For the eighth consecutive edition, the winner of the Under 17 Men WSE Euro will be between Portugal and Spain

It will still be an Iberian derby to decide the winner of the Under 17 Europero. The two contenders of the last eight consecutive editions have shown a certain superiority over the other two semifinalists. Italy kept their opponents more on edge than their opponents for the bronze, France, who were overwhelmed by Portugal’s intensity already in the first half. A game without history between the Lusitanians and the French: the 8-0 in the first 20 minutes of the game is an example of how much Portugal had an edge: at the end of the 40 minutes the final result was 12-1. Three goals from Rodrigo Preciso, two for Ribeiro, Santos, Franco and Pina, for the team that scored the most in this European Championship. The second semi-final went differently in front of the active Italian and Spanish public. Spain put the usual great intensity to not allow the Italians to get into the game. 3-0 in 18 minutes, then in a couple of minutes of blackout they allowed the opponent to return to 3-2. But Sama’s team had the project for the Semifinal well in mind and with great stubbornness they then returned to +3 and then to the final 6-2. Pau Andreu is the MVP of this Semifinal but with his 11 total goals he risks becoming the MVP of the tournament too. The final will be played at 21, while the bronze final at 17.
England and Switzerland will play the Final 5/6 place (12:00) while Germany and Andorra the Final 7/8 place (10:00). Two semi-final matches won by Switzerland and England. Switzerland found a good Andorra in the first half but in the second half they managed to close the match with the result of 5-0. Two goals by striker Pahud and two by captain Dysli and final goal by Schenk. Instead England decided their match in the very first 4 minutes of the first half with two plays from Taiga Darbyshire. Germany almost never managed to get into the rhythm of their opponents, despite Rempke managing to halve the gap in the second half. With 10 minutes to go Anthony-Sharp closed the semifinal.

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Eliminatory Stages – Semi-finals – Friday 1st September 2023
10:00 – SF3 – ANDORRA – SWITZERLAND = 0-5 (0-1, 0-4)
Andorra: Torrebadella (C), Lopez, Sanchez, Fernandez, Aviles – Hernandez, Cristeto, Sanchez, Alvarez,  Cuadrado, Sole – Coach: Rubio
Switzerland: Zaugg, Thonen, Dubacher, Dysli (C), Pahud – Schenk, Tanner, SChmocker, Reist, Bagattini – Coach: Faria
Scorers: 1st: 6’19” Pahud (pen.shot) (SWI) – 2nd: 4’53” Pahud (SWI), 6’55” Dysli (SWI), 12’32” Dysli (SWI), 18’43” Schen (SWI)
Penalties: 2nd: 5’37” Neau (2′) (FRA)
Referees: Fernandez (SPA), Coelho (POR)

12:00 – SF4 – GERMANY – ENGLAND = 1-3 (0-2, 1-1)
Germany: Mesmer, Keil, Halek, Haubrock, Rempke (C) – Beck, Bocher, Emmert, Vytrisal, Hollstein – Coach: Aleixo
England: Rae, Allen, Semilore, Darbyshire, Hopkins – Anthony-Sharp, Webber,  Durston, Hillam (C), Clack – Coach: Fontes
Scorers: 1st: 1’15” Darbyshire (ENG), 3’42” Darbyshire (ENG) – 2nd: 3’52” Rempke (GER), 10’17” Anthony-Sharp (PP) (ENG), 
Penalties: 2nd: 8’17” Halek (2′) (GER), 12’49” Rempke (GER)
Referees: Hyde (ENG), Rago (ITA)

17:00 – SF1 – PORTUGAL – FRANCE = 12-1 (8-0, 4-1)
Portugal: Bessa, Ribeiro, Duarte, Pina, Preciso (C) – Santos, Lopes, Honorio, Franco, Oliveira – Coach: Ferrao
France: Cayol, Gaucher (C), Couve, Grison, Garro – Granger, Voisin, Neau, Cazeilles, Herve – Coach: Herin
Scorers: 1st: 1’04” Ribeiro (POR), 1’57” Duarte (POR), 3’11” Preciso (POR), 5’43” Pina (POR), 7’30” Preciso (POR), 9’27” Santos (POR), 11’26” Franco (POR), 12’35” Franco (POR), 12’35” Franco (POR) – 2nd: 3’24” Ribeiro (POR), 6’04” Preciso (POR), 12’08” Santos (POR), 14’27” Pina (POR), 17’26” Garro (FRA)
Penalties: 1st: 18’18” Garro (2′) (FRA)
Referees: Ullrich (GER), Hyde (ITA)

21:00 – SF2 – SPAIN – ITALY = 6-2 (3-2, 3-0)
Spain: Palleja, Gabarrò, Hidalgo, Moreno, Andreu (C) – Zanon, Molera, Bou, Roig, Alvarez – Coach: Sama
Italy: Mugnaini, Maggi A, Margheriti, Polverini (C), Pedroni – Cardella, Tagliapietra, Crocco, Monticelli, Maggi E – Coach: Giudice
Scorers: 1st: 6’07” Hidalgo (SPA), 15’14” Andreu (SPA), 16’12” Andreu (SPA), 18’50” Maggi (dir.shot) (ITA), 19’33” Tagliapietra (dir.shot) (ITA) – 2nd: 1’19” Andreu (pen.shot) (SPA), 14’45” Hidalgo (SPA), 15’37” Hidalgo (SPA)
Penalties: 1st: 4’50” Andreu (2′) (SPA), 5’09” Pedroni (2′) (ITA), 16’12” Andreu (SPA), 19’28” Hidalgo (2′) (SPA), 19’28” Palleja (2′) (SPA)
Referees: Catrapona (POR), Coelho (POR)

Finals – Saturday 2 September 2023
10:00 – Fin. 7th/8th place – ANDORRA x GERMANY
12:00 – Fin. 5th/6th place – SWITZERLAND x ENGLAND
15:00 – Fin. 3rd/4th place – FRANCE x ITALY
19:00 – Fin. 1st/2nd place – PORTUGAL x SPAIN
22:30 – Award Ceremony

Two photos from the matches of the quarter-finals – Credit Photo: World Skate Europe

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