Igualada Rigat wins the 44th edition of the WSE Cup

Igualada Rigat conquers his first WSE Cup, returning to victory after 25 years, when he managed to win the last of the six Champions Leagues won. In the final the MVP was Nil Cervera, author of all four goals

As in the Semifinal, also in the Final, Igualada Rigat brought out all her speed and precision and immediately took the lead after 8 minutes with a mid-range lateral shot that surprised goalkeeper Barozzi. Igualada is more dangerous in all areas of the pitch and Follonica is unable to find the way to the goal, but Nil Cervera finds it again with another shot from medium distance, this time central. Four seconds from the end, Cervera’s third goal, this time from long range to determine the 3-0 at the end of the first half. Follonica increases the pace and also the number of chances, but fails to reach the goal. Nil Cervera scores his fourth personal goal once again. In the last phase of the game, Follonica managed to score two direct shot goals but the solidity of the home team with the help of the 2500 people of Les Comes, delivered Edition 44 of the WSE Cup, the first in history, after the six Champions League.

Marc Carol (Igualada Rigat) and Federico Buralli (Follonica) – Credit Photo: World Skate Europe

Igualada Rigat (SPA), winner of the WSE Cup – Credit Photo: World Skate Europe

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WSE Cup – Knockout Stage
Final Four | Igualada (Spain) | Semifinals – 13/4/2024 | Final – 14/4/2024
SF1 – 16:05 (CEST) – Gamma Innovation Sarzana (ITA) x Igualada Rigat HC (SPA) = 1-8
SF2 – 18:45 (CEST) – CP Voltregà Movento Stern (SPA) x Follonica Hockey (ITA) = 1-5

Final Four | Igualada (Spain) | Final – 14/4/2024
Final – 12:00 (CEST) – Igualada Rigat (SPA) x Follonica Hockey (ITA) = 4-2

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