Fraga and Remscheid advance to the Group Stage of the WSE Champions League Women

The results of the 1st leg are also respected today evening, where Fraga and Remscheid are still winners. Coach Beck’s Germans won 7-2 in Italy at Rotellistica Scandianese, sealing the match already in the first half by winning 4-0. Three goals for Saphira Giersch, two for Dobbratz and one for Steinmetz and Behrendt, for a total of 12 to 4 in the two games played.
The result between Cronenberg and Esneca Fraga was more balanced because the Germans managed to keep the tie 2-2 until a few seconds from the end. Rebeca Gonzalez decided with 20 seconds left, giving the final result of 3-2, a total of 8-4 in favor of the Spaniards. Goals on the European evening also for Arxè and Sanjurjo while Wichardt scored two goals for the German Cronenberg team. These two teams join the other 10 and in the next few hours the day for the draw for the WSE Champions League Women’s groups will be announced which will begin on November 11th with the first match. There are six Spanish teams, two Portuguese, one French, one Italian, one Swiss, and one German.

Registered Teams to the Group Stage WSECLW
Astro Stuart HC Massama (POR), Coutras RH (FRA), CP Vila-sana Coop. D’ivars (SPA), Generali HC Palau Plegamans (SPA), HC Coruna (SPA), Martinelia CP Manlleu (SPA), RHC Vordemwald (SWI), Roller Matera (ITA), SL Benfica (POR), Telecable HC Gijon (SPA) – CP Esneca Fraga (SPA), IGR Remscheid (GER)

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Saturday 21 October 2023
h 19:00 (CEST) – RSC CRONENBERG (GER) x CP ESNECA FRAGA (SPA) = 2-3 – 1st leg 2-5, 2nd leg -3 – Total goals: 4-8

Cronenberg: Immer, Wichardt, Seidler, Dicke, Lutters – Tacke (C), Mezzo, Neche, Grusenick, Gouder – Coach Hovelmann
Esneca Fraga: Ferrer, Paya, Flix V, Soto, Sanjurjo – Arxè, Xicota, Gonzalez, Flix R (C), Lopez – Coach Capdevila
Scorers: 2nd: 7’37” Arxe (FRA), 14’17” Wichardt (CRO), 14’38” Sanjurjo (dir.shot) (FRA), 21’27” Wichardt (CRO), 24’40” Gonzalez (CRO)
Penalties: 2nd: 13’25” Flix R (2′) (FRA), 14’38” Dicke (2′) (CRO)
Referees: Teofilo Casimiro (POR) and Miguel Guilherme (POR)

h 18:00 (CEST) – ROTELLISTICA SCANDIANESE (ITA) x IGR REMSCHEID (GER) = 2-7 – 1st leg 2-5 – 2nd leg 2-7 – total goals: 4-12
Scandianese: Ganassi, Calia, Berti, Gimeno, Yacanto – Gallotta, Ferrarini, Giardina, Pisati – Coach Barbieri
Remscheid: Pillenkamp, Steinmetz, Zech, Behrendt, Giersch (C) – Dobbratzz, Sohngen, Sousa, Heiermann, Emmert – Coach Beck
Scorers: 1st: 13’27” Giersch (REM), 13’56” Dobbratz (REM), 17’14” Giersch (dir.shot) (REM), 19’52” Giersch (REM) – 2nd: 4’14” Berti (PP) (SCA), 14’49” Behrendt (GER), 19’33” Steinmetz (REM), 22’33” Berti (SCA), 23’06” Dobbratz (REM)
Penalties: 1st: 17’14” Gallotta (2′) (SCA) – 2nd: 4’08” Zech (2′) (REM), 10’53” Zech (2′) (REM)
Referees: Loic Le Menn (FRA) and Nuno Melo (FRA)

A pic from the game between Rotellistica Scandianese and Remscheid – Credit Photo: Alberto Bertolani

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