Baieli (2′) (A) – 2nd: 24’45” Hugo (2′) (B) and Pujadas (2′) (A)
Referees: Massimiliano Carmazzi (Italy) and Claudio Ferraro (Italy) 

17:30 (CET) – 16:30 (GMT) – R.H.C. Diessbach (Switzerland) x C.P. Voltregà Stern Motor (Spain) – 1st leg: 3-6 – 2nd leg: 1-4 – Total goals: 4-10
Diessbach: Silva C, Wyss, Lorenzo, Dysli Y, Kissling (C) – Dysli M, Kloti, Schmid, Walker, Baumann – Coach: Garcia A
Voltregà Stern Motor: Sanchez, Vargas E (C), Burgaya, Molas A, Teixido G – Armengol, Serra H, Alonso, Estrada – Coach: Capdevila
Scorers: 1st: 3’22” Teixido (V), 13’49” Serra (V), 22’22” Vargas (V) – 2nd: 16’53” Walker (D), 17’24” Vargas (V)

Referees: Giovanni Andrisani (Italy) and Carlo Iuorio (Italy)

18:00 (CET) – 17:00 (GMT) – U.S. Coutras (France) x S.K. Germania Herringen (Germany) – 1st leg: 4-2 – 2nd leg: 8-2 – Total goals: 12-4
Coutras: Audelin, Vargas J, Chirino (C), Sero, Povedano – Platz, Fernandez, Perez, Chiconi, Fernandez I – Coach: Letellier
Herringen: Tegethoff, Karschau K, Hages, Rindfleisch, Karschau L (C) – Nohlen, Gurtler, Polat – Coach: Lapcevic
Scorers: 1st: 11’30” Povedano (C), 12’36” Perez (C), 13’26” Fernandez R (C), 14’47” Nohlen (H) – 2nd: 0’08” Sero (C), 5’08” Povedano (C), 5’59” Karschau L (H), 7’27” Sero (C), 12’47” Sero (C), 22’12” Vargas (C)
Penalties: 1st: 13’17” Perez (2′) (C), 13’24” Hages (2′) (H), 22’35” Perez (2′) (C) – 2nd: 4’11” Hages (2′) (H)

Referees: Bruno Sosa (England) and Karl Wilson (England)

20:00 (CET) – 19:00 (GMT) – Why Sport H.C. Valdagno (Italy) x Finques Prats C.E. Lleida (Spain) – 1st leg: 5-4 – 2nd Leg: 3-4 – Overtimes: 0-0 – Penalties: 2-3 – Total goals: 10-11
Why Sport Valdagno: Sgaria B, Motaran, Rubio, Giuliani, Ojeda – Garcia E, Nadini, Piroli, Cocco M (C), Todeschini – All. Chiarello
Finques Prats Lleida: Codony, Duch, Selva (C), Badia – Vives, Aragones, Canellas, Folguera S, Deitg – All. Folguera A
Scorers: 1st: 10’59” Garcia (V), 13’43” Folguera (L), 15’34” Garcia (V) – 2nd: 4’49” Selva (L), 9’42” Folguera (L), 15’23” Garcia (V), 24’52” Badia (L) – Penalties: Motaran and Nadini (V), Vives, Selva and Folguera (L)
Penalties: 1st: 15’34” Codony (2′) (L)
Referees: Pedro Figueiredo (Portugal) and Silvia Coelho (Portugal)

20:30 (CET) – 19:30 (GMT) – La Vendeenne (France) x Recam Laser Caldes C.H. (Spain) – 1st leg: 4-5 – 2nd leg: 3-2 – Overtimes: 0-1 – Total goals: 7-8
La Vendeenne: Blanco, Debrouver (C), Neto, Colaço, Gefflot – Sisti, Thebaud, Vincent, Boivineau, Bento – Coach: Salicru
Recam Laser Caldes: Pons, Presas, Gurri, Blanque, Gonzalez M – Llobet, Gimenez A (C), Cardona, Gisbert – Coach: Candami
Scorers: 1st: 12’06” Gefflot (L), 17’38” Neto (L), 23’49” Gonzalez (C) – 2nd: 7’11” Gurri (C), 22’13” Pinto M (L) – 1OT: 1’21” Presas (C)
Penalties: 1st: 12’03” Gimenez (2′) (C), 23’44” Debrouver (2′) (L) – 2nd: 13’55” Neto (2′) (L) – 2OT: 3’45” Gonzalez (2′) (C)

