Eighth title for Spain in WSE Euro Women. In Olot, Spain won 4-0 against Portugal. 

Spain is proclaimed new European Champion for the eighth time in the 16 editions of the WSE Euro Championship Women. The seventh consecutive confirmation was characterized by Portugal who never lost hope of reopening the match, despite the two goals scored by Spain halfway through the first half, from the sticks of Florenza and Piquero, very skilled in tight play. Sousa and the entire Portuguese team made several attempts to open the game but goalkeeper Ferrer was inviolable on this special evening. The 2-0 lasted more than half a match, together with over 1000 people from the Pavello municipal D’Esport de Olot (Spain), until the 4-0 was achieved again by Piquero, MVP of the match, and captain Casarramona. The captain together with deputy Puigdueta, lifted the WSE Euro Women Cup, confirming one of the most important consecutive victories in the world history of rink hockey.

In second place was Portugal (the sixth consecutive) and in third place was Italy who won 3-0 in the bronze final (the fifth consecutive) against France who confirmed their place in fourth place. The protagonist of this match, like a good part of the European Championship, was Elena Tamiozzo, the top scorer with 13 goals, 3 of which were tonight. In fifth place was England, with their best result in several years: they managed to defeat Germany 4-1 (two goals from Kneeshaw), an event that had not happened since 1995. In sixth place was Switzerland who conquered two points (2-2 result in the morning against England) while at the end Germany, who had won qualifying group B, got one point.

Final Standing: 1st Spain, 2nd Portugal, 3rd Italy, 4th France, 5th England, 6th Switzerland, 7th Germany

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The new Women European Championship – Photo Credit: World Skate Europe

Aina Florenza (Spain) and Marlene Sousa (Portugal), the two most awaited girls of the week – Photo Credit: World Skate Europe

The crowd of the Pavellò d’Esport de Olot (Spain) – Photo Credit: World Skate Europe

WSE Euro Women #WSEEuroW #WSEEuroWomen

Eliminatory Round
Finals and 5-7 place round – Saturday 09/12/2023
09:00 – 5/7 place – Switzerland x England = 2-2
15:30 – 5/7 place – Germany x England = 1-4
18:00 – Final 3/4 place – France x Italy = 0-3
20:30 – Final 1/2 place – Spain x Portugal = 4-0

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