Sarzana-Igualada and Voltregà-Follonica the two semi-finals of the WSE Cup

None of the four teams that had the second leg at home managed to get into the Final Four. Normally the unwritten rule applies that whoever has the second leg at home has the greatest chance of going through, but in this case it didn’t go this way for all four matches. On Friday, Gamma Innovation Sarzana managed to win 6-3 in Monza (three goals from Illuzzi), in the Italian derby of these Quarter Finals, adding the goals from the first match 8-1. They will challenge Igualada Rigat in the semi-finals. They were ahead for almost the entire match, up to 5-6 in the middle of the second half, but were overtaken 7-6 as a result in regulation time (For Valdagno two goals for Motaran and Borregan while for Igualada Rouze and Bars), equalizing the first leg at 1-2. In the two overtimes, fear prevails, but in penalties, the spanish Cesar Vives is decisive in the 14th penalty, allowing Igualada to return to the Final Four after their last appearance in 2015. Follonica returns to the Final Four after two years , winning at Murches 3-2. The goals of Davide Banini and Marco Pagnini were decided in the space of a couple of minutes in the middle of the second half. Only in the final seconds, did Murches reopen the match, as happened in Italy. but this time the time ends. The second Italian team will play the semi-final against the title holders. Voltregà Movento Stern wins thanks to a goal more than Braga, victorious 4-0 in Saturday’s match. Thanks to the five more goals scored in Catalunya, they managed to get through for only one goal: one last victory for Braga without conceding a goal, where captain Meira scored two goals.
The location of the Final Four which will be played on April 13-14 will be announced in the next few days. Meanwhile, next weekend the girls in the WSE Champions League Women will start the Quarter Finals.
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Oscar Bonarelli (Follonica) and Jose Costa (GRF Murches) – Credit Photo: Patrizio Forci

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WSE Cup – Knockout Stage
Quarter-finals | 2nd Leg – 15/3 – 16/3/2024
QF1 – 16:00 (GMT) 17:00 (CET) – GRF Murches (POR) x Follonica Hockey (ITA) = 2-3 – 1st leg 3-3)  – Total goals: 5-6
QF2 – 17:00 (GMT) 18:00 (CET) – HC Braga (POR) x CP Voltregà Movento Stern (SPA) = 4-0 – 1st leg 3-8 – Total goals: 7-8
QF3 – 15/3/2024 – 20:45 (CET) – TeamServiceCar HRC Monza (ITA) x Gamma Innovation H Sarzana (ITA) = 3-6 – 1st leg 1-8 – Total goals: 4-14
QF4 – 20:45 (CET) – HC Valdagno (ITA) x Igualada Rigat (SPA) = 8-8 – 1st leg 1-2 – 2nd leg: 7-6 –  Penalties: 1-2 – Total goals: 9-10

Final Four PBD | Semifinals – 13/4/2024 | Final – 14/4/2024
SF1 – Gamma Innovation Sarzana (ITA) x Igualada Rigat HC (SPA)
SF2 – CP Voltregà Movento Stern (SPA) x Follonica Hockey (ITA)

Final Four PBD | Final – 14/4/2024
Final – Winner SF1 x Winner SF2

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