It’s the last round of the qualification. Only Italy, Switzerland and Germany won yesterday.

The second matchday changes the two rankings of the two groups of Senior Men WSE Euro 2023. Because in Group B, ongoing at Sant Sadurni’ d’Anoia (Spain). Switzerland puts a serious mortgage on first place, winning with a clear 5-2 against Andorra who Monday had started their adventure very well. Gottwald and Rettenmund scored the winning goals. Germany raises its head after the debut defeat: England is beaten 8-2, under the blows of the most prolific striker in recent German history, Lucas Karschau (5 goals). Pretty strong emotions in Group A: also in this case the classification, that seemed to reward Spain up to a few seconds of the “Iberian classic”, is redesigned. The ubiquitous Gonçalo Alves took care of it (5 total goals like Castellvi and Karschau) to tie a complicated game, despite being well conducted in the second half by the Cabestany players. Portugal remains in the lead with 4 points, but Italy is now in second place. Canceled the defeat against the Lusitanians on Monday, the “azzurri” led to victory in a team that has appeared more times in the area than the opponent. Two goals for Cocco and Malagoli and the first three points in the standing.
This afternoon it’s time to draw up the definitive standings for qualification, in view of tomorrow’s quarter-finals with the awaited match between the two groups. Switzerland-Germany (13:30 CEST= is a classic of central-northern Europe while for England versus Andorra it’s time to get in touch with the victory (16:00 CEST 15:00 GMT+1)  The two matches in Group A could redesign the standings again because all the teams are just a few points away from each other. Portugal-France (18:30 CEST 17.30 GMT+1)

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1st matchday – Monday 17th July
13:30 (CEST) – Group B – Switzerland x England = 4-0
16:00 (CEST) – Group B – Andorra x Germany = 6-2
18:30 (CEST) – Group A – Portugal x Italy = 7-4
21:00 (CEST) – Group A – Spain x France = 4-4

2nd matchday – Tuesday 18th July
13:30 (CEST) – Group B – Andorra x Switzerland = 2-5
16:00 (CEST) – Group B – England x Germany = 2-8
18:30 (CEST) – Group A – Spain x Portugal = 3-3
21:00 (CEST) – Group A – Italy x France = 4-2

Standing Group A: Portugal 4 points, Italy 3 points, Spain 2 points and France 1 point
Standing Group B: Switzerland 6 points, Andorra 3 points, Germany 3 points, England 0 points

Details of the matchday
ANDORRA – SWITZERLAND = 2-5 (0-1, 2-4)
Andorra: De Sousa, Castellvi, Picanyol, Miquel (C), Dilmè – Barros, Lopez, Hernandez, Tomè, Beal – Coach: Rubio
Switzerland: Vizio, Dysli, Rettenmund, Rui, Kissling (C) – Boll, Brand, Gottwald, Schober, Oberson – Coach Bataller
Scorers: 1st: 22’32” Gottwald (SWI) – 2nd: 8’17” Rettenmund (SWI), 10’00” Rettenmund (dir.shot) (SWI), 11’17” Gottwald (SWI), 17’29” Picanyol (AND), 19’38” Castellvi (AND), 22’09” Kissling (dir.shot) (SWI)
Penalties: 2nd: 9’00” Miquel (2′) (AND), 22’09” Castellvi (2′) (AND)
Referees: Wilson (ENG), Silecchia (ITA)

ENGLAND – GERMANY = 2-8 (1-4, 1-4)
England: Martin, Norris, Tucker, Taylor (C), Baker – Barnes, Kay, Griffin, Allander – Coach: Pereira
Germany: Hilbertz F, Heinrichs, Strieder, Karschau (C), Haas – Borkei, Rath, Kohler, Hilbertz N, Geisler – Coach: Wahlen
Scorers: 1st: 2’43” Karschau (GER), 5’58” Karschau (GER), 7’25” Haas (GER), 15’40” Taylor (ENG), 20’12” Strieder (GER) – 2nd: 2’45” Karschau (GER), 5’24” Karschau (GER), 7’03” Karschau (GER), 11’05” Heinrichs (GER)
Penalties: 2nd: 4’53” Kay (2′) (ENG), 15’25” Griffin (2′) (ENG)
Referees: Mayor (SPA), Wilson (ENG)

SPAIN – PORTUGAL = 3-3 (1-1, 2-2)
Spain: Grau C, Barroso, Casas, Roca, Bargallo P (C) – Grau M, Carballeira, Julia, Aragones, Ballart – Coach: Cabestany
Portugal: Henriques, Nunes, Magalhaes, Alves, Rodrigues (C) – Costa, Pinto, Souto, Santos, Edo – Coach: Garrido
Scorers: 1st: 2’47” Rodrigues (POR), 22’54” Casas (SPA) – 2nd: 10’07” Costa (POR), 10’53” Bargallo (dir.shot)  (SPA), 13’57” Roca (SPA), 24’07” Alves (pen.shot) (POR)
Penalties: 1st: 13’33” Pinto (2′) (POR), 22’54” Casas (SPA) – 2nd: 0’41” Grau M (2′) (SPA), 10’53” Julia (2′) (SPA), 24’07” Aragones (2′) (SPA)
Referees: Rondina (ITA), Le Menn (FRA)

ITALY – FRANCE = 4-2 (2-1, 2-1)
Italy: Gnata, Ipinazar, Gavioli, Malagoli, Cocco (C), Cinquini, Compagno, Faccin, Antonioni, Zampoli – Coach: Bertolucci
France: Chambel, Di Benedetto B, Herman, Di Benedetto R, Di Benedetto C (C) – Da Costa, Gefflot, Barengo, Savreux L, Audelin – Coach: Savreux F
Scorers: 1st: 7’56” Malagoli (ITA), 14’50” Di Benedetto C (FRA), 17’11” Cocco (ITA) – 2nd: 0’56” Malagoli (ITA), 19’41” Di Benedetto C (dir.shot) (FRA), 23’40” Cocco (dir.shot) (ITA)
Referees: Silva P (POR), Figueiredo (POR)

3rd matchday – Wednesday 19th July
13:30 (CEST) – Group B – Switzerland x Germany
16:00 (CEST) – Group B – England x Andorra
18:30 (CEST) – Group A – Portugal x France
21:00 (CEST) – Group A – Italy x Spain

Quarterfinals – Thursday 20th July
13:30 (CEST) – QF4 – 4th Group A x 1st Group B
16:00 (CEST) – QF3 – 3rd Group A x 2nd Group B
18:30 (CEST) – QF2 – 2nd Group A x 3rd Group B
21:00 (CEST) – QF1 – 1st Group A x 4th Group B

Semifinals – Friday 21st July
13:30 (CEST) – SF4 – Looser QF2 x Looser QF3
16:00 (CEST) – SF3 – Looser QF1 x Looser QF4
18:30 (CEST) – SF2 – Winner QF2 x Winner QF3
21:00 (CEST) – SF1 – Winner QF1 x Winner QF4

Finals – Saturday 22nd July
13:30 (CEST) – Final 7th-8th place – Looser SF3 x Looser SF4
16:00 (CEST) – Final 5th-6th place – Winner SF3 x Winner SF4
18:30 (CEST) – Final 3rd-4th place – Looser SF1 x Looser SF2
21:45 (CEST) – Final 1st-2nd place – Winner SF1 x Winner SF4

Note: Timetables may be adjusted according to TV broadcast

Gonçalo Alves (Portugal) and Xavi Barroso (Spain) – Credit Photo World Skate Europe

Lorenzo Rui (Switzelrnad) and Bernat Picanyol (Andorra) – Credit Photo World Skate Europe

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