Portugal and Spain lead the Under 23 WSE European Championship standing

Spain signs its second victory with a 5-3 victory against Switzerland. A convincing performance for Macia’s team which creates an important gap at the beginning of the second half on the result of 1-3 until 1-5, where five different players scored. However, as the minutes went by, Switzerland gained confidence and managed to halve the gap thanks to two penalties scored. Portugal did not want to leave any possibilities to Italy, in front of a conspicuous audience at the Pavilhao Municipal de Paredes. Miranda signed the “poker” when the hosts appeared more reactive, and produced many chances, even in the second half: a clear result, the 7-0 against the Italians. Two goals also for Lucas Santos, but Miranda (MVP of the match) surpassed him in the ranking of top scorers (seven goals).

Sergi Macià (Spain coach): “Yesterday’s match drained us of a lot of energy for today’s match. We made several changes to keep up the pace, even if the blue cards penalized us in the second half.”
Xavier Bataller (Switzerland Coach): “We knew that if we didn’t make a great defense we couldn’t make a result like this. I liked the attitude of the team throughout the game.”
Alessandro Bertolucci (Italy coach): “We had a first half where we stayed in the game for long stretches but in the second half we weakened. On a physical level there was a big difference.”
Renato Garrido (Portugal coach): “We have an adaptable game model and it also helped a lot today. The more we defend well, the more we make dangerous counterattacks. It was a game well played and well interpreted by the team.”

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Portugal-Italy – Credit Photo: WSE

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3rd Round (6/4/2023)
17:00 – Switzerland x Spain = 3-5 (1-3, 2-2)
Switzerland: Hasler, Matti, Gottwald, Scheer, Devittori – Wittwer (C), Loye, Gempeler, Schober, Iseli – Coach: Bataller
Spain: Codony, Alonso, Pujadas (C), Marimon, Llenas – Cevera, Gabarro, Riba, Salvadò, Torrents – Coach: Macia
Scorers: 1st: 5’05” Alonso (SPA), 15’50” Riba (SPA), 16’59” Devittori (pen.shot) (SWI), 22’22” Gabarro (PP) (SPA) – 2nd: 1’29” Pujadas (SPA), 7’40” Llenas (SPA), 13’32” Scheer (pen.shot) (SWI), 24’16” Wittwer (SWI)
Penalties: 1st: 22’19” Scheer (2′) (SWI) – 2nd: 15’31” Devittori (2′) (SWI), 19’55” Riba (2′) (SPA), 23’02” Codony (2′) (SPA)
Referees: Joao Catrapona (Portugal), Karl Wilson (England)

20:00 – Italy x Portugal = 0-7 (0-2, 0-5)
Italy: Fongaro, Lazzarotto (C), Galimberti, Borgo, Gavioli – Lombardi, Petrocchi, Cabella, Antonioni, Bernardelli – Coach: Bertolucci
Portugal: Edo (C), Abreu, Barata, Santos, Miranda – Ramalho, Sanches, Pato, Silva, Freitas – Coach: Garrido
Scorers: 1st: 5’32” Miranda (POR), 14’12” Miranda (pen.shot) (POR) – 2nd: 0’18” Abreu (POR), 5’57” Santos (POR), 9’40” Miranda (POR), 15’00” Santos (POR), 22’06” Miranda (POR)
Penalties: 2nd: 5’44” Abreu (2′) (POR), 5’50” Lombardi (2′) (ITA), 21’58” Lombardi (2′) (ITA)
Referees: Raul Burgos (Spain) and Inigo Lopez-Leiton (Spain)

STANDING: Portugal 6 points (+21), Spain 6 points (+7), Italy 3 points (-9), Switzerland 3 points (-4), England 0 points (-15)

4th Round (7/4/2023)
15:00 – Spain x England
18:00 – Switzerland x Portugal

5th Round (8/4/2023)
15:00 – England x Italy
18:00 – Portugal x Spain

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