Four wins and four ties characterize the fourth day of the WSE Champions League Men

Crackling evening from north to south of Europe where there were several surprises. Group B is really very balanced because Benfica is now back in first place thanks to a super comeback at Reus Deportiu Virginias, from 3-1 to 3-6, thanks to two goals each from Ordonez and Roberto Di Benedetto. Sporting recovered a very balanced match, equalizing only 32 seconds from the end thanks to Souto. They are now back in second place by one point, but at this moment, the second Lisbon derby will be decisive in two weeks.
Two big surprises came from Group D where SCRA Saint Omer placed second with a solid victory against Valongo Colquimica 5-2. Two goals from Del Rio which therefore give the French team a great dream. Late in the evening, Amatori WaskenLodi managed to win on the rink of the first in the standings with Fernandes’ hat-trick, after the initial 2-0 lead of Bosch’s team. A situation that shuffles the cards and makes the last two matchdays very spicy.
Group A saw two draws in the two evening clashes. Spectacular final between Deportivo Liceo and Centro Porsche Firenze VH Forte, where the goalkeepers decided the tie after many chances and goals, but it ended with a 3-3. A tie also between Barcelos and Barça: the Argentinian Rampulla responds to Joao Rodrigues’ initial goal, keeping the Group A standings practically unchanged, where Barça has a 3-point advantage over Barcelos.
Porto Fidelidade extends their lead in Group C and flies to 9 points. Strong victory against a good Finques Prats Lleida: the 2 decisive goals for the final 4-2 were scored by the experts Lamas and Telmo Pinto. The 2-2 tie between Tomar IPT and Trissino puts the European champions two points ahead of the Italians, but even in this case, all the next matches could decide the first qualifiers.Live scoring as always on

The Rink Hockey Commission has moved the date of the 2nd Leg of the WSE Champions League Men Quarter-finals from 4 April to 11 April, due to the confirmed Tournament of Natons of Montreux during the Easter week. 

In our WSETV all the complete matches and the highlights of the every match

Gonçalo Alves (Porto Fidelidade) and Jordi Badia (Finques Prats Lleida) – Credit Photo: World Skate Europe

Fabrizio Ciocale (Deportivo Liceo) and Federico Ambrosio (Centro Porsche Firenze VH Forte) – Credit photo: World Skate Europe

WSE Champions League Men – Group Stage
Matchday 4 | 25/01/2024
Group D – 20:00 (CET) 19:00 (GMT) – SCRA Saint Omer (FRA) x AD Valongo Colquimica (POR) = 5-2
Group B – 20:30 (CET) 19:30 (GMT) – CP Parlem Calafell (SPA) x  Sporting CP (POR) = 2-2
Group A – 20:30 (CET) – Deportivo Liceo (SPA) x Centro Porsche Firenze Versilia H.Forte (ITA) = 3-3
Group B – 21:00 (CET) 20:00 (GMT) – Reus Deportiu Virginias (SPA)  x SL Benfica (POR) = 3-6
Group C – 20:00 (GMT) 21:00 (CET) – FC Porto Fidelidade (POR) x  Finques Prats Lleida (SPA) = 4-2
Group A – 21:00 (GMT) 22:00 (CET) – OC Barcelos (POR) x Barça (SPA) = 1-1
Group C – 21:00 (GMT) 22:00 (CET) – SC Tomar IPT (POR) x Hockey Trissino (ITA) = 2-2
Group D – 21:00 (GMT) 22:00 (GMT) – UD Oliveirense Simoldes (POR) x Amatori Wasken Lodi (ITA) = 3-4

Standing (after the third matchday)
Group A: Barça (SPA)  10 points, OC Barcelos (POR) 7 points, Centro Porsche Firenze Versilia H.Forte (ITA) 4 points, Deportivo Liceo (SPA) 1 point
Group B: SL Benfica (POR) 9 points, Sporting CP (POR) 7 points, CP Parlem Calafell (SPA) 5 points, Reus Deportiu Virginia (SPA) 0 points
Group C: FC Porto Fidelidade (POR) 9 points, Hockey Trissino (ITA) 7 points, SC Tomar IPT (POR) 5 points, Finques Prats Lleida (SPA) 1 point
Group D: UD Oliveirense Simoldes (POR) 9 points, SCRA Saint-Omer (FRA) 6 points, AD Valongo Colquimica (POR) 4 points, Amatori Wasken Lodi (ITA) 4 points

Matchday 5 | 08/02/2024
Group A – 20:00 (CET) – Barça (SPA) x Centro Porsche Firenze Versilia H.Forte (ITA)
Group C – 20:30 (CET) – Finques Prats Lleida (SPA) x Hockey Trissino (ITA)
Group C – 20:00 (GMT) – FC Porto Fidelidade (POR) x SC Tomar IPT (POR)
Group B – 21:00 (CET) – Reus Deportiu Virginias (SPA)  x CP Parlem Calafell (SPA)
Group D – 21:00 (CET) 20:00 (GMT) – Amatori Wasken Lodi (ITA) x AD Valongo Colquimica (POR)
Group A – 21:00 (GMT) 22:00 (CET) – OC Barcelos (POR) x Deportivo Liceo (SPA) 
Group D – 21:00 (GMT) 22:00 (CET) – UD Oliveirense Simoldes (POR) x SCRA Saint Omer (FRA)
Group B – 18:30 (GMT) – SL Benfica (POR) x Sporting CP (POR) 

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