Spain is the first Under 23 European Champion

The final act of the European Championship was an exciting challenge between two teams sure of their possibilities and abilities that put all their last remaining energies on the rink of Pavilhao Multiusos de Paredes. Llenas took care of unlocking the game, served in the center by his teammate. Portugal reacts immediately but the Spanish defense is very balanced to every action. Alonso’s blue card leads to a tie for Portugal: the direct shot is missed but in powerplay Abreu, manages to enter the opposing rearguard. In the second half neither team manages to unlock a direct shot, after the tenth foul. In the sixth minute, it was Gabarro who brought Spain forward with a long-range shot that surprised the opposition’s defense. The rhythms slow down like the rhythm of the occasions. However, Portugal fails to recover the tie and Spain becomes the first European Under 23 Champion. MVP of the final Didac Alonso (Spain)

Italy ranks third, winning 5-2 against England, where the best scorer and MVP was Cabella. Switzerland thus ranks fourth and England fifth for the first U23 WSE European Championship.

All matches will be broadcast in high definition on WSETV and Portugal’s matches will be broadcasted live on A Bola TV. Podcast is available on the WSETV

Portugal – Spain – Credit photo: WSE

Spain, new U23 European Champion – Credit Photo: WSE

Photos available for the press – Credit Photo: WSE ->

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5th Round (8/4/2023)
15:00 – England x Italy = 2-5 (1-2, 0-3)
England: Hall, O’Donovan (C), Owen, Oldroyd, Dickin – Reed, Dugdale, Richards, Berry, Ganiford – Coach: Pereira
Italy: Fongaro, Lazzarotto (C), Galimberti, Borgo, Lombardi – Cabella, Gavioli, Petrocchi, Antonioni, Bernardelli – Coach: Bertolucci
Scorers: 1st: 7’11” Cabella (dir.shot) (ITA), 20’47” Lazzarotto (ITA), 21’11” O’Donovan (dir.sho) (ENG) – 2nd: 5’25” Lombardi (ITA), 8’43” Cabella (ITA), 13’45” Cabella (ITA), 19’38” Richards (ENG)
Penalties: 1st: 7’11” Reed (2′) (ENG), 21’09” Cabella (2′) (ITA)

18:00 – Portugal x Spain = 1-2 (1-1, 0-1)
Portugal: Edo, Miranda, Santos, Abreu, Barata – Ramalho, Sanches, Pato, Silva, Freitas – Coach: Garrido
Spain: Torrents, Alonso, Llenas, Pujadas (C), Marimon – Gabarro, Cervera, Salvado, Riba, Codony – Coach: Macia
Scorers: 1st: 6’14” Llenas (SPA), 18’33” Abreu (POR) – 2nd: 6’56” Gabarro (SPA)
Penalties: 1st: 17’56” Alonso (2′) (SPA) – 2nd: 15’54” Silva (2′) (POR), 15’54” Cervera (2′) (SPA), 24’58” Abreu (2′) (POR)

FINAL STANDING: Spain 12 points (+19), Portugal 9 points (+26), Italy 6 points (-6), Switzerland 3 points (-11), England 0 points (-29)

Top scorers: Josè Miranda (Portugal) 9 goals, Lucas Santos (Portugal) 5 goals, Gabarro, Llenas, Alonso (Spain) and Abreu (Portugal)4 goals

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