Semifinals France-Spain and Italy-Portugal: who will compete for the Under 19 WSE Euro throne?

In the first quarter-final, Portugal won 6-0 over Germany, demonstrating once again their versatility and precision in attack against a team entered in the game for the entire 50 minutes. Germany only lacked a goal, while for the Portuguese five players scored on the scoresheet, with 2 goals from Lemos standing out, while Costa and Oliveira, leading the best scorers, stopped at eight total goals for both. In addition to them, Paulo Pereira and Vigario scored.
In the second quarter-final, Spain easily overcame Austria, scoring 14 goals to 1. The only Austrian goal (the third in the tournament) was scored by Hilbe but it is clear that the match was led by Spain, scoring 10-0 already in the first 25 minutes. Escala scored four goals, reaching the top Spanish scorers with six goals, Saavedra (3 today), Cervera (2 today) and Moncusi (1 today). Curtiellas and Copa also scored, two permanent fixtures from Cortijo’s starting five.
The third quarter-final was the most dramatic thriller match of the entire week because it provided truly important moments of glory and emotion. 135 minutes of play where at a certain point Switzerland had managed to tame France who had mastered the rink but was unable to capitalize their actions. Simons’ team took a 3-1 lead in the second half, giving the right push together with the local crowd with goals from Scheer, Meier and Bigiotti. The situation got complicated 7 minutes from the end when the historic opponent managed to equalize in three minutes under the goals of Barois and Avondo, who may turn out to be the hero of the evening. In overtime France with Barois and Avondo on two direct shots managed to get to 3-5. The Swiss misses two direct shots but manages to score a penalty shot again with Meier. An endless match that ended with Avondo’s empty-net goal for the 6-4 and the return on the big four after two editions.
The last semi-finalist is Italy who in the last match, which started 40 minutes late due to the continuation of the previous match, managed to win with a large result of 12-1. 5-0 in the first half and in the second Italy pressed on the accelerator again, completing two hat-tricks from Tomba (5 goals in total) and Barbieri. Seven players in the scoresheet: Tagliapietra (2), Pesavento (1), Bozzetto (1), Marchetti (1) and Colamaria (1).

Penultimate day of competitions and it’s Semifinals day. It starts at 15:00 with Germany-England and at 17:00 Switzerland-Austria. Whoever wins will play the final on Saturday for 5/6 place, while whoever loses the final will 7/8 place. Medals are up for grabs in two European and world rink hockey classics, among the four most eagerly awaited on the eve. At 19:00 France-Spain and at 21:00 Italy-Portugal: two matches in which Spain and Portugal start as favorites, given the victory in the groups, but in which France and Italy will try to ruin their plans to reach a European final

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Eliminatory Round – Quarter-finals
Thursday 14 September 2023

15:00 – QF1 – PORTUGAL – GERMANY = 6-0 (4-0, 2-0)
Portugal: Silva, Azevedo, Pereira P, Oliveira V (C), Lemos – Costa, Pereira J, Machado, Vigario, Venda – Coach: Vaz
Germany: Hinz, Schmidt, Drossel (C), Heinrichs, Kulmer – Halek, Barnekow, Caramanno, Haubrock, Durben – Coach: Feldhoff
Scorers: 1st: 5’22” Pereira (POR), 9’51” Lemos (POR), 22’32” Vigario (POR), 23’56” Costa (POR) – 2nd: 4’08” Lemos (POR), 10’37” Oliveira (POR)
Penalties: 1st: 3’30” Kulmer (2′) (GER)
Referees: Stallone (ITA), Brambilla (ITA)

17:00 – QF2 – SPAIN – AUSTRIA = 14-1  (10-0, 4-1)
Spain: Jurado, Cervera (C), Copa, Curtiellas, Moncusi – Jansa, Saavedra, Escala, Martin, Vina – Coach: Cortijo
Austria: Prutsch, Hilbe, Mark, Erath (C), Kirchberger – Hauser, Fassler, Calvin, Winsauer, Hinteregger – Coach: Dolce
Scorers: 1st: 4’29” Cervera (SPA), 6’14” Curtiellas (SPA), 9’45” Saavedra (SPA), 12’39” Saavedra (SPA), 13’01” Cervera (SPA), 13’57” Escala (SPA), 19’34” Saavedra (SPA), 23’28” Jansa (SPA) – 2nd: 1’57” Jansa (SPA), 6’19” Hilbe (AUS), 8’52” Moncusi (SPA), 11’54” Escala (SPA), 18’33” Copa (SPA)
Referees: Rizzotti (FRA), Bell (ENG)

19:00 – QF3 – SWITZERLAND – FRANCE = 4-6 after overtimes (2-1, 1-2, 1-2, 0-1)
Switzerland: Lehnherr, Bigiotti, Meier, Dysli, Graf (C) – Fayet, Arias, Scheer, Gisler, Tondury – Coach: Simons
France: Oliviero, Gelebart (C), Allannic, Garcia, Avondo – Teixeira, Gomes, Dionis, Barois, Aidoud – Coach: Herin
Scorers: 1st: 4’50” Gelebart (FRA), 7’08” Scheer (pen.shot) (SWI), 14’12” Meier (pen.shot) (FRA) – 2nd: 3’40” Bigiotti (SWI), 17’46” Barois (dir.shot) (FRA), 20’13” Avondo (FRA) – 1st overtime: 2’36” Barois (FRA), 4’11” Avondo (dir.shot) (FRA), 4’42” Meier (SWI) – 2nd overtime: 4’27” Avondo (empty net) (FRA)
Penalties: 1st: 8’57” Garcia (2′) (FRA) – 2nd: 16’14” Dysli (2′) (FRA) – 1OT: 0’11” Allannic (2′) (FRA), 4’11” Scheer (2′) (SWI)
Referees: Correia (POR), Casimiro (POR)

21:00 – QF4 – ITALY – ENGLAND = 12-1 (4-0, 8-1)
Italy: Mugliaini, Pesavento (C), Bozzetto, Marchetti, Piccoli – Colamaria, Tagliapietra, Tomba, Barbieri, MAggi – Coach: Bertolucci
England: Allen, Aaltonen, Swabey, Richards, Futter (C) – Franks, Oakley, Adams, Allard, Williams – Coach: Owen
Scorers: 1st: 3’22” Pesavento (ITA), 4’38” Bozzetto (ITA), 10’50” Marchetti (ITA), 15’31” Barbieri (ITA), 20’55” Tomba (ITA) – 2nd: 7’14” Colamaria (ITA), 12’54” Barbieri (ITA), 19’11” Tomba (ITA), 20’15” Tagliapietra (ITA), 21’00” Tomba (ITA), 22’14” Aaltonen (ENG), 23’00” Barbieri (ITA), 23’22” Tagliapietra (ITA)
Referees: Perez (SPA), Leiton (SPA)

Friday 15 September 2023

15:00 – SF3 – England x Germany
17:00 – SF4 – Switzerland x Austria
19:00 – SF2 – France x Spain
21:00 – SF1 – Italy x Portugal

Saturday 16 September 2023

15:00 – Fin.7°/8° place – Loser SF3 x Loser SF4
17:00 – Fin.5°/6° place – Winner SF3 x Winner SF4
19:00 – Fin. 3°/4° place – Loser SF1 x Loser SF4
21:00 – Fin. 1°/2° place – Winner SF1 x Winner SF4
22:30 – Closing Ceremony

Two photos of the quarter-final day – Credit Photo World Skate Europe

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