The same four teams are leaders. Tomorrow the direct clashes will decide the qualification

Still three more points for the four winners of the first day, Italy, France, Portugal and Spain and tomorrow will be decisive for the final qualifying standings and define the grid for the quarterfinals on Thursday. A special day because you will see not only the fight for the first positions but also for gaining the third position. Today Germany against Italy was a game full of emotions for the speed seen on the track even if the result is all in favour of the “Azzurri” for 5-0 (two goals by Tagliapietra). Three more points also for France, beating Switzerland 9-1 thanks to an excellent second half and three goals by captain Gelebart. Portugal, on the other hand, won 21-0 against Andorra (seven goals by captain Viti Oliveira) winning six points in the standings in group B like Italy. “La Roja” is also confirmed in the last game, winning 12-0 against England with the particularity that all eight players have scored at least one goal. Spain and France are at six points in Group A.
So tomorrow the group standings will be defined: at 15:00 Andorra-Germany, 17:00 England-Switzerland, 19:00 Italy-Portugal and 21:00 Spain-France. Among the scorers 8 goals for Viti Oliveira (Portugal) and 6 for Giovanni Tagliapietra (Italy)

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2nd Round – Tuesday 20/09/2022
15:00 B #5 GERMANY x ITALY = 0-5
Germany: Hinz, Heinrichs, Kulmer, Huth, Drossel – Rempke, Keil, Halek, Schmidt, Durben – Coach: Feldhoff
Italy: Mugnaini, Tagliapietra G, Colamaria (C), Uva, Bracali – Tomba, Polverini, De Bari, Tagliapietra A, Poletti – Coach: Giudice
Scorers: 1st: 1’13” Bracali (I), 7’56” Tagliapietra G (I), 18’36” Polverini (I) – 2nd: 9’40” Tagliapietra G (I), 10’00” Colamaria (I)
Penalties: 1st: 1’35” Kulmer (2′) (G), 7’56” Schmidt (2′) (G)
Referees: Casimiro (PT), Le Menn (FR)

17:00 A #6 SWITZERLAND x FRANCE = 1-9
Switzerland: Zaugg, Pahud, Arias, Dysli, Thonen, Aeschlimann, Tanner, Dubacher (C), Schenk, Gnos – Coach: Faustino
France: Oliviero, Gaucher, Lozach, Gomes, Gelebart (C), Garcia, Bellotto, Noel, Garro, Guibert – Coach: Savreux
Scorers: 1st: 1’37” Arias (S), 5’16” Bellotto (F), 7’23” Garcia (F), 19’37” Gelebart (F) – 2nd: 9’47” Gelebart (F), 10’19” Gomes (F), 11’22” Gomes (F)
Penalties: 1st: 19’21” Thonen (2′) (S)
Referees: Villar (SP), Perez (SP)

19:00 B #7 PORTUGAL x ANDORRA = 21-0
Portugal: Nogueira, Pereira, Oliveira (C), Preciso, Machado – Azevedo, Costa, Pina, Lemos, Estarreja – Coach: Ferrao
Andorra: Torrebadella, Hernandez Y, Hernandez B, Farrero (C), Solanes – Sanchez, Buen, Mendez – Coach: Rubio
Scorers: 1st: 0’28” Oliveira (P), 1’29” Oliveira (P), 5’37” Machado (P), 6’04” Lemos (P), 7’40” Lemos (P), 12’29” Lemos (P), 14’32” Oliveira (P), 16’37” Pereira (P), 17’03” Machado (P), 17’27” Oliveira (P) – 2nd: 2’32” Oliveira (P), 3’04” Lemos (P), 3’57” Pina (P), 5’40” Pina (P), 6’43” Costa (P), 13’37” Costa (P) 
Referees: Gorina (SP), Villar (SP)

21:00 A #8 SPAIN x ENGLAND = 12-0
Spain: Garcia, Nadal, Casas, Copa (C), Escala, Gussinyer, Ortigosa, Armengon, Andreu, Megino – Cortijo
England: Holmes (C), Berry, Kay, Franks, Aitken, Hillam, Lawler, Bristow, Hosking, Henfrey – Coach: Amaral
Scorers: 1st: 6’29” Casas (S), 8’39” Andreu (S), 9’09” Armengol (S), 13’56” Gussinyer (S), 14’57” Armengol (S), 17’24” Ortigosa (S) – 2nd: 5’53” Casas (S) (PP), 7’43” Andreu (S), 7’31” Copa (S), 10’32” Copa (S)
Penalties: 1st: 6’20” Lawler (2′) (E), 9’09” Armengol (2′) (S) – 2nd: 4’31” Lawler (2′) (E), 10’45” Berry (2′) (E), 10’47” Ortigosa (2′) (S), 18’42” Escala (S), 19’50” Nadal (S)
Referees: Iuorio (SP), Rondina (SP)

Group A: Spain and France 6 points, England and Switzerland 0
Group B: Portugal and Italy 6 points, Andorra and Germany 0

3rd Round – Wednesday 21/09/2022
19:00 B #11 ITALY x PORTUGAL
21:00 A #12 FRANCE x SPAIN

Eliminatory Round
Quarterfinals – Thursday 22/09/2022

15:00 Quarterfinal#1 #13 2nd Group B x 3rd Group A
17:00 Quarterfinal#2 #14 2nd Group A x 3rd Group B
19:00 Quarterfinal#3 #15 1st Group B x 4th Group A
21:00 Quarterfinal#4 #16 1st Group A x 4th Group B

Semifinals – Friday 23/09/2022
15:00 Semifinal5/8 #17 Loser Match #15 x Loser Match #14
17:00 Semifinal5/8 #18 Loser Match #16 x Loser Match #13
19:00 Semifinal1/4 #19 Winner Match #15 x Winner Match #14
21:00 Semifinal1/4 #20 Winner Match #16 x Winner Match #13

Finals – Saturday 24/09/2022
15:00 Final 7/8 place #21 Loser Match #18 x Loser Match #17
17:00 Final 5/6 place #22 Winner Match #18 x Winner Match #17
19:00 Final 3/4 place #23 Loser Match #20 x Loser Match #19
21:00 Final 1/2 place #24 Winner Match #20 x Winner Match #19

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