FC Porto and Barça advance to semi-finals of WSE Champions League

FC Porto/Fidelidade and Barça will meet in the semi-finals of the WSE Champions League, after having beaten SL Benfica and OC Barcelos, respectively.

In the first game of the quarter-finals of the WSE Champions League, FC Porto was most effective in penalties and direct shots, and got the fourth victory in five games this season against his historic rival.

Gonçalo Alves (penalty) scored the first goal, but Pablo Álvarez managed to equalize before the break. In the second half, Carlo Di Benedetto made it 2-1. Gonçalo Alves scored twice in the game with a direct shot (3-1). Nil Roca equalized with three minutes left, but Rafa made it 4-2 with nine seconds left on the clock, at a time when Benfica was playing without a goalkeeper.

SL Benfica (POR) x FC Porto (POR) = 2-4 (1-1, 1-3)
SL Benfica: Pedro Henriques (GK), Roberto Di Benedetto, Nil Roca, Pablo Álvarez, Lucas Ordoñez –  Bernardo Mendes (GK), Carlos Nicolía, Diogo Rafael (C), Edu Lamas, Gonçalo Pinto. Coach: Nuno Resende
FC Porto: Xavi Malián, Telmo Pinto, Rafa, Carlo Di Benedetto, Gonçalo Alves – Tiago Rodrigues, Xavier Barroso, Diogo Barata, Ezequiel Mena, Reinaldo García (C). Coach: Ricardo Ares
Scorers: Gonçalo Alves (3’), Pablo Álvarez (9’), Carlo Di Benedetto (44’), Gonçalo Alves (46’), Nil Roca (47’), Rafa (49’).
Referees: Miguel Diaz (Spain) and Jonathan Sanchez (Spain)

In the second game, again with the stands full of supporters, OC Barcelos forced Barça to extra time, after a tie (3-3) at the end of the 50 minutes. João Rodrigues was Barça’s big star, scoring three goals.

After a goalless first half, Pau Bargalló opened the scoring in the 30th minute, but OC Barcelos’ response was the best. Just six seconds later, Alvarinho tied.

After it, João Rodrigues came into action. The captain of the portuguese national team made it 2-1 in the 34th minute, but Vieirinha sent the fans into a frenzy when he scored the second of OC Barcelos and took the game into extra time with three minutes to play.

In the 2nd half of extra time, João Rodrigues made it 3-2, Rampulla tied it (3-3), but at the entrance to the last minute João Rodrigues scored again. With OC Barcelos risking everything for the draw, Barça scored again through Hélder Nunes.

Barça (ESP) x OC Barcelos (POR) = 3-5 (0-0, 2-2). Extra time: 0-0, 1-3)
Barça: Sergi Fernández (GK), Hélder Nunes, Ignacio Alabart, Pau Bargalló, João Rodrigues –  Carles Grau (GK), Joan Pascual, Sergi Llorca, Marc Grau, Sergi Panadero. – Coach: Edu Castro
OC Barcelos: Conti (GR), Luís Querido, Danilo Rampulla, Alvarinho, Vieirinha – Joka, Zé Pedro, Miguel Rocha, Darío Giménez, André Centeno.- Coach: Paulo Freitas
Scorers: Pau Bargalló (30’), Alvarinho (30’), João Rodrigues (34’), Vieirinha (47’), João Rodrigues (56’), Danilo Rampulla (57’), João Rodrigues (59’), Hélder Nunes (59’).

Referees: Claudio Ferraro (Italy) and Marco Rondina (Italy)

Gonçalo Alves (FC Porto) and Roberto Di Benedetto (SL Benfica) – Photo Credit: WSE

Date and schedules of the fixture (local time GMT+1)

18h00 – SL Benfica 2-4 FC Porto;
21h00 – Barça 5-3 OC Barcelos; 

18h00 – GSH Trissino vs UD Oliveirense;
21h00 – Sporting CP vs AD Valongo Colquímica;

15h00 – FC Porto-Barça
18h00 – “Winner of GSH Trissino vs UD Oliveirense” vs “Winner of Sporting CP vs AD Valongo Colquímica”


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