Last round of the WSE Champions League Women Group Stage

Group A is still difficult to decipher but the last 50 minutes will resolve all doubts with the last match Benfica against Fraga, between first and third placed. However, a victory for Benfica would be enough to qualify both, while a tie and a defeat would qualify Fraga and Vila-sana. The objective, in addition to quality for the next phase, is also to avoid the European and world champions Telecable Gijon in the Quarter Finals and therefore there will also be interest in understanding who will place first and who will face the second Matera. The Asturians will be engaged, for Group B, at the home of the German Remscheid to conclude the match with another victory. Also the vice world champions, Generali Palau Plegamans, had a rather favourable match on Saturday evening against the Swiss Vordemwald, one point in the standings. The Group C ranking is still open to decide who will win the group between Manlleu and Coruna. A victory in Coutras is enough for the Galicians to finish first and then meet the Portuguese Astro Stuart Massama, second in Group D, thus avoiding Palau.
The quarter-final matches will be played on March 23rd at the home of the runners-up and the return match will be played on April 6th to define the four participants in the Final Four on April 27-28th
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Sara Sousa (IGR Remscheid) and Berta Tarrida (Roller Matera) – Photo Credit: Ilenia Di Cuia

WSE Champions League Women – Group Stage
Matchday 6 | Saturday 9/3/2024
GROUP A – 10/03/2024 – 12:00 (GMT) 13:00 (CET) – SL Benfica (POR) x CP Esneca Fraga (SPA) | LIVE BenficaTV | LIVE WSETV | Referees: Marco Rondina (ITA), Simone Brambilla (ITA)
GROUP B – 09/03/2024 – 16:00 (CET) – IGR Remscheid (GER) x Telecable HC Gijon (SPA) | LIVE WSETV | Referees: Louis Hyde (ITA), Alfonso Rago (ITA)
GROUP C – 09/03/2024 – 18:00 (CET) – Coutras RH (FRA) x HC Coruña (SPA) | LIVE WSETV | Referees: Silvia Coelho (POR), Pedro Figueiredo (POR)
GROUP D – 09/03/2024 – 20:00 (CET) – Generali HC Palau Plegamans (SPA) x RHC Vordemwald (SWI) | LIVE WSETV | Referees: Porfirio Fernandes (POR), Paulo Almeida (POR)

Group A: CP Esneca Fraga 6 points (3 games played), CP Vila-Sana Coop d’Ivars 6 points (4 gp), SL Benfica 3 points (3 gp),
Group B: Telecable Gijon HC 7 points (3 gp), Roller Matera 7 points (4 gp), IGR Remschied 0 point (3 gp)
Group C: Manlleu 9 points (4 gp), HC Coruña 6 points (3 gp), Martinelia Coutras RH 0 points (3 gp)
Group D: Generali HC Palau Plegamans 9 points (3 gp), Astro Stuart HC Massama 4 points (4 gp), RHC Vordemwald 1 point (3 gp),

Next games
Quarter-finals | 1st leg | Saturday 23/03/2024
QF #1 – 23/03/2024 – Roller Matera (ITA) x 1st Group A
QF #2 – 23/03/2024 – Astro Stuart HC Massamà (POR) x 1st Group C
QF #3 – 23/03/2024 – 2nd Group A x Telecable Gijon HC (SPA)
QF #4 – 23/03/2024 – 2nd Group C x Generali HC Palau Plegamans (SPA)

Quarter-finals | 2nd leg | Saturday 06/04/2024
QF #1 – 06/04/2024 – 1st Group A x Roller Matera (ITA)
QF #2 – 06/04/2024 – 1st Group C x Astro Stuart HC Massamà (POR)
QF #3 – 06/04/2024 – Telecable Gijon HC (SPA) x 2nd Group A
QF #4 – 06/04/2024 – Generali HC Palau Plegamans (SPA) x 2nd Group C 

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