Namibia will participate to the 2023 Charleroi event

In Januray 2023, World Skate board has taken the decision to alternation World Championships and Continental Championships on a two years basis. During this period has been raised the issue of the continents with not enough countries to be able to organize their own events.

Boris Darlet – World Skate Europe In Line Hockey Chair

One of the discussions that has raised, just after we get the information of World Skate decision to alternate between continental and world events on a 2-year basis, has been the situation of continents without enough teams to organize their competitions. It has been debated, at that time, that other continent could support the teams of those continent, but also that this decision had to be taken at the international level, as a principle to guide the future of our sport. When Lucille Coetzee reached me in April, I replied via email in that sense to all the stakeholders of such a debate.
Some weeks after, we received the letter from World Skate SG, M. Marotta, about the decision of the WS board which approved such a decision.
The inclusion of Namibia is the decision of the highest instance of our governing body and must be respected and applied. I invite you to join us in welcoming Namibia into our European event and together let’s take this opportunity to embrace inclusion and diversity in sport.