The four semifinalists of the WSE Cup

CP Voltregà Stern Motor (Spain), Finques Prats CE Lleida (Spain), HC Braga (Portugal) and US Coutras (France) are the semifinalists of the WSE Cup 2022-2023.

A great balance also prevailed in this 2nd leg of the WSE Cup Quarterfinals. Two games ended in extra time thanks to two teams that tied the series, two others ended with a difference of a couple of goals. Two overtime victories for Portuguese Braga and Spanish Lleida. The Portuguese had leveled the series, winning 5-3 in regular times, drawing 2-4 in the 1st leg. Gonçalo Pereira scored the goal at the end of the first extra time. The Portugueses return to a final four of the second European competition after 2012 (the second in its history). Finque Prats Lleida tied the series at the end of regular time with the result of 3-2, after a 1-2 draw in the first leg. In extra time the Spaniards won with a clear 5-0, where the matchwinner was once again Vives (3 goals) returning again for the fifth consecutive time to a Final Four (three victories). Voltregà Stern Motor loses the second leg in Follonica for 5-3 but thanks to the 5-2 earned in the 1st leg they are qualified for one goal (8-7 the total sum of goals). The Italians had already managed to tie the series 4-1 in the first half, but two goals from Molas at the start of the second half shuffled the cards and managed to return to the Final Four for the eighth time. The surprise of these Quarterfinals is the French Coutras: the french team wins against the Spanish Recam Laser Caldes 5-3. Four goals from Povedano made the difference, including the two decisive goals with less than 10 minutes left. It is the first time for Coutras in a European final phase.
The date for the draw for the WSE Cup Semi-Finals pairings will be announced shortly. The host city of the Final Four will be defined in the coming weeks.
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Follonica-Voltregà – Credit Photo: Foto Nannini

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WSE Cup – Quarterfinals – 2nd Leg – 25/03/2023

17:00 (GMT) – 18:00 (CET) – HC Braga (Portugal) x Igualada HC (Spain) = 8-7 (1st leg: 2-4 – 2nd leg (today): 5-3 – Overtimes: 1-0)
Braga: Magalhaes N, Trabulo, Seixas, Hugo, Mendes – Pereira G (C), Sanches, Korosec, Pereira R, Teixeira T – Coach: Neves A
Igualada: Torrents, Riba, Viver C (C), Carol, Marimon – Zilken, Llenas, Yeste, Cervera, Marques – Coach: Garcia X
Scorers: 1st: 2’35” Hugo (HCB), 14’33” Marimont (IGU), 20’53” Pereira (dir.shot) (HCB), 22’16” Korosec (PP) (HCB), 22’45” Riba (dir.shot) (IGU) – 2nd: 1’11” Hugo (HCB), 4’58” Hugo (HCB), 5’03” Marimon (IGU) – Overtimes: 1ot: 4’58” Pereira G (HCB)
Penalties: 1st: 18’53” Cervera (2′) (IGU), 22’03” Yeste (2′) (IGU), 22’42” Korosec (2′) (HCB), 24’22” Seixas (2′) (HCB) and Vives (2′) (IGU) – 2nd: 16’48” Carol (2′) (IGU), 22’49” Trabulo (2′) (HCB)
Referees: Loic Le Menn (France) and Ulderico Barbarisi (Italy)

20:00 (CET) – 19:00 (GMT) – Finques Prats CE Lleida (Spain) x Ubroker H.Bassano 1954 (Italy) = 9-4 (1st leg: 1-2 – 2nd leg (today): 3-2 – Overtimes: 5-0)
Finques Prats Lleida: Codony, Duch, Selva J, Folguera S, Paiva – Canellas (C), Vives O, Badia, Aragones X, Deitg – Coach: Folguera A
Ubroker Bassano: Veludo, Amato (C), Pozzato, Scuccato, Baggio – Coy, Muglia, Sgaria G, Geremia, Bertuzzo – Coach: Viterbo
Scorers: 1st: 5’59” Folguera (PP) (LLE), 10’39” Paiva (dir.shot) (LLE), 18’26” Muglia (dir.shot) (B) – 2nd: 15’14” Scuccato (BAS), 16’59” Vives (LLE) – Overtimes:1ot: 0’49” Vives (LLE), 2’34” Vives (LLE), 4’59” Paiva (dir.shot) (LLE) – 2ot: 0’34” Folguera (dir.shot) (LLE), 1’46” Badia (LLE)
Penalties: 1st: 4’24” Amato (2′) (BAS), 10’39” Scuccato (2′) (BAS), 18’26” Folguera (2′) (LLE) – 2ot: 0’34” Muglia (2′) (BAS)
Referees: Pedro Figueiredo (Portugal) and Silvia Coelho (Portugal) 

20:30 (CET) – 19:30 (GMT) – US Coutras (France) x Recam Laser CH Caldes (Spain) = 8-6 (1st leg: 3-3 – 2nd leg (today): 5-3)
Coutras: Audelin, Chirino (C), Sero, Povedano, Chiconi – Perez, Platz, Vargas, Roman – Coach: LaFourcade
Recam Laser Caldes: Pons, Presas, Gurri, Rodriguez C, Blanque (C) – Llobet, Cardona, Gonzalez M, Gisbert – Coach: Candami
Scorers: 1st: 9’25” Presas (CAL), 11’59” Povedano (COU) – 2nd: 5’00” Gonzalez (CAL), 8’13” Povedano (COU), 15’53” Povedano (COU), 18’30” Povedano (COU), 22’39” Gonzalez (CAL), 24’59” Sero (COU)
Referees: Pedro Silva (Portugal) and Miguel Guilherme (Portugal)

21:00 (CET) – 20:00 (GMT) – Galileo Follonica H.1952 (Italy) x CP Voltregà Stern Motor (Spain) = 7-8 (1st leg: 2-5 – 2nd leg (today): 5-3)
Galileo Follonica: Barozzi, Montigel, Banini D, Pagnini M, Cancela – Pagnini F (C), Bonarelli, Bracali, Polverini, Irace – Coach: Silva S
Voltregà Stern Motor: Estreda, Vargas (C), Burgaya, Molas, Teixido G – Serra H, Alonso, Sanchez – Coach: Teixido L
Scorers: 1st: 1’34” Banini (FOL), 12’55” Pagnini M (FOL), 14’31” Bonarelli (FOL), 18’43” Serra (VOL), 19’16” Banini (FOL) – 2nd: 5’16” Molas (VOL), 11’35” Molas (VOL), 12’27” Banini (dir.shot) (FOL)
Penalties: 2nd: 12’27” Molas (2′) (VOL)
Referees: Joaquim Pinto (Portugal) and Porfirio Fernandes (Portugal)

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