Fraga and Coruña are the two new solitary leaders of the WSE Champions League Women

Esneca Fraga and HC Coruña join Generali Palau as teams with full points, winning two victories out of the two matches played. A third day characterized by balance, but above all Telecable Gijon paid the price as they were stopped in Italai at Roller Matera’s home 2-2. Piquero equalizes after the 2-1 scored by Lamacchia and Lapolla which still leaves both equal chances for first place. In the very balanced Group A, Vila-Sana Coop d’Ivars is unable to exploit home advantage and is overtaken at the foo-finish by Arxè’s 2-1 goal which allows Esneca Fraga to be in first place with six points. HC Coruña manages to overcome Martinelia Manlleu 2-0 at home, handing first place to the Galicians: both goals were scored by the Chilean Fernanda Munoz. First victory for the portoguese Astro Stuart HC Massamà: a goal by Beatriz Alves decides the match against the Swiss Vordemwald at minutes 2 of the second half.
Appointment in two weeks with the “return” of this third day where Fraga, Gijon, La Coruna and Vordemwald will be played
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Astro Stuart HCM vs Generali Palau – Photo Credit: David Valiente

WSE Champions League Women – Group Stage
Matchday 3 | Saturday 27/01/2024
GROUP A – h 19:00 (CET) – CP Vila-sana Coop. D’ivars (SPA) x CP Esneca Fraga (SPA) = 1-2
GROUP B – h 19:30 (CET) – Roller Matera (ITA) x Telecable HC Gijon (SPA) = 2-2
GROUP C – h 17:00 (CET) – Martinelia Manlleu (SPA) x HC Coruña (SPA) = 0-2
GROUP D – h 19:30 (GMT) 20:30 (CET) –  Astro Stuart HC Massama (POR) x RHC Vordemwald (SWI) = 1-0

Group A: CP Esneca Fraga 6 points (2 games played), SL Benfica 3 points (2 gp), CP Vila-Sana Coop d’Ivars 0 point (2 gp)
Group B: Telecable Gijon HC 4 points (2 gp), Roller Matera 4 points (2 gp), IGR Remschied 0 point (2 gp)
Group C: HC Coruña 6 points (2 gp), Martinelia Manlleu 3 points (2 gp), Coutras RH 0 points (2 gp)
Group D: Generali HC Palau Plegamans 6 points (2 gp), Astro Stuart HC Massama 3 points (2 gp), RHC Vordemwald 0 point (2 gp),

Next games
Matchday 4 | Saturday 10/02/2024
GROUP A – 10/02/2024 – 19:30 (CET) CP Esneca Fraga (SPA) x CP Vila-sana Coop. D’ivars (SPA)
GROUP B – 10/02/2024 – 19:15 (CET) – Telecable HC Gijon (SPA) x Roller Matera (ITA)
GROUP C – 10/02/2024 – 17:00 (CET) –  HC Coruña (SPA) x Martinelia Manlleu (SPA)
GROUP D – 10/02/2024 – 18:00 (CET) 17:00 (GMT) – RHC Vordemwald (SWI) x  Astro Stuart HC Massama (POR)

Matchday 5 | Saturday 24/02/2024
GROUP A – 24/02/2024 – CP Vila-sana Coop. D’ivars (SPA) x SL Benfica (POR)
GROUP B – 24/02/2024 – Roller Matera (ITA) x IGR Remscheid (GER)
GROUP C – 24/02/2024 – Martinelia Manlleu (SPA) x Coutras RH (FRA)
GROUP D – 24/02/2024 –  Astro Stuart HC Massama (POR) x Generali HC Palau Plegamans (SPA)

Matchday 6 | Saturday 09/03/2024
GROUP A – 09/03/2024 – SL Benfica (POR) x CP Esneca Fraga (SPA)
GROUP B – 09/03/2024 – IGR Remscheid (GER) x Telecable HC Gijon (SPA)
GROUP C – 09/03/2024 – Coutras RH (FRA) x HC Coruña (SPA)
GROUP D – 09/03/2024 – Generali HC Palau Plegamans (SPA) x RHC Vordemwald (SWI)

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