Four important victories for qualification for the next phase

The second round saw Benfica’s victory over Vila-sana Coop d’Ivars 3-1, redeeming the semi-final lost seven months ago on the same floor. There were two key moments in a balanced match, the decisive one being the break at the end of the first half and the 3-1 goal scored by Santos which thus also reached 3 points in group A together with Fraga. The Italians of Roller Matera won at home against the Germans Remscheid 7-2 with a rather large victory, gained in the last minutes of the match (3 goals for Tarrida and Lapolla). Seven goals were also scored by Martinelia Manlleu and Generali HC Palau Plegamans. Manlleu scores an important victory at the home of French Coutras 7-0, where Castellvi scored three goals. Ivan Sanz’s team also recorded a 7-0 victory against Astro Stuart HC Massama’s Portuguese team, also in this case gained in the second half, under the blows of the multiple European champions Florenza and Busquets (doubles for each).
In two weeks, January 27, 2024, we will arrive at the halfway point of the Group Stage where the most fascinating matches will be Manlleu-Coruna and Vila Sana-Fraga.
In the top-scorers list, Laura Igualada of Telecable Gijon is leading with 5 goals and in the second place Aina Florenza (Generali Palau Plegamans) With 4 goals.
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Mariona Colomer (Generali Palau Plegamans) and Beatriz Alves (Astro Stuart HC Massama) – Photo Credit: David Valiente

Luciana Agudo (CP Vila-Sana Coop d’Ivars) and Elena Tamiozzo (SL Benfica)- Photo Credit: Clara Liañez

WSE Champions League Women – Group Stage
Matchday 2 | Saturday 13/01/2024
GROUP A – 14/01/2024 h 12:00 (GMT) 13:00 (CET) -SL Benfica (POR) x CP Vila-sana Coop. D’ivars (SPA) = 3-1
GROUP B – h 14:00 (CET) – IGR Remscheid (GER) x Roller Matera (ITA) = 2-7
GROUP C – h 17:45 (CET) – Coutras RH (FRA) x Martinelia Manlleu (SPA) = 0-7
GROUP D – h 15:00 (CET) 14:00 (GMT) – Generali HC Palau Plegamanes (SPA) x Astro Stuart HC Massama (POR) = 7-0

Group A: CP Esneca Fraga 3 points (1 game played), SL Benfica 3 points (2 gp), CP Vila-Sana Coop d’Ivars 0 point (1 gp)
Group B: Telecable Gijon HC 3 points (1 gp), Roller Matera 3 points (1 gp), IGR Remschied 0 point (2 gp)
Group C: Martinelia Manlleu 3 points (1 gp), HC Coruna 3 points (1 gp), Coutras RH 0 points (2 gp)
Group D: Generali HC Palau Plegamans 6 points (2 gp), RHC Vordemwald 0 point (1 gp), Astro Stuart HC Massama 0 point (1 gp)

Next games
Matchday 3 | Saturday 27/01/2024
GROUP A – h 19:00 (CET) – CP Vila-sana Coop. D’ivars (SPA) x CP Esneca Fraga (SPA)
GROUP B – h 19:30 (CET) – Roller Matera (ITA) x Telecable HC Gijon (SPA)
GROUP C – h 17:00 (CET) – Martinelia Manlleu (SPA) x HC Coruña (SPA)
GROUP D – h 19:30 (GMT) 20:30 (CET) –  Astro Stuart HC Massama (POR) x RHC Vordemwald (SWI)

Matchday 4 | Saturday 10/02/2024
GROUP A – 10/02/2024 – CP Esneca Fraga (SPA) x CP Vila-sana Coop. D’ivars (SPA)
GROUP B – 10/02/2024 – Telecable HC Gijon (SPA) x Roller Matera (ITA)
GROUP C – 10/02/2024 – HC Coruña (SPA) x Martinelia Manlleu (SPA)
GROUP D – 10/02/2024 – RHC Vordemwald (SWI) x  Astro Stuart HC Massama (POR)

Matchday 5 | Saturday 24/02/2024
GROUP A – 24/02/2024 – CP Vila-sana Coop. D’ivars (SPA) x SL Benfica (POR)
GROUP B – 24/02/2024 – Roller Matera (ITA) x IGR Remscheid (GER)
GROUP C – 24/02/2024 – Martinelia Manlleu (SPA) x Coutras RH (FRA)
GROUP D – 24/02/2024 –  Astro Stuart HC Massama (POR) x Generali HC Palau Plegamans (SPA)

Matchday 6 | Saturday 09/03/2024
GROUP A – 09/03/2024 – SL Benfica (POR) x CP Esneca Fraga (SPA)
GROUP B – 09/03/2024 – IGR Remscheid (GER) x Telecable HC Gijon (SPA)
GROUP C – 09/03/2024 – Coutras RH (FRA) x HC Coruña (SPA)
GROUP D – 09/03/2024 – Generali HC Palau Plegamans (SPA) x RHC Vordemwald (SWI)

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