The four teams qualified for the WSE Champions League Women Final Four

Three spaniards and one portuguese will still be competing for the title of European Champion in the WSE Champions League Women Final Four, scheduled for 29 and 30 April with the venue to be defined in the next days. The most important match was predictably Martinelia Manlleu against Vila-Sana. A balanced match, where the Argentine World Champions, Luciana Agudo and Julieta Fernandez, together with Laura Barcons, sign the difference. Between the end of the first half and the first minutes of the second, Vila-sana put a decisive gap after the slightest advantage in the 1st leg. However, Manlleu with Nara Lopez (twice) equalized the result (3-3) but it was not enough to overturn the result of the 1st leg. The first time for the Spanish team in the Final Fou,  they will have Benfica as their opponent, who didn’t have the slightest problem against the Italian side of Valdagno, scoring a 13-0 victory. Maria Sofia Silva and Raquel Santos scored four times, repeating the 9-4 success of the 1st leg. Generali Palau de Plegamans confirms itself in the Final Four by also winning the second match against the Liceo Femminile. 5-0 victory, after the 3-1 of the 1st leg. Florenza and Blackman scored twice and Fontdegloria scored. The TeleCable Gijon team is still very profitable, winning 7-3 against Cerdanyola Fenie Energia:. In 10 minutes in the first half, they make it 5-1: three goals by the Portuguese Ana Ferreira, two by the WSE Champions League Women bomber Sara Roces, who reached 19 goals against 16 by Marlene Sousa . The venue and official times for the semi-finals will be defined in the coming days and will be scheduled as follows: Generali Palau against Telecable Gijon and Vila-Sana against SL Benfica

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Victoria Porta (CP VIla-sana) and Elisabet Gurri (Martinelia CP Manlleu) – Credit Photo: Clara Liañez

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WSE Champions League Women – Quarter-finals – 2nd leg – 15th April 2023
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Quarterfinal #3 – Saturday 15th April 2023 h 12:30 (CEST) – 11:30 (GMT+1) – Martinelia C.P. Manlleu (Spain) x C.P. Vila-sana (Spain) = 3-3 (1st leg: 2-3 – 2nd leg: 3-3 – total goals: 5-6)
Martinelia Manlleu: Alonso, Comas, Gurri (C), Bullò, Castellvi – Lopez N, Canal, Codinach, Garciolo, Iglesias – Coach: Boada
Vila-Sana: Salvat, Barcons, Porta V, Fernandez J, Agudo – Fernandez V, Silva, Porta m (C), Figuerola, Bento – Coach: Rodero
Scorers: 1st: 17’21” Gurri (MAN), 21’37” Agudo (VIL), 24’00” Barcons (VIL) – 2nd: 8’24” Fernandez J (VIL), 18’10” Lopez (MAN), 24’02” Lopez (MAN)
Penalties: 1st: 14’11” Silva (2′) (VIL)
Referees: Pedro Figueiredo (Portugal) and Silvia Coelho (Portugal) 

Quarterfinal #4 – Saturday 15th April 2023 h 13:00 (GMT+1) – 14:00 (CEST) – S.L. Benfica (Portugal) x Hockey Club Valdagno (Italy) = 13-0 (1st leg: 9-4 – 2nd leg: 13-0 – total goals: 22-4)
Benfica: Vieira, Sousa (C), Figueiredo, Silva, Santos – Flores, Ramos, Severino, Balmaceda, Benfeitas – Coach: Almeida
Valdagno: Parlato, Lorenzato, Orsato, Cerato, Tamiozzo (C) – Rossetto, Bertinato, Cestonaro, Floriani, Rossato – Coach: Randon
Scorers: 1st: 5’21” Silva (SLB), 10’12” Silva (SLB), 11’22” Santos (SLB), 16’26” Sousa (SLB)  – 2nd: 2’31” Santos (SLB), 9’12” Silva (SLB), 19’14” Figueiredo (SLB), 20’57” Balmaceda (SLB), 21’12” Santos (SLB), 21’50” Flores (SLB), 22’26” Santos (SLB), 22’33” Sousa (SLB), 24’48” Silva (SLB)
Referees: Sergi Mayor (Spain) and Alvaro De La Hera (Spain)

Quarterfinal #1 – Saturday 15th April 2023 h 18:00 (CEST) – 17:00 (GMT+1) – Generali H.C. Palau Plegamans (Spain) x H.C. Liceo (Spain) = 5-0 (1st leg: 3-1 – 2nd leg: 5-0 – total goals: 8-1)
Generali Palau: Vicente L, Busquets (C), Puigdueta, Florenza, Colomer – Fontdegloria, Vicente G, Juan, Blackman, Sapena – Coach: Sanz
Liceo: Caretta, Sanjurjo (C), Gaete, Garrote, Rubio – Yanez, Diz, Escalas – Coach: Castro D
Scorers: 1st: 7’56” Florenza (PAL), 12’11” Fontdegloria (PAL) – 2nd: 0’19” Florenza (PAL), 18’51” Blackman (PAL), 22’00” Blackman (PAL)
Referees: Rui Torres (Portugal) and Paulo Almeida (Portugal)

Quarterfinal #2 – Saturday 15th April 2023 h 19:15 (CEST) – 18:00 (GMT+1) – Telecable Gijon H.C. (Spain) x Cerdanyola C.H. Fenie Energia (Spain) = 7-3 (1st leg: 7-1 – 2nd leg: 7-3 – total goals: 14-4)
Telecable Gijon: Hidalgo, Almeida, Piquero, Lee, Ferreira – Roces, Lolo, Gonzalez R, Cobian, Novo – Coach: Peralta
Cerdanyola Fenie Energia: Suros, Sole (C), Ferron, Castro, Valverde – Carrion, Carranza, Crespo, Rubio – Coach: Mateu
Scorers: 1st: 2’31” Carranza (CER), 4’49” Almeida (GIJ), 9’09” Ferreira (GIJ), 10’24” Ferreira (GIJ), 11’12” Piquero (GIJ), 14’06” Roces (GIJ), 19’02” Carrion (CER) – 2nd: 6’04” Ferreira (GIJ), 7’35” Castro (CER), 13’44” Roces (GIJ)
Referees: Carlos Correia (Portugal) and Porfirio Fernandes (Portugal)

Top Scorers:
Sara Roces (Telecable Gijon) 19 goals
Marlene Sousa (SL Benfica) 16 goals
Maria Sofia Silva and Catalina Flores (SL Benfica) 12 goals

WSE Champions League Women – Final Four – April 29-30
Semi-final #1 – Generali H.C: Palau Plegamans (SP) x Telecable Gijon H.C. (SP)
Semi-final #2 –  C.P. Vila-Sana (SP) x S.L. Benfica (PT)
Final – Winner Semi-final #1 x Winner Semi-final #2

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