First three points for Portugal, Switzerland and Andorra. Today, the Iberian classic, Spain-Portugal

The first day of the Senior Men WSE European Championships started immediately with several mixed emotions. The 2-2 draw between Spain and France, the last two European finalists, confirms the good physical condition of the French, able to recover the result twice, after the double advantage achieved by Grau and Barroso. Once again the two brothers Bruno and Carlo Di Benedetto put their signature, above all Carlo who had the only direct shot available three minutes from the end. At the head of Group A is instead Portugal, who managed the victory over a good but patchy Italy. The number 77, Gonçalo Alves, is still the protagonist, four goals in the sheet. With a 3-0 lead over the Italians, the Portuguese are almost caught up of 4-3 by Cocco and Gavioli. Pyrotechnic final, but Portugal proved to be still one step ahead. In Group A there are two teams with full points: Switzerland and Andorra are within three points, thanks to 4-0 and 6-2 victories against England and Germany respectively. It was Andorra’s second historic victory against Germany and no doubt Nil Castellvi’s four goals made the difference. The Swiss, on the other hand, got the better of a good England who, however, didn’t find a way to score, which their opponents found several times instead.
Today is the day of Spain-Portugal (18:30 CEST), the Iberian classic, a tug of war that usually offers great high-intensity matches, even if Andorra against Switzerland can already mean something for Group B (13:00). 30 CEST). England-Germany and Italy-France, two clashes that already have the flavor of revenge after the first 50 minutes.

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1st matchday – Monday 17th July
13:30 (CEST) – Group B – Switzerland x England = 4-0
16:00 (CEST) – Group B – Andorra x Germany = 6-2
18:30 (CEST) – Group A – Portugal x Italy = 7-4
21:00 (CEST) – Group A – Spain x France = 4-4

Standing Group A: Portugal 3 points, Spain and France 1 point, Italy 0 points
Standing Group B: Switzerland and Andorra 3 points, England and Germany 0 points

Details of the matchday
SWITZERLAND – ENGLAND = 4-0 (1-0, 3-0)
Switzerland: Vizio, Dysli, Boll, Rui, Kissling (C) – Norris, Griffin, Barnes, Martin – Coach Pereira
England: Allander, Kay, Tucker, Taylor (C), Baker – Rettenmund, Brand, Gottwald, Schober, Oberson – Coach: Battaler
Scorers: 1st: 20’48” Dysli (SWI) – 2nd: 1’28” Rui (SWI), 2’30” Rui (PP) (SWI), 9’47” Jonathan Brand (SWI)
Penalties: 1st: 23’08” Rettenmund (2′) (SWI) – 2nd: 2’22” Martin (2′) (ENG), 2’20” Allander (2′) (ENG)
Referees: Le Menn (FRA), Silva (POR)

ANDORRA – GERMANY = 6-2 (3-2, 3-0)
Andorra: De Sousa, Castellvi, Picanyol, Miquel (C), Dilmè – Barros, Lopez, Hernandez, Tomè, Beal – Coach: Rubio
Germany: Geisler, Kohler, Strieder, Karschau (C), Borkei – Hass, Rath, Heinrichs, Hilbertz N, Hilbertz F – Coach: Wahlen
Scorers: 1st: 4’15” Castellvi (AND), 4’53” Kohler (GER), 7’44” Miquel (AND), 13’57” Hass (GER), 17’21” Castellvi (AND) – 2nd: 5’56” Castellvi (AND), 19’08” Castellvi (AND), 22’36” Miquel (AND)
Referees: Mayor (SPA), Wilson (ENG)

PORTUGAL – ITALY = 7-4 (3-1, 4-3)
Portugal: Henriques, Nunes, Magalhaes, Alves, Rodrigues (C) – Costa, Pinto, Souto, Santos, Edo – Coach: Garrido
Italy: Sgaria, Ipinazar, Faccin, Cinquini, Cocco (C) – Malagoli, Gavioli, Compagno, Barbieri, Gnata – Coach: Bertolucci
Scorers: 1st: 1’05” Magalhaes (POR), 7’09” Alves (POR), 9’42” Alves (POR), 15’48” Cocco (ITA), 18’12” Cocco (ITA) – 2nd: 15’26” Souto (POR), 22’06” Gavioli (ITA), 23’39” Alves (POR), 24’00” Malagoli (ITA), 24’08” Nunes (POR), 24’55” Alves (POR)
Referees: Diaz (SPA), Sanchez (SPA)

SPAIN – FRANCE = 2-2 (1-0, 1-2)
Spain: Grau C, Carballeira, Casas, Roca, Bargallo P (C) – Grau M, Barroso, Julia, Aragones, Ballart – Coach: Cabestany
France: Chambel, Di Benedetto B, Herman, Di Benedetto R, Di Benedetto C (C) – Da Costa, Gefflot, Barengo, Savreux L, Audelin – Coach: Savreux F
Scorers: 1st: 13’57” Grau M (SPA) – 2nd: 2’26” Di Benedetto R (FRA), 16’16” Barroso (SPA), 21’54” Di Benedetto C (dir.shot) (FRA)
Penalties: 2nd: 21’54” Grau M (2′) (SPA)
Referees: Silecchia (ITA), Rondina (ITA)

2nd matchday – Tuesday 18th July
13:30 (CEST) – Group B – Andorra x Switzerland
16:00 (CEST) – Group B – England x Germany
18:30 (CEST) – Group A – Spain x Portugal
21:00 (CEST) – Group A – Italy x France

3rd matchday – Wednesday 19th July
13:30 (CEST) – Group B – Switzerland x Germany
16:00 (CEST) – Group B – England x Andorra
18:30 (CEST) – Group A – Portugal x France
21:00 (CEST) – Group A – Italy x Spain

Quarterfinals – Thursday 20th July
13:30 (CEST) – QF4 – 4th Group A x 1st Group B
16:00 (CEST) – QF3 – 3rd Group A x 2nd Group B
18:30 (CEST) – QF2 – 2nd Group A x 3rd Group B
21:00 (CEST) – QF1 – 1st Group A x 4th Group B

Semifinals – Friday 21st July
13:30 (CEST) – SF4 – Looser QF2 x Looser QF3
16:00 (CEST) – SF3 – Looser QF1 x Looser QF4
18:30 (CEST) – SF2 – Winner QF2 x Winner QF3
21:00 (CEST) – SF1 – Winner QF1 x Winner QF4

Finals – Saturday 22nd July
13:30 (CEST) – Final 7th-8th place – Looser SF3 x Looser SF4
16:00 (CEST) – Final 5th-6th place – Winner SF3 x Winner SF4
18:30 (CEST) – Final 3rd-4th place – Looser SF1 x Looser SF2
21:45 (CEST) – Final 1st-2nd place – Winner SF1 x Winner SF4

Note: Timetables may be adjusted according to TV broadcast

Pau Bargallò (Spain) and Carlo Di Benedetto (France) – Credit Photo World Skate Europe

Gerard Miquel (Andorra) and Aaron Borkei (Germany) – Credit Photo World Skate Europe

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