Portugal-France and Spain-Italy, the two semi-finals of the Under 17 Men WSE Euro

The most intense match was experienced in the first quarter-final. At the beginning of the second half, Switzerland reversed the result of the first 20 minutes with two goals from Schenk and a direct shot from Pahud. With 3 minutes to go, Grison equalized the score but in the last two minutes the two goalkeepers were decisive to reach overtime, where the result remained unchanged 2-2. France won the penalty shot on the 12th shot, scored by captain Garro, after a rather balanced series (3-2). Spain’s affirmation in the second period was easier: Javier Sama’s boys secured victory after just a few minutes and brought the final result to 10-0. Four players scored two goals, Max Moreno, Albert Molera, Marc Zanon and Oriol Bou. Gabarro also scored and the striker of the men’s championship, Pau Andreu, author of 8 goals. The third semi-finalist is Portugal: also in this case a clear affirmation with the result of 12-1 over Andorra. A first half of high intensity where Ferrao’s team reached 9-0. Hat-trick by Franco and Honorio, two for Duarte, one for Ribeiro, Santos, Pina and Preciso. In the last Quarter-final, Italy had their second success against Germany, winning by 6 goals to 0. In the first 10 minutes, the “Azzurri” already signed the sure 3-0 with goals from Pedroni, Maggi and Tagliapietra , despite the good start of the Germans. In the second half the home team get three more goals, Tagliapietra, Crocco and Polverini. In the semi-final they will meet Spain again (21:00), who won 3-0 in Wednesday’s match instead France will try to reduce the gap saw in the qualification match against Portugal (17:00). The Palasport Pietri will be a pressure cooker to try and reach the final which has been missing for 9 years.

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Eliminatory Stages
Quarter-finals – Thursday 31 August 2023

10:00 – QF4 – FRANCE – SWITZERLAND = 5-4 after penalty shots (1-0, 1-2, 0-0, 0-0, 3-2)
France: Hervè, Gaucher (C), Granger, Grison, Garro – Couve, Voisin, Neau, Cazeilles, Cayol – Coach: Herin
Switzerland: Zaugg, Thonen, Dubacher, Dysli (C), Pahud – Schenk, Tanner, SChmocker, Reist, Bagattini – Coach: Faria
Scorers: 1st: 13’41” Gaucher (FRA) – 2nd: 4’25” Schenk (SWI), 5’45” Pahud (dir.shot) (SWI), 16’52” Grison (FRA) – Penalty shots scored: Gaucher (FRA), Pahud (SWI), Grison (FRA), Reist (SWI), Garro (FRA)
Penalties: 2nd: 5’37” Neau (2′) (FRA)
Referees: Catrapona (POR), Hyde (ITA)

12:00 – QF2 – SPAIN – ENGLAND = 10-0 (5-0, 5-0)
Spain: Alvarez, Molera, Zanon, Moreno, Bou – Gabarrò, Hidalgo, Andreu (C), Roig, Palleja – Coach: Sama
England: Rae, Semilore, Webber, Darbyshire, Hopkins – Anthony-Sharp, Allen,  Durston, Hillam (C), Clack – Coach: Fontes
Scorers: 1st: 0’25” Moreno  (SPA), 4’12” Bou (SPA), 6’12” Moreno (SPA), 17’04” Molera (SPA), 19’15” Zanon (SPA) – 2nd: 1’08” Zanon (SPA), 3’26” Molera (SPA), 10’41” Andreu (SPA), 16’57” Bou (SPA), 19’19” Gabarro (SPA)
Referees: Ullrich (GER), Iuorio (ITA)

17:00 – QF1 – PORTUGAL – ANDORRA = 12-1 (9-0, 3-1)
Portugal: Bessa, Ribeiro, Duarte, Pina, Preciso (C) – Santos, Lopes, Honorio, Franco, Oliveira – Coach: Ferrao
Andorra: Solè, Lopez, Sanchez, Cristeto, Aviles – Hernandez, Fernandez, Sanchez, Alvarez,  Cuadrado, Torrebadella (C) – Coach: Rubio
Scorers: 1st: 0’33” Franco (POR), 3’52” Honorio (POR), 9’44” Santos (POR), 11’23” Duarte (POR), 11’59” Riberio (dir.shot), 13’19” Franco (POR), 15’43” Duarte (POR), 19’39” Honorio (POR), 19’50” Pina (POR) – 2nd: 0’59” Aviles (AND), 16’12” Franco (POR), 18’00” Honorio (POR), 19’21” Preciso (POR)
Penalties: 1st: 11’59” Alvarez (2′) (AND)
Referees: Ullrich (GER), Villar (SPA)

21:00 – QF3 – ITALY – GERMANY = 0-6 (0-3, 0-3)
Italy: Mugnaini, Maggi A, Crocco, Monticelli, Pedroni – Polverini (C), Tagliapietra, Cardella, Lavagetti, Poletti – Coach: Giudice
Germany: Mesmer, Keil, Halek, Haubrock, Rempke (C) – Beck, Bocher, Emmert, Vytrisal, Hollstein – Coach: Aleixo
Scorers: 1st: 7’21” Pedroni (ITA), 7’45” Magg (dir.shot) (ITA), 10’24” Tagliapietra (ITA) – 2nd: 5’16” Tagliapietra (dir.shot) (ITA), 11’35” Crocco (ITA), 13’43” Polverini (ITA)
Penalties: 1st: 7’41” Rempke (2′) (GER) – 2nd: 5’13” Haubrock
Referees: Coelho (POR), Catrapona (POR)

Semi-finals – Friday 1° September 2023
21:00 – SF2 – SPAIN x ITALY

Finals – Saturday 2 September 2023
10:00 – Fin. 7th/8th place – Loser SF3 x Loser SF4
12:00 – Fin. 5th/6th place – Winner SF3 x Winner SF4
15:00 – Fin. 3rd/4th place – Loser SF1 x Loser SF2
19:00 – Fin. 1st/2nd place – Winner SF1 x Winner SF2
22:30 – Award Ceremony

Two photos from the matches of the quarter-finals – Credit Photo: World Skate Europ

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