Only three teams with a clear lead in the first leg of the WSE Cup Round of 16

A balanced first round in the WSE Cup, where five out of eight matches had a difference of a maximum of one goal. The three clear winners of the first round were the reigning champion Voltregà Movento Stern who beat the French Noisy 11-2 (five goals from Jordi Burgaya), the Portuguese Murches won 9-4 against Diessbach (six goals from Gonçalo Nunes), and the Italian Follonica Hockey against the German SKG Herringen (two goals for Davide Banini and Marco Pagnini). A daring tie for the French Coutras on Portuguese soil in Braga, reaching the tie 2-2 in the last two minutes of the match after the Portuguese 2-0. All the other four matches are also very open for the second leg on 20 January 2024. Three Italian victories: Edilfox Grosseto won 3-2 against Igualada (deciding goal by Gaston De Oro), HC Valdagno won against La Vendenne 4-3 (last goal by Giuliano Giuliani) and one of the most unexpected results, Teamservicecar Monza won 3-2 against Noia Freixenet (deciding goal by Matteo Galimberti). The second Spanish victory was signed by PAS Alcoi against the Italian Gamma Innovation Sarzana 4-3, where the goals of Perez and Ceschin decided the match. In a month the definitive act to qualify for the quarterfinals, where there are still no real leaders in five games.

With this last press release of the year 2023, we want to wish you all a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2024.

The European Rink Hockey returns on January 11th with the WSE Champions League Men (3rd round), on the 13th January with the WSE Champions League Women (2nd round) and 20th January with the WSE Cup (2nd Leg Round of 16).

In our WSETV all the complete matches and the highlights of the every match

Eric Vargas (Voltregà Stern Motor) and Anthony Da Costa (CS Noisy RS) – Credit Photo: Alba Tarres

WSE Cup – Knockout Stage
1st Leg | 16/12/2023
16:00 (GMT) 17:00 (CET) – GRF Murches (POR) x RHC Diessbach (SWI) = 9-4
18:00 (GMT) 19:00 (CET) – HC Braga (POR) x Coutras RH (FRA) = 2-2
20:00 (CET) – CP Voltregà Movento Stern (SPA) x CS Noisy RS (FRA) = 11-2
20:15 (CET) – PAS Alcoi (SPA) x Gamma Innovation Hockey Sarzana (ITA) = 4-3
20:45 (CET) – Edilfox Grosseto (ITA) x Igualada RIgat HC (SPA) = 3-2
20:45 (CET) – HC Valdagno (ITA) x HC La Vendeenne (FRA) = 4-3
20:45 (CET) – TeamServiceCar HRC Monza (ITA) x CE Noia Freixenet (SPA) = 3-2
21:00 (CET) – Follonica Hockey (ITA) x SK Germania Herringen (GER) = 6-1

2nd Leg | 20/01/2024
RHC Diessbach (SWI) x GRF Murches (POR)
CS Noisy RS (FRA) x CP Voltrega Movento Stern (SPA)
Igualada Rigat HC (SPA) x Edilfox Grosseto (ITA)
HC La Vendeenne (FRA) x HC Valdagno (ITA)
Gamma Innovation Sarzana (ITA) x PAS Alcoi (SPA)
CE Noia Freixenet (SPA) x TeamServiceCar HRC Monza (ITA)
SK Germania Herringen (GER) x Follonica Hockey (ITA)
Coutras RH (FRA) x HC Braga (POR)

Quarter-finals | 1st Leg – 17/2/2024 | 2nd Leg – 16/3/2024
Winner GRF Murches (POR) x RHC Diessbach (SWI)    against   Winner Follonica Hockey (ITA) x SK Germania Herringen (GER)
Winner CP Voltregà Movento Stern (SPA) x CS Noisy RS (FRA)    against   Winner HC Braga (POR) x Coutras RH (FRA)
Winner PAS Alcoi (SPA) x Gamma Innovation Hockey Sarzana (ITA)    against    TeamServiceCar HRC Monza (ITA) x CE Noia Freixenet
Winner Edilfox Grosseto (ITA) x Igualada RIgat HC (SPA)    against      HC Valdagno (ITA) x HC La Vendeenne (FRA)

Final Four PBD | Semifinals – 13/4/2024 | Final – 14/4/2024

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