Portugal-France and Spain-Italy will decide the two finalists of Under 17 European Championship

All as a prediction on the day of the Quarterfinals played in the Pavellò Olimpic de l’Ateneu in Sant Sadurni d’Anoia. The two best ranked of each group have registered for the medal fight. Tomorrow at 7 pm Portugal-France will be played and at 9 pm Spain-Italy, with a show that will be ensured given the balance that was noticed on the track yesterday, where the matches were decided by details. Rain of goals on this day of the quarter-finals. Italy 11-0 over England (3 goals by captain Colamaria), France 5-1 over Germany (2 for Garcia and Garro), 13-0 of Portugal over Switzerland (3 for Oliveira and Azevedo) and 11-0 over Spain over Andorra (3 goals by Gussinyer and Armengol)
In addition to the fight for the most important medals, namely gold and silver, there will also be the classification from 5th to 8th place: at 3 pm Switzerland-Germany and at 5 pm England-Andorra. Among the top scorers is increasingly leader the Portuguese Viti Oliveira of Portugal with 11 goals against the 7 of Gelebart (France) and Tagliapietra (Italy)

Every day four matches broadcasted live by World Skate Europe TV (http://europe.worldskate.tv). The matches of Portugal can also be followed on https://tv.fpp.pt, those of Spain https://www.youtube.com/fedepatinaje and those of Italy https://www.youtube.com/FISRHockeypista 

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Eliminatory Round
Quarterfinals – Thursday 22/09/2022

15:00 Quarterfinal#1 #13 ITALY x ENGLAND = 11-0
Italy: Mugnaini, Tagliapietra G, Colamaria (C), Tomba, Carrieri – Bracali, Polverini, De Bari, Tagliapietra A, Poletti – Coach: Giudice
England: Holmes (C), Berry, Franks, Aitken, Lawler – Hillam, Kay, Bristow, Hosking, Henfrey – Coach: Amaral
Scorers: 1st: 1’23” Carrieri (I), 4’31” Tagliapietra G (I), 5’59” Carrieri (I), 11’50” Colamaria (I), 10’01” Tomba (I), 15’20” Polverini (I) – 2nd: 1’41” Colamaria (I), 2’20” Tagliapietra A (I), 3’03” Colamaria (I), 7’52” De Bari (I), 14’32” Tomba (I)
Penalties: 1st: 4’31” Lawler (2′) (E), 15’20” Lawler (2′) (E)
Referees: Casimiro (PT), Villar (SP)

17:00 Quarterfinal#2 #14 FRANCE x GERMANY = 5-1
France: Oliviero, Gaucher, Gomes, Gelebart (C), Garcia – Bellotto, Lozach, Noel, Garro, Guibert – Coach: Savreux
Germany: Hinz, Heinrichs, Kulmer, Huth, Drossel – Rempke, Keil, Halek, Schmidt, Durben – Coach: Feldhoff
Scorers: 1st: 2’40” Garcia (F), 13’17” Garro (F) – 2nd: 6’29” Garcia (F), 13’16” Gelebart (F), 13’50” Garro (F), 18’12” Drossel (G)
Referees: Perez (SP), Iuorio (IT)

19:00 Quarterfinal#3 #15 PORTUGAL x SWITZERLAND = 14-0
Switzerland: Gnos, Arias, Thonen, Aeschlimann, Dubacher (C) – Dysli, Pahud, Tanner, Schenk, Zaugg – Coach: Faustino
Portugal: Estarreja, Lemos, Oliveira (C), Costa, Machado – Pereira, Preciso, Pina, Azevedo, Nogueira – Coach: Ferrao
Scorers: 1st: 4’24” Machado (P), 5’13” Oliveira (P), 10’24” Azevedo (P), 13’30” Pereira (P), 14’03” Oliveira (P), 14’41” Pereira (P), 17’49” Lemos (P) – 2nd: 4’05” Preciso (P), 5’24” Azevedo (P), 5’48” Preciso (P), 9’32” Lemos (P), 10’07” Oliveira (P), 15’25” Azevedo (P), 19’58” Costa (P)
Referees: Gorina (SP), Pico (SP)

21:00 Quarterfinal#4 #16 SPAIN x ANDORRA = 11-0
Spain: Megino, Copa (C), Escala, Armengol, Andreu – Gussinyer, Nadal, Casas, Ortigosa, Garcia – Coach: Cortijo
Andorra: Torrebadella, Hernandez Y, Hernandez B, Farrero (C), Solanes – Sanchez, Buen, Mendez – Coach: Rubio
Scorers: 1st: 2’24” Armengol (S), 12’59” Gussinyer (S), 13’19” Gussinyer (S), 16’49” Ortigosa (S), 218’04” Nadal (S), 18’36” Ortigosa (S) – 2nd: 0’12” Andreu (S), 13’36” Gussinyer (S), 14’54” Nadal (S), 15’52” Armengol (S), 17’27” Armengol (S)

Semifinals – Friday 23/09/2022
15:00 Semifinal5/8 #17 SWITZERLAND x GERMANY
17:00 Semifinal5/8 #18 ANDORRA x ENGLAND
19:00 Semifinal1/4 #19 PORTUGAL x FRANCE
21:00 Semifinal1/4 #20 SPAIN x ITALY

Finals – Saturday 24/09/2022
15:00 Final 7/8 place #21 Loser Match #18 x Loser Match #17
17:00 Final 5/6 place #22 Winner Match #18 x Winner Match #17
19:00 Final 3/4 place #23 Loser Match #20 x Loser Match #19
21:00 Final 1/2 place #24 Winner Match #20 x Winner Match #19

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