Spain-Portugal, the gold medal final of WSE Euro Women. France and Italy for the bronze medal

Everything as in the last five editions: Spain and Portugal will be back in the final and for the sixth consecutive time (since 2011) the two Iberian teams will be playing for the first place of the Women’s European Championship. France and Italy were unable to stem the strong offensive play that the two most accredited teams in the top two places put on the floor. A Final will be broadcast live from 20:30 on the Spanish channels Teledeporte and Esport3 and the Portuguese national channel RTP2.

In today’s semi-finals, Portugal prevailed with a determined 4-1 against Italy after a 2-1 half-time lead. An important performance for the Portuguese team at this point in the tournament, especially in the second half: Raquel Santos (2), Ferreira and Moncovio scored the four goals. Another goal for Tamiozzo (for a total of 10) who had equalized the initial Portuguese lead. In the final semi-final, Spain prevailed with a very clear result of 11-1, repeating the success of the qualification. A long domination in the 50 minutes which allowed coach Munoz to manage the entire bench. Two goals for Florenza, Piquero, Puigdueta, Roces and also Casarramona, Blackmen and Porta. At this time in the top scorers standing, Tamiozzo (Italy) and Roces (Spain) have the same goal scores, 10.
In the first of three matches for the classification from 5th to 7th place, it ends in a thrilling 2-2 draw. The Swiss responded to Bachmann’s two goals with NAdele Moor and a few seconds from the end with Jasmin Schuler. The other two matches of Switzerland and Germany against England will be decisive for the final ranking. Switzerland will face England at 09:00 and Germany at 15:30

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Sara Roces (Spain) amd Claire Fay (France) – Photo Credit: World Skate Europe

Ana Catarina Ferreira (Portugal) and Francesca Maniero (Italy) – Photo Credit: World Skate Europe

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Group Stage (local hour, CET)
Live streaming WSETV:

Live scoring:

Eliminatory Round
Semifinals and 5-7 place round – Friday 08/12/2023
15:30 – 5/7 place – Germany x Switzerland = 2-2
18:00 – SF2 – Italy x Portugal = 1-4
20:30 – SF1 – Spain x France = 11-1

Finals and 5-7 place round – Saturday 09/12/2023
09:00 – 5/7 place – Switzerland x England
15:30 – 5/7 place – Germany x England
18:00 – Final 3/4 place – France x Italy
20:30 – Final 1/2 place – Spain x Portugal

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