Only two overturns in the second leg of the WSE Cup Round of 16

In six out of eight matches, the first 50 minutes of play were decisive and only two teams managed to overturn the result of the first leg. We are talking about Igualada Rigat and Gamma Innovation Sarzana, who won 4-2 and 8-4 respectively today. The Spaniards won on penalties after a balanced match against Edilfox Grosseto (decisive penalty by Vives), while the Italians dominated against PAS Alcoi (twice for Garcia, Borsi and Olmos). In the other six results, only one other clash was decided on penalties: Coutras against Braga. It still ends 2-2 in regulation time and the decider is penalties, where the Portuguese Braga win 2-1. The Swiss Diessbach failed to make a sensational comeback (4 goals from Kissling) against Murches and the Portuguese went ahead by one goal (6-2). Follonica, however, also wins in Germany at Herringen 5-3 (twice for Francesco Banini). Among the four Italians who progress to the round, due credit must be given to TeamServiceCar Monza who also managed to win at home against the strong Noia Freixenet 6-3 (twice for Zucchetti and Tamborindegui) after the victory in Italy 3-2. The holders of the trophy, CP Voltregà Movento Stern, ties 4-4 on French soil at the Noisy Le Grand rink, thanks to an 11-2 score in the first 50 minutes. 1-1 draw also for the Italian Valdagno against the French La Vendeenne, also a 3-2 winner in the 1st leg.

The quarter-finals are therefore defined as Follonica-Murches, Voltregà-Braga, Sarzana-Monza and Igualada-Valdagno. Voltregà-Braga was the last WSE Cup final, while Sarzana-Monza will be the Italian derby. Appointment with the first leg on February 17th and the second leg on March 16th

Pablo Saavedra (Edilfox Grosseto) and Orliol Llenas (Igualada Rigat) – Credit Photo: Alba Tarres

In our WSETV all the complete matches and the highlights of the every match

WSE Cup – Knockout Stage
2nd Leg | 20/01/2024
17:30 (CET) 16:30 (GMT) – RHC Diessbach (SWI) x GRF Murches (POR) = 6-2 | 1st leg: 4-9 | Total goals: 10-11
18:00 (CET) – SK Germania Herringen (GER) x Follonica Hockey (ITA) = 3-5 |1st leg 1-6 | Total goals: 4-11
19:30 (CET) – CE Noia Freixenet (SPA) x TeamServiceCar HRC Monza (ITA) = 3-6 | 1st leg 2-3 | Total Goals: 5-9
20:30 (CET) 19:30 (GMT) – Coutras RH (FRA) x HC Braga (POR) = 2.2 | 1st leg 2-2 | Overtimes 0-0 | Penalties: 1-2 | Total goals: 5-6
20:30 (CET) – CS Noisy RS (FRA) x CP Voltrega Movento Stern (SPA) = 4-4 | 1st leg 2-11 | Total goals: 6-15
20:30 (CET) – Igualada Rigat HC (SPA) x Edilfox Grosseto (ITA) = 3-2 | 1st leg 2-3 | Overtimes: 0-0 | Penalty shots: 1-0 | Total goals: 6-5
20:30 (CET) – HC La Vendeenne (FRA) x HC Valdagno (ITA) = 1-1 | 1st leg 3-4 | Total goals: 4-5
21:00 (CET) – Gamma Innovation Sarzana (ITA) x PAS Alcoi (SPA) = 8-4 | 1st leg 3-4 | Total goals: 11-8

Quarter-finals | 1st Leg – 17/2/2024 | 2nd Leg – 16/3/2024
QF1 – Follonica Hockey (ITA) x GRF Murches (POR)
QF2 – CP Voltregà Movento Stern (SPA) x HC Braga (POR)
QF3 – Gamma Innovation Hockey Sarzana (ITA) x TeamServiceCar HRC Monza (ITA) 
QF4 – Igualada RIgat HC (SPA) x HC Valdagno (ITA)

Final Four PBD | Semifinals – 13/4/2024 | Final – 14/4/2024
SF1 – Winner QF3 x Winner QF4
SF2 – Winner QF2 x Winner QF1

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