Spain, Italy and Switzerland advance in the standings after the first round

The most important match of the first day lived up to expectations and kept the beautiful crowd at the Pavello Municipal d’Esport in Olot in suspense. Portugal managed to contain Spain’s strength for more than half the match: up until six minutes from the end the score was very close, and then it widened to 5-1. Portugal opened the scoring with Santos, and the Spanish equalizer only came in the 10th minute with Florenza. Goalkeeper Vicente managed to save many chances but could do nothing in Casarramona’s tap-in which then allowed Spain to strike three more times. Alongside Spain’s three Group points, also Italy’s three points against France. The Italians led by Pamela Lapolla, captain and hat-trick this evening, managed to win against the dynamic France who only found the two final goals to end the result at 5-2. In Group B, a peremptory victory for Switzerland over England with a result of 7-0. Jasmin Schuler scored two goals, but the other five goals were scored by five different players. Tomorrow Portugal will challenge Italy to seek their first victory (18:00), while France will play against Spain (20:30).. Tomorrow at 15:30 (CET) the match between Switzerland and Germany for another day full of emotions.

Laura Puigdueta (Spain) and Marlene Sousa (Portugal) – Photo Credit: World Skate Europe

Scarlet Courtenay-Barrow (England) and Nadele Moor (Switzerland) – Photo Credit: World Skate Europe

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Group Stage (local hour, CET)
Live streaming WSETV:

Live scoring:
1st Round – Monday 04/12/2023
15:00 (14:00 GMT) – Group B – England x Switzerland = 0-7
17:30 – Group A – France x Italy = 2-5
19:30 – Opening Ceremony
20:30 (19:30 GMT) – Group A – Spain x Portugal = 5-1

Standing Group A: Spain and Italy 3 points, France and Portugal 0 points
Standing Group B: Switzerland 3 points (1 played),Germany 0 points (0 played), England 0 points (1 played)

2nd Round – Tuesday 05/12/2023
15:30 – Group B – Switzerland x Germany – LIVE SWISS SPORT TV AND WSETV
18:00 (17:00 GMT) – Group A – Italy x Portugal – LIVE RTP PLAY, FISRTV AND WSETV
20:30 – Group A – France x Spain – LIVE TV TELEDEPORTE, ESPORT3 AND WSETV

3rd Round – Wednesday 06/12/2023
15:30 (14:30 GMT) – Group B – Germany x England – LIVE WSETV
18:00 (17:00 GMT) – Group A – Portugal x France – LIVE RTP PLAY AND WSETV
20:30 – Group A – Spain x Italy – LIVE TV TELEDEPORTE, ESPORT3 AND WSETV

Eliminatory Round
Quarterfinals – Thursday 07/12/2023
15:30 – QF4 – 4th Group A x 1st Group B
18:00 – QF3 – 3rd Group A x 2nd Group B
20:30 – QF2 – 2nd Group A x 3rd Group B

Semifinals and 5-7 place round – Friday 08/12/2023
15:30 – 5/7 place – Loser QF4 x Loser QF3
18:00 – SF2 – Winner QF2 x Winner QF3
20:30 – SF1 – 1st Group A x Winner QF4

Finals and 5-7 place round – Saturday 09/12/2023
09:00 – 5/7 place – Loser QF3 x Loser QF2
15:30 – 5/7 place – Loser QF4 x Loser QF2
18:00 – Final 3/4 place – Loser SF1 x Loser SF2
20:30 – Final 1/2 place – Winner SF1 x Winner SF2

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