Referees: Teofilo Casimiro (Portugal) and Miguel Guilherme (Portugal)

20:30 (CET) – 19:30 (GMT) – R.H.C. Lyon (France)  x Igualada H.C. (Spain) – 1st leg: 1-13 – 2nd leg: 6-4 – Total goals: 7-17
Lyon: Aidoud, Lazzaro, Martinez LM (C), Hadjiji, Torres – Benaissa, Morales, Urtubey, Moine, Martin – Coach: Bellotto
Igualada: Torrents, Yeste, Vives C, Bars (C), Carol – Llenas, Riba, Zilken, Bosch – Coach: Garcia X
Scorers: 1st: 0’44” Lazzaro (L), 8’33” Torres (L), 11’18” Bars (I), 21’12” Lazzaro (L), 25’00” Bars (I) – 2nd: 0’36” Carol (I), 8’06” Lazzaro (L), 8’45” Bars (I), 15’39” Urtubey (L), 16’52” Martinez (L)
Penalties: 2nd: 11’46” Lazzaro (2′)(L)
Referees: Carsten Niestroy (Germany) and Lars Niestroy (Germany)

20:45 (CET) – 19:45 (GMT) – Ubroker H.Bassano 1954 (Italy) x C.P. Grosseto 1951 (Italy)  – 1st leg: 4-3 – 2nd leg: 4-5 – Overtimes: 1-1 – Penalties: 4-3 – Total goals: 13-12
Ubroker Bassano: Veludo, Amato (C), Coy, Pozzato, Muglia – Scuccato, Baggio, Sgaria G, Geremia, Bertuzzo – Coach: Viterbo
Grosseto: Menichetti, Saavedra (C), Rodriguez, Mount, De Oro – Paghi, Franchi, Nacevich, Cabella, Sassetti – Coach: Achilli
Scorers: 1st: 3’43” Saavedra (G), 9’48” Pozzato (B), 12’49” Coy (dir.shot) (B), 22’37” Coy (dir.shot) (B) – 2nd: 18’12” Coy (B), 21’15” Rodriguez (G), 23’18” Rodriguez (G), 24’27” Franchi (G), 24’50” Saavedra (G) – 1OT: 2’15” Coy (pen.shot) (B) – 2OT: 4’30” Saavedra (G) – Penalties: Coy, Scuccato, Muglia, Baggio (B) Rodriguez, Paghi, Saavedra (G)
Penalties: 1st: 2’05” De Oro (2′) (G), 10’42” Pozzato (2′) (B), 12’49” Rodriguez (2′) (G), 20’13” Pozzato (2′) (B) e Cabella (2′) (G) – 2nd: 10’42” Coy (2′) (B), 12’28” Rodriguez (2′) (G), 16’01” Scuccato (2′) (B) – OTS: Pozzato (2′ and red) (B), Cabella (2′) (G)

Referees: Alberto Lopez (Spain) and Daniel Pico (Spain)

Quarterfinals – 1st leg 11/3/2023 – 2nd leg: 25/3/2023
1st leg 11/3/2023
CP Voltregà Stern Motor (Spain) x Galileo Follonica H.1952 (Italy)
Recam Laser CH Caldes (Spain) x US Coutras (France)
Ubroker H.Bassano 1954 (Italy) x Finques Prats CE Lleida (Spain)
Igualada HC (Spain) x HC Braga (Portugal)
2nd leg: 25/3/2023
Galileo Follonica H.1952 (Italy) x CP Voltregà Stern Motor (Spain)
US Coutras (France) x Recam Laser CH Caldes (Spain)
Finques Prats CE Lleida (Spain) x Ubroker H.Bassano 1954 (Italy)
HC Braga (Portugal) x Igualada HC (Spain)

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