Great exploits in the first 50 minutes of the quarter-finals

The top teams in the qualifying groups score three extremely important away victories to achieve their goal of the Final Four. They will therefore have the 2nd leg in front of their fans to confirm how good they have built this evening.
The big match between Vila-sana Coop d’Ivars and Telecable Gijon saw the European Champions excel once again. A match was conducted even after the initial advantage achieved by the Argentine star Agudo. Almeida and Igualada score the 1-2 in just a few seconds but the 15 seconds before the break was decisive, where the 3-1 was made by Piquero. Vila-sana reduces the score to 2-3 in the second half but is unable to overcome Hidalgo for the remaining 19 minutes. An away victory also for Generali Palau Plegamans, winning 3-1 at Martinelia Manlleu. The expert Busquets and the top scorer Florenza decide in the first half. Colomer extends to 0-3 in the second half but Anglada reduces it to 1-3 in the final. Only in the second half did HC Coruña manage to overcome the attentive Astro Stuart Massamà. Garrote and Bullò fly to 0-2 in seven minutes, maintaining the double advantage for the rest of the half. Next Saturday the match between Matera and Esneca Fraga, while after the Easter break, there will already be the 2nd leg which will define the four semi-finalists of this exciting tournament.
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Vila-Sana Coop d’Ivars versus Telecable Gijon – Photo Credit: CP Vila-Sana

WSE Champions League Women – Group Stage
Quarter-finals | 1st leg | Saturday 23/03/2024 and 30/03/2024
QF #4 – 23/03/2024 – h 17.00 (CET) –  Martinelia Manlleu (SPA) x Generali HC Palau Plegamans (SPA) = 1-3
QF #2 – 23/03/2024 – h 19:30 (GMT) 20:30 (CET) – Astro Stuart HC Massamà (POR) x HC Coruña (SPA) = 0-2
QF #3 – 23/03/2024 – h 19:00 (CET) – CP Vila-Sana Coop d’Ivars (SPA) x Telecable Gijon HC (SPA) = 2-3
QF #1 – 30/03/2024 – h 19:00 (CET) – Roller Matera (ITA) x CP Esneca Fraga (SPA) | LIVE WSETV | Referees: Silvia Coelho (POR), Daniel Loewe (GER)

Next games
Quarter-finals | 2nd leg | Saturday 06/04/2024
QF #1 – 06/04/2024 – h 19:30 (CET) – CP Esneca Fraga (SPA) x Roller Matera (ITA)
QF #2 – 06/04/2024 – h 17:00 (CET) 16:00 (GMT) – HC Coruña x Astro Stuart HC Massamà (POR) (1st leg 2-0)
QF #3 – 06/04/2024 – h 19:15 (CET) – Telecable Gijon HC (SPA) x CP Vila-sana Coop d’Ivars (SPA) (1st leg 3-2)
QF #4 – 06/04/2024 – h 20:00 (CET) – Generali HC Palau Plegamans (SPA) x Martinelia Manlleu (SPA) (1st leg 3-1)

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