Last act of the quarter-finals of the WSE Champions League Women

Last 50 minutes to define the four semi-finalists for the upcoming WSE Champions League Women Final Four (April 29-30). A race against time to enter the top four of the season, where three of the four teams have an important advantage that they will have to exploit to access it. TeleCable Gijon has the biggest lead, following a 7-1 win at Cerdanyola Fenie Energia, where top scorer Sara Roces took the lead. The advantage that Marlene Sousa’s Benfica will have in the home match against Valdagno is important: there are five goals that they will have to manage against the Italians. The defending champion, Generali Palau de Plegamans, has the other most conspicuous advantage, by winning in Galicia 3-1, they have the possibility in front of their own fans to confirm themselves once again in the final phase. Instead it will be an arm wrestle until the last minute between Martinelia Manlleu and Vila-sana where a certain balance was already seen in the first match, where Vila-sana stood out in the first half while Manlleu stood out in the second. Only one goal ahead for Vila-Sana who will have to defend in the Manlleu arena.

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Alba Garrote (H.C. Liceo) and Aimee Blackman, Mariona Colomer (Generali Palau) – Credit Photo: Manu Boutureira

WSE Champions League Women – Quarter-finals – 2nd leg – 15th April 2023
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Quarterfinal #3 – Saturday 15th April 2023 h 12:30 (CEST) – 11:30 (GMT+1) – Martinelia C.P. Manlleu (Spain) x C.P. Vila-sana (Spain) – 1st leg: 2-3
Referees: Pedro Figueiredo (Portugal) and Silvia Coelho (Portugal) 

Quarterfinal #4 – Saturday 15th April 2023 h 13:00 (GMT+1) – 14:00 (CEST) – S.L. Benfica (Portugal) x Hockey Club Valdagno (Italy) – 1st leg: 9-4
Referees: Sergi Mayor (Spain) and Alvaro De La Hera (Spain)

Quarterfinal #1 – Saturday 15th April 2023 h 18:00 (CEST) – 17:00 (GMT+1) – Generali H.C. Palau Plegamans (Spain) x H.C. Liceo (Spain) – 1st leg: 3-1
Referees: Rui Torres (Portugal) and Paulo Almeida (Portugal)

Quarterfinal #2 – Saturday 15th April 2023 h 19:15 (CEST) – 18:00 (GMT+1) – Telecable Gijon H.C. (Spain) x Cerdanyola C.H. Fenie Energia (Spain) – 1st leg: 7-1
Referees: Carlos Correia (Portugal) and Porfirio Fernandes (Portugal)

WSE Champions League Women – Final Four – April 29-30
Semi-final #1 – Winner Quarter-final #1 x Winner Quarter-final #2
Semi-final #2 – Winner Quarter-final #3 x Winner Quarter-final #4
Final – Winner Semi-final #1 x Winner Semi-final #2

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