Portugal and Italy mark their first victory in the Under 23 WSE European Championship

The first match of the first Under 23 WSE European Championship was won by Italy who beat Switzerland 4-1. It was a rather balanced match, where Switzerland maintained a rather high defensive pace which did not allow Italy to develop their attacking game. Two goals from Borgo, also defined as the MVP of the first match, scorer of the second and fourth goals, when the Swiss with Scheer had managed to even the score and kept the Italian team to just one for most of the match. The last acute final of the “Azzurri” who scored two goals was decisive. Portugal’s victory in the second match was much clearer. Garrido’s team already from the first minutes imposed a rhythm that England managed to contain only partially. The Portuguese attack has shown itself to be in great form, already signing seven goals in the first half. Great attitude in attack also in the second half when the result ends on 15-1. Four goals for Lucas Honorio (MVP of the match), who also coincides as the tournament’s top scorer, three for Miranda, in a day in which all eight outside players scored at least one goal. Tomorrow the Portuguese team rests while Spain makes its debut against Italy at 20:00. At 17:00 instead the challenge between England and Switzerland

All matches will be broadcast in high definition on WSETV http://europe.worldskate.tv and Portugal’s matches will be broadcasted live on A Bola TV. Podcast is available in the WSETV

Portugal-England – Credit Photo: WSE


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1st Round (4/4/2023)
17:00 – Italy x Switzerland = 4-1 (2-1, 2-0)
Italy: Fongaro, Lazzarotto, Antonioni, Borgo, Galimberti – Lombardi, Petrocchi, Cabella, Gavioli, Bernardelli – Coach: Bertolucci
Switzerland: Iseli, Gottwald, Wittwer (C), De Vittori, Loye – Matti, Scheer, Gempeler, Schober, Hasler – Coach: Bataller
Scorers: 1st: 12’07” Lombardi (ITA), 16’40” Scheer (SWI), 21’31” Borgo (ITA) – 2nd: 21’04” Gavioli (ITA), 23’52” Borgo (ITA)
Penalties: 1st: 20’39” Devittori (2′) (SWI)
Referees: Pedro Figueiredo (Portugal) and Bruno Sosa (England)

20:00 – Portugal x England = 15-1 (7-0, 8-1)
Portugal: Edo (C), Miranza, Abreu, Barata, Santos – Sanches, Ramalho, Pati, Silva, Freitas – Coach: Garrido
England: Hall, Barry, Oldroyd, O’Donovan (C), Reed – Dickin, Owen, Richards, Dugdale, Ganiford – Coach: Pereira
Scorers: 1st: 6’40” Miranda (PP) (POR), 8’58” Santos (POR), 18’21” Barata (POR), 18’34” Sanches (POR), 20’59” Ramalho (POR) – 2nd: 4’38” Santos (POR), 8’28” Abreu (POR), 10’54” Silva (POR), 13’06” Pato (POR), 13’49” Pato (POR), 16’19” Dickin (ENG), 20’25” Santos (POR), 21’33” Miranda (POR), 24’55” Santos (POR)
Penalties: 1st: 0’39” Barata (2′) (E), 4’42” O’ Donovan (2′) (E) – 2nd: 21’28” O’Donovan (ENG)
Referees: Raul Burgos (Spain) and Louis Hyde (Italy)

STANDING: Portugal 3 points (+14), Italy 3 points (+3), Spain 0, Switzerland 0 points (-3), England 0 points (-14)

2nd Round (5/4/2023)
17:00 – England x Switzerland
20:00 – Spain x Italy

3rd Round (6/4/2023)
17:00 – Switzerland x Spain
20:00 – Italy x Portugal

4th Round (7/4/2023)
15:00 – Spain x England
18:00 – Switzerland x Portugal

5th Round (8/4/2023)
15:00 – England x Italy
18:00 – Portugal x Spain

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