The second round of the WSE Champions League promises surprises

The day has come for the second round of the WSE Champions League, where five teams will take to the rink to solidify their first-round victories and the others will try to get back in the running, earning their first points. A round that, as always, will see many very interesting duels but the quadruple Spain-Portugal challenge is always the most important. Two matches will be played in the evening in Spain, one in Galicia between Deportivo Liceo and Benfica (leading with 3 points), the other in Catalunya between Noia Freixenet and Porto Fidelidade, where the “red-yellows” are in first position with two points more than the Portugueses. In Portugal, in the Minho, Barcelos and Reus Virginias (3 points already won) will face each other and in the district of Porto, Valongo Colquimica and Barça, perhaps the most important match of the evening, as they both have 3 points. The other teams with 3 points, Sporting in D and Oliveirense in A, will challenge respectively the French Saint Omer and the Spanish Parlem Calafell which will host a Champions League match for the first time. To complete a top-level menu starting from 20:00 (CET) 19:00 (GMT), two Italian derbies. Trissino-Sarzana, a re-edition of the 2022 semifinal of Torres Vedras, and Forte dei Marmi against Lodi, a clash between four different regions of the Italian peninsula that have always revealed surprises in the Italian championship.

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Pablo Najera (Amatori W.Lodi) e Rafael Bessa (Valongo Colquimica) – Photo Credit: Alberto Vanelli

WSE Champions League Men (WSECL-M) – 2nd matchday, Thursday 09/02/2023

Group A
21:00 (CET) – 20:00 (GMT) – Deportivo Liceo (Spain) x S.L. Benfica (Portugal) – Referees: Matteo Galoppi (Italy) and Simone Brambilla (Italy) – LIVE TV TV Galicia – Live Streaming:
20:30 (CET) – 19:30 (GMT) – Parlem C.P. Calafell (Spain) x U.D. Oliveirense (Portugal) – Referees: Ulderico Barbarisi (Italy) and Joseph Silecchia (Italy) – Live Streaming:

Standing Group A: U.D. Oliveirense (PT) 3 points (+4), S.L. Benfica (PT) 3 points (+2), Parlem C.P. Calafell (SP) 0 points (-2), Deportivo Liceo (SP) 0 points (-4)

Group B
20:45 (CET) – 19:45 (GMT) – G.S. Hockey Trissino (Italy) x Gamma Innovation H.Sarzana (Italy) – Referees: Pedro