Spain-Portugal will decide the winner of the Under 17 European Championship

Spain and Portugal will be for the seventh consecutive time the final of the European Under-17 Championship (9 pm local time, 8pm GMT+1). In the last six times, four Spanish victories and two Portuguese, which has not won since 2017. A day marked by Spain’s formidable victory over Italy for 7-0, a concentrate of precision that impressed the more than 1000 people present at the Ateneu of Sant Sadurnì d’Anoia (two goals for Nadal)
Portugal reached the final without conceding a goal thanks to two goals from captain Vitor Oliveira, also the tournament’s top scorer with 13 goals. A very tight semi-final against France that controlled the speed of the Portuguese for more than half the game but failed to pierce the untouched door of Estarreja.
The final of the 3/4 place between Italy and France will be played at 7 pm and at 5 pm it will be anticipated by the 5/6 place final between England and Germany and at 3 pm between Andorra and Switzerland.

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Eliminatory Round
Semifinals – Friday 23/09/2022

15:00 Semifinal5/8 #17 SWITZERLAND x GERMANY = 2-4 Switzerland: Zaugg, Dysli, Thonen, Aeschlimann, Dubacher (C) – Arias, Pahud, Tanner, Schenk, Gnos – Coach: Faustino
Germany: Hinz, Heinrichs, Kulmer, Huth, Drossel – Rempke, Keil, Halek, Schmidt, Durben – Coach: Feldhoff
Scorers: 1st: 2’56” Huth (G), 7’12” Arias (S) – 2nd: 3’39” Heinrichs (G), 9’01” Keil (G), 10’56” Heinrichs (G), 18’22” Thonen (S)
Penalties: 2nd: 2’17” Kulmer (2′) (G)
Referees: Iuorio (IT) Rondina (IT)

17:00 Semifinal5/8 #18 ANDORRA x ENGLAND = 1-2 after overtimes
England: Holmes (C), Berry, Franks, Aitken, Lawler – Kay, Hillam, Bristow, Hosking, Henfrey – Coach: Amaral
Andorra: Mendez, Hernandez Y, Aviles, Farrero (C), Solanes – Hernandez B, Sanchez, Buen, Torrebadella – Coach: Rubio
Scorers: 1st: 17’29” Farrero (A) – 2nd: 5’49” Aitken (E) – 2nd overtime: 1’28” Franks (E)
Penalties: 1st: 18’50” Lawler (2′) (E) – 2nd: 1’38” Franks (2′) (E), 5’49” Mendez (2′) (A)
Referees: Gorina (SP), Pico (SP)

19:00 Semifinal1/4 #19 PORTUGAL x FRANCE = 2-0
Portugal: Estarreja, Acevedo, Oliveira (C), Costa, Machado – Pereira, Preciso, Lemos, Azevedo, Nogueira – Coach: Ferrao
France: Oliviero, Gaucher, Gomes, Gelebart (C), Garcia – Bellotto, Lozach, Noel, Garro, Guibert – Coach: Savreux
Scorers: 2nd: 7’04” Oliveira (P), 17’03” Oliveira (P)
Referees: Villar (SP), Perez (SP)

21:00 Semifinal1/4 #20 SPAIN x ITALY = 7-0
Spain: Megino, Copa (C), Escala, Armengol, Andreu – Gussinyer, Nadal, Casas, Ortigosa, Garcia – Coach: Cortijo
Italy: Mugnaini, Tagliapietra G, Colamaria (C), Uva, Bracali – Tomba, Polverini, De Bari, Carrieri, Maggi – Coach: Giudice
Scorers: 1st: 2’03” Escala (S), 6’55” Andreu (S), 11’04” Nadal (S), 18’30” Casas (S) (dir.shot) – 2nd: 4’43” Copa (PP) (S), 7’06” Armengol (S), 13’18” Nadal (S)
Penalties: 1st: 7’13” Escala (2′) (S), 18’30” Bracali (2′) (I) – 2nd: 3’10” Colamaria (2′) (I)
Referees: Casimiro (PT), Le Menn (FR)

Finals – Saturday 24/09/2022
15:00 Final 7/8 place #21 ANDORRA x SWITZERLAND
17:00 Final 5/6 place #22 ENGLAND x GERMANY
19:00 Final 3/4 place #23 ITALY x FRANCE
21:00 Final 1/2 place #24 SPAIN x PORTUGAL

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