Telecable Gijon against Vila-sana: final of the WSE Champions League Women

A Saturday full of emotions at the Pavilhao Fidelidade in Lisbon. The two most awaited teams are defeated in their semi-finals: the final will be Telecable Gijon against Vila-Sana, another Spanish derby, where confirmation as a finalist is for Gijon while Vila-Sana gets there for the first time.

Ramon Peralta’s girls defeated the two-time European champions Generali Palau Plegamans thanks to a first half of extreme value, thanks to three goals from Sara Roces and one from Almeida that surprised the Palau defense. Sara Roces, the scorer of five of the six goals in the 6-3 victory, was the great player of the first semi-final. The opponents managed to achieve a comeback reaching 5-3 under the blows of Florenza and Fontdegloria but the final goal again by Roces five minutes from the end, definitely ended the match.

The second semi-final was more balanced, where there was a continuous back and forth between Vila-Sana and Benfica, where at first Sousa scored twice for the lead, then in the second half Vila-Sana equalized with Agudo (twice for her too). With 10 minutes to go, a direct shot and a penalty were not scored by the two teams and only in the final, Vila-Sana signs the victory with Argentina’s Daiana Silva, just 35 seconds from the end, when Benfica also had some chances to win.

Daiana Silva (C.P. Vila-Sana) and Raquel Santos (S.L. Benfica) – Photo Credit: WSE

WSE Champions League Women – Final Four – 29 and 30 April 2023
Semi-finals – Saturday 29th April 2023
h 12:30 (GMT+1) h 13:30 (CEST) – Semi-final #1 – Telecable Gijon H.C. (SP) x Generali H.C: Palau Plegamans (SP) = 6-3 (4-0, 2-3)
Telecable Gijon: Hidalgo, Lee, Lolo (S), Piquero, Roces – Almeida, Ferreira, Gonzalez, Cobian, Novo – Coach: Peralta
Generali Palau: Vicente, Busquets, Puigdueta (C), Florenza, Colomer – Fontdegloria, Vicente G, Blackman, Juan, Sapena – Coach: Sanz
Scorers: 1st: 6’01” Roces (GIJ), 10’44” Roces (pen.shot) (GIJ), 19’50” Almeida (GIJ), 24’07” Roces (GIJ) – 2t: 7’36” Roces (GIJ), 13’38” Colomer (PAL), 15’04” Florenza (PAL), 18’46” Fontdegloria (PAL), 20’17” Roces (GIJ)
Penalties: 1st: 10’14” Colomer (2′) (PAL), 15’02” Fontdegloria (2′) (PAL), 19’37” Blackman (2′) (PAL) – 2nd: 12’40” Puigueta (2′) (PAL), 24’57” Lolo (2′) (GIJ)
Referees: Joao Duarte (Portugal) and Carlos Correia (Portugal)

h 15:00 (GMT+1) h 16:00 (CEST) – Semi-final #2 –  C.P. Vila-Sana (SP) x S.L. Benfica (PT) = 3-2 (1-2, 2-0)
Vila-sana: Coelho, Barcos, Fernandez J, Agudo, Porta V – Fernandez V, Porta M (C), Silva D, Figuerola, Salvat – Coach: Rodero
Benfica: Vieira, Figueiredo, Silva, Santos, Sousa (C) – Flores, Ramos, Severino, Balmaceda, Benfeitas – Coach: Almeida
Scorers: 1st: 7’14” Agudo (VIL), 8’35” Sousa (SLB), 9’19” Sousa (SLB) – 2nd: 10’06” Agudo (VIL), 24’25” Silva D (VIL)
Penalties: 1st: 23’47” Fernandez J (2′) (VIL) – 2nd: 15’57” Fernandezz (2′) (VIL)

Final – Sunday 30th April 2023
h 13:00 (GMT+1) h 14:00 (CEST) – Final – Telecable Gijon H.C. (SP) x C.P. Vila-sana (SP)
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