Portugal and Switzerland conquer their groups. Today’s Quarter-finals will decide the four candidates for the title

Once again another day of great intensity and balance in the Under 17 Men WSE Euro. A last qualifying day that decided the two winners of the group stage, namely Portugal for Group A and Switzerland for Group B. The third matchday was opened by the sparkling tie between Switzerland and Germany: both needed at least one point to gain respectively the first and second place. Two goals for Pahud and Tanner for the Swiss, while two goals for Rempke and goals by Keil and Halek (Germany). England signs its first victory in the tournament by beating Andorra who managed to worry the English only in the second half, after two goals from Darbyshire and one from Allen had led to the partial 3-1. Lopez and Hernandez the goals of the Andorrans. Quite easy confirmation for Portugal in Group A: 10-1 the result against France, last in the standings with zero points. Three goals from Honorio, two for Preciso and Duarte, one for Lopes, Franco and Pina. Spain also confirms its place, which in the pit of PalaPietri di Correggio, manages to tame Italy, which appeared more toned than the match against Portugal. Roig broke the 0-0, the Italians nearly equalized several times, but in the final two speedy goals from Andreu closed the match.
Quarter-finals are on the horizon. It starts at 10:00 with France-Switzerland, at 12:00 Spain-England, at 17:00 Portugal-Andorra and at 21:00 Italy-Germany. Whoever wins will have the chance to play for the title on the day of the semi-finals the following day

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Group Stage – 3° Round – Wednesday 30 August 2023
10:00 – Group B – SWITZERLAND – GERMANY = 4-4 (1-2, 3-2)
Switzerland: Zaugg, Thonen, Dubacher, Dysli (C), Pahud – Schenk, Tanner, SChmocker, Reist, Bagattini – Coach: Faria
Germany: Hollstein, Keil, Halek, Haubrock, Rempke (C) – Beck, Bocher, Emmert, Vytrisal, Mesmer – Coach: Aleixo
Scorers: 1st: 9’10” Tanner (SWI), 9’59” Rempke (GER), 13’13” Rempke (GER) – 2nd: 1’04” Pahud (SWI), 6’32” Keil (dir.shot) (GER), 10’08” Tanner (SWI), 17’53” Haubrock (GER), 17’59” Pahud (SWI)
Penalties: 1st: 5’20” Halek (2′) (GER), 6’32” Thonen (2′) (SWI)
Referees: Sosa (ENG), Fernandez (SPA)

12:00 – Group B – ENGLAND – ANDORRA = 3-2 (2-1, 1-1)
England: Clack, Anthony-Sharp, Allen, Darbyshire, Hopkins (C) – Semilore, Webber, Durston, Rae – Coach: Fontes
Andorra: Torrebadella (C), Lopez, Hernandez, Aviles, Fernandez – Sanchez, Alvarez, Cristeto, Cuadrado, Solè – Coach: Rubio
Scorers: 1st: 1’00” Lopez (AND), 8’16” Darbyshire (ENG), 11’10” Allen (ENG) – 2nd: 0’37” Darbyshire (ENG), 12’53” Cristeto (AND)
Referees: Rago (ITA), Ullrich (GER)

17:00 – Group A – PORTUGAL – FRANCE = 10-1 (7-1, 3-0)
Portugal: Bessa, Ribeiro, Duarte, Pina, Preciso (C) – Santos, Lopes, Honorio, Franco, Oliveira – Coach: Ferrao
France: Hervè, Gaucher (C), Couve, Grison, Garro – Granger, Voisin, Neau, Cazeilles, Cayol – Coach: Herin
Scorers: 1st: 0’10” Duarte (POR), 1’33” Pina (POR), 3’10” Preciso (POR), 3’26” Duarte (POR), 8’36” Franco (POR), 11’12” Honorio (POR), 14’12” Preciso (POR), 15’57” Couve (FRA) – 2nd: 2’42” Lopes (POR), 14’50” Honorio (PP) (POR), 19’15” Honorio (POR)
Penalties: 2nd: 5’57” Lopes (2′) (POR), 12’34” Pina (2′) (POR), 13’06” Cayol (2′) (FRA)
Referees: Iuorio (ITA), Ullrich (GER)

21:00 – Group A – ITALY – SPAIN = 0-3 (0-1, 0-2)
Italy: Maggi E, Maggi A, Tagliapietra, Polverini (C), Pedroni – Cardella, Margheriti, Lavagetti, Monticelli, Mugnaini – Coach: Giudice
Spain: Palleja, Gabarrò, Hidalgo, Moreno, Andreu (C) – Molera, Zanon, Roig, Bou, Alvarez – Coach: Sama
Scorers: 1st: 13’23” Roig (SPA) – 2nd: 14’55” Andreu (SPA), 19’04” Andreu (SPA)
Penalties: 1st: 9’45” Monticelli (2′) (ITA)
Referees: Coelho (POR), Catrapona (POR)

Final standing: Group A, 1st Portugal 7 points, 2nd Spain 7 points, 3rd Italy 3 points, 4th France 0 points
Group B, 1st Switzerland 7 points, 2nd Germany 5 points, 3rd England 4 points, 4th Andorra 0 points

Eliminatory Stages
Quarter-finals – Thursday 31 August 2023

10:00 – QF4 – France x Switzerland
12:00 – QF2 – Spain x England
17:00 – QF1 – Portugal x Andorra
21:00 – QF3 – Italy x Germany

Semi-finals – Friday 1° September 2023
10:00 – SF4 – Loser QF2 x Loser QF3
12:00 – SF3 – Loser QF1 x Loser QF4
17:00 – SF2 – Winner QF2 x Winner QF3
21:00 – SF1 – Winner QF1 x Winner QF4

Finals – Saturday 2 September 2023
10:00 – Fin. 7th/8th place – Loser SF3 x Loser SF4
12:00 – Fin. 5th/6th place – Winner SF3 x Winner SF4
15:00 – Fin. 3rd/4th place – Loser SF1 x Loser SF2
19:00 – Fin. 1st/2nd place – Winner SF1 x Winner SF2
22:30 – Award Ceremony

Two photos from the matches of third matchday – Credit Photo: World Skate Europ

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