SL Benfica, FC Porto, Barça and OC Barcelos ready for the Final 8 of the WSE Champions League

This Wednesday, 3 May, took place at the Pavilhão Municipal José Natário, in Viana do Castelo, the press conference for the first two games of the Final 8 of the WSE Champions League Men, where the eight best European teams of the current season will compete.

Tomorrow, 4 May, SL Benfica will play against FC Porto/Fidelidade, in an exciting match with the two most titled portuguese teams. After that, follows an exciting Barça – OC Barcelos, two teams with a lot of history in the most important clubs competition in Europe. The two games for the quarter-finals are sold out.

Press Statements:

“We had a very good group stage. We managed to qualify earlier in a difficult group, which makes us aware of the good work done so far. We want to reach the final and win this trophy. The first game is very difficult, against a team that dominated in Portugal last year” – Nuno Resende, Benfica’s coach

“We have the ambition to win the competition. We work hard every day and only think about the present. We only think about the game against Benfica with the utmost illusion. Winning a Champions League is the top. We arrive in Viana do Castelo with illusion. The present is what matters”, Ricardo Ares, FC Porto/Fidelidade coach

“We are going to play against a great team that has some experience in winning this competition. We only think about the first game. Best players of OC Barcelos? All of them. They have a fantastic team. I have a special affection with Luís Querido (OC Barcelos captain) because I worked with him at Barça” – Edu Castro, Barça coach

“The sensations are the best. Being part of this group of teams is a reason for satisfaction and pride, but also for ambition. We want to discuss the presence in the next game. Barça has been dominating spanish rink hockey. We hope to have strong support in the stands. Barcelos is a few distance away from Viana do Castelo” – Paulo Freitas, OC Barcelos coach

The WSE Champions League Men Final 8 will take place between 4th and 7th of May, at Pavilhão Municipal José Natário, with the fixtures and schedules already defined as below.

Date and schedules of the fixture (local time GMT+1)

18h00 – SL Benfica vs FC Porto;
21h00 – Barça vs OC Barcelos; 

18h00 – GSH Trissino vs UD Oliveirense;
21h00 – Sporting CP vs AD Valongo Colquímica;

15h00 – “Winner of Benfica vs FC Porto” vs “Winner of Barça vs OC Barcelos”
18h00 – “Winner of GSH Trissino vs UD Oliveirense” vs “Winner of Sporting CP vs AD Valongo Colquímica”


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