Six teams are already qualified for the quarter-finals of the WSE Champions League Men

Barça, Barcelos, Benfica, Oliveirense, Porto and Trissino are the first clubs to qualify for the Quarter Finals in March and April. For four of them, the conquest of the first position is mathematical (Barça, Benfica, Porto and Oliveirense) and therefore of the second leg of the quarter-finals, a significant advantage in a rather balanced picture.
Benfica had opened the qualifiers, managing to win 3-1 against Sporting, in the most iconic match of Rink Hockey. It was followed a few tens of minutes later by Barça who signed their fourth victory and for now, the team with the most points won (13 points) winning clearly 6-0 against Centro Porsche Firenze VH Forte. In Group C, FC Porto Fidelidade earns the Quarter Finals by winning with a large victory against Tomar 9-0. The first part of the Oliveirense Simoldes qualifiers closed, winning against the French SCRA Saint-Omerper 7-2, also with four victories.
In the meantime, Trissino drew 5-5 on the Finques Prats Lleida track, mathematically qualifying as second in Group D. There was also a 4-4 draw between Barcelos and Deportivo Liceo which gave the Portuguese the mathematical pass to the Quarter Finals. Two positions are still missing: Parlem Calafell was defeated 5-4 at Reus Deportiu Virginias, leaving the last position in Group B open. In Group D, Amatori Wasken Lodi wins 3-1 against Valongo Colquimica, eliminating the Portuguese vice-champions of Europe. The direct clash in three weeks between Saint-Omer and Lodi will decide the last place in the qualification.Live scoring as always on

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Gonçalo Pinto (SL Benfica) and Nolito Romero (Sporting CP) – Credit Photo: World Skate Europe

Joan Galbas (Centro Porsche Firenze VH Forte) and Pau Bargallo (Barça)- Credit Photo: World Skate Europe

WSE Champions League Men – Group Stage
Matchday 5 | 08/02/2024
Group B – 18:30 (GMT) – SL Benfica (POR) x Sporting CP (POR) = 3-1
Group A – 20:00 (CET) – Barça (SPA) x Centro Porsche Firenze Versilia H.Forte (ITA) = 6-0
Group C – 20:30 (CET) – Finques Prats Lleida (SPA) x Hockey Trissino (ITA) = 5-5
Group C – 20:00 (GMT) – FC Porto Fidelidade (POR) x SC Tomar IPT (POR) = 9-0
Group B – 21:00 (CET) – Reus Deportiu Virginias (SPA)  x CP Parlem Calafell (SPA) = 5-4
Group D – 21:00 (CET) 20:00 (GMT) – Amatori Wasken Lodi (ITA) x AD Valongo Colquimica (POR) = 3-1
Group A – 21:00 (GMT) 22:00 (CET) – OC Barcelos (POR) x Deportivo Liceo (SPA) = 4-4
Group D – 21:00 (GMT) 22:00 (CET) – UD Oliveirense Simoldes (POR) x SCRA Saint Omer (FRA)= 7-2

Standing (after the fourth matchday)
Group A: Barça (SPA)  13 points, OC Barcelos (POR) 8 points, Centro Porsche Firenze Versilia H.Forte (ITA) 4 points, Deportivo Liceo (SPA) 2 points
Group B: SL Benfica (POR) 12 points, Sporting CP (POR) 7 points, CP Parlem Calafell (SPA) 5 points, Reus Deportiu Virginia (SPA) 3 points
Group C: FC Porto Fidelidade (POR) 12 points, Hockey Trissino (ITA) 8 points, SC Tomar IPT (POR) 5 points, Finques Prats Lleida (SPA) 2 points
Group D: UD Oliveirense Simoldes (POR) 12 points, Amatori Wasken Lodi (ITA) 7 points, SCRA Saint-Omer (FRA) 6 points, AD Valongo Colquimica (POR) 4 points,

Matchday 6 | 29/02/2024 – The time of the games will be available after the fifth round
Group A – Deportivo Liceo (SPA) x Barça (SPA)
Group A – Centro Porsche Firenze VH Forte (ITA) x OC Barcelos (POR) 
Group B – CP Parlem Calafell (SPA) x SL Benfica (POR)
Group B – Sporting CP (POR) x Reus Deportiu Virginias (SPA)
Group C – Hockey Trissino (ITA) x FC Porto Fidelidade (POR)
Group C – SC Tomar IPT (POR) x Finques Prats Lleida (SPA)
Group D – SCRA Saint Omer (FRA) x Amatori Wasken Lodi (ITA)
Group D – AD Valongo Colquimica (POR) x UD Oliveirense Simoldes (POR) 

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