Portugal-Spain will decide who will have the Under 19 WSE Euro crown

Spain booked its ticket to the Gold Medal Final by dominating the match against France, putting all the strength needed to overcome the obstacle from the first minute, Cervera scored immediately after just 25 seconds, waiting for the French response which however was not so incisive. In the final part, Cortijo’s team managed to extend the result to 4-0 (Escala and two goals from Moncusi in penalty shots). Even in the second half, Spain leads the game and scores three goals in five minutes, Martin, Cervera, Jansa. Diogo Gomes scores the French goal.
A two-faced Portugal in the second semi-final. Italy managed to harness their opponents in the first 25 minutes, bringing the result to 0-0. But at the start of the second half Vitor Oliveira led the Lusitans to victory with a great shot in the net. The Italians break down and Portugal with Machado and Oliveira (direct shot) makes it 3-0, mitigated by the 3-1 on a direct shot from Bozzetto. However, Portugal no longer makes mistakes and Paulo Pereira and Lemos close the contest by giving away another European final which will be played on Saturday at 21:00. It will be the bronze final for Italy and France (19:00): two classics in their third edition in a couple of months, passing through Anoia 2023 Senior Men, Correggio 2023 U17 Men and now Uri 2023 U19 Men. In both finals, it was Spain the winner and Bronze for Italy, while two years ago Portugal won in Paredes 2021.

In the 5/8 place semi-finals, Switzerland and England prevailed and will meet in the final for 5th place at 17:00. Switzerland easily prevailed against Austria by winning 13-1 (7-0 first half) where the top scorer was Mattia Biagiotti (4 goals), followed by Meier (3), captain Graf (2) and one for Fayet, Arias, Scheer, Gisler. On a happy day, however, Scheer’s serious injury at the start of the second half should be noted, which will keep him out for some time. The first semi-final, however, was balanced: it ended 2-2 in regulation time where there was substantial balance even if the most interesting actions were produced by Germany. Barnekow and Richards make it 1-1, then we have to wait 20 minutes for the Germans to take the lead again through Heinrichs. England missed several chances but not the one with Adams’ goal 2 minutes from the end. Overtime ends 0-0 despite Germany having an unrealized direct shot and only one player scores in the penalty shootout, Jensen Richard on penalty number six. Germany and Austria will play for 7th and 8th place starting at 15:00

The calendar and the live results can also be consulted at http://wse.sidgad.com
All matches will be broadcast in high definition on WSETV http://europe.worldskate.tv


Eliminatory Round – Semi-finals
Friday 15 September 2023

15:00 – SF3 – ENGLAND – GERMANY = 3-2 after penalty shots (1-1, 1-1, 0-0, 0-0, 1-0)
England: Allen, Oakley, Adams, Richards, Futter (C) – Franks, Aaltonen, Swabey, Allard, Williams – Coach: Owen
Germany: Hinz, Barnekow, Drossel (C), Heinrichs, Kulmer – Halek, Schmidt, Caramanno, Haubrock, Durben – Coach: Feldhoff
Scorers: 1st: 2’07” Barnekow (GER), 6’43” Richards (ENG) – 2nd: 4’43” Heinrichs (GER), 22’50” Adams (ENG) – Penalty shot: Richards (ENG)
Penalties: 1st: 14’43” Kulmer (2′) (GER), 16’12” Swabey (2′) (ENG)
Referees: Rizzotti (FRA), Correia (POR)

17:00 – SF4 – SWITZERLAND – AUSTRIA = 13-1 (7-0, 6-1)
Switzerland: Tondury, Bigiotti, Meier, Dysli, Graf (C) – Fayet, Arias, Scheer, Gisler, Lehnherr – Coach: Simons
Austria: Prutsch, Hilbe, Mark, Erath (C), Kirchberger – Hauser, Fassler, Calvin, Winsauer, Hinteregger – Coach: Dolce
Scorers: 1st: 5’22” Bigiotti (SWI), 5’57” Bigiotti (SWI), 6’50” Graf (SWI), 7’15” Meier (SWI), 14’51” Gisler (SWI), 21’44” Bigiotti (SWI), 23’58” Scheer (SWI) – 2nd: 3’26” Mark (AUT), 11’01” Graf (SWI), 13’06” Bigiotti (SWI), 13’13” Meier (SWI), 15’46” Meier (SWI), 17’35” Arias (SWI), 22’43” Fayet (SWI)
Referees: Correia (POR), Casimiro (POR)

19:00 – SF2 – FRANCE – SPAIN = 1-7 (0-4, 1-3)
France: Oliviero, Gelebart (C), Allannic, Garcia, Avondo – Teixeira, Gomes, Dionis, Barois, Aidoud – Coach: Herin
Spain: Vina, Cervera (C), Copa, Curtiellas, Moncusi – Jansa, Saavedra, Escala, Martin, Vina – Coach: Cortijo
Scorers: 1st: 0’26” Cervera (SPA), 16’16” Escala (SPA), 19’43” Moncusi (pen.shot) (SPA), 20’12” Moncusi (pen.shot) (SPA) – 2nd: 3’32” Martin (SPA), 5’45” Cervera (SPA), 9’24” Jansa (SPA), 17’21” Gomes (FRA)
Referees: Stallone (ITA), Casimiro (POR)

21:00 – SF1 – ITALY – PORTUGAL = 1-5 (0-0, 1-5)
Italy: Mechini, Pesavento (C), Bozzetto, Marchetti, Piccoli – Colamaria, Tagliapietra, Tomba, Barbieri, Mugniani – Coach: Bertolucci
Portugal: Venda, Azevedo, Pereira P, Oliveira V (C), Lemos – Costa, Pereira J, Machado, Vigario, Silva – Coach: Vaz
Scorers: 2nd: 4’13” Oliveira (POR), 9’27” Machado (POR), 12’46” Oliveira (dir.shot) (POR), 13’57” Bozzetto (ITA), 16’10” Pereira P (POR)
Penalties: 1st: 8’38” Pereira P (2′) (POR) and Bozzetto (2′) (ITA), 24’29” Marchetti (2′) (POR) – 2nd: 13’57” Machado (2′) (POR)
Referees: Perez (SPA), Lopez (SPA)

Saturday 16 September 2023

15:00 – Fin.7/8 place – Austria x Germany
17:00 – Fin.5/6 place – England x Switzerland
19:00 – Fin. 3/4 place – Italy x France
21:00 – Fin. 1/2 place – Portugal x Spain
22:30 – Closing Ceremony

Two photos of the semi-final day – Credit Photo World Skate Europe

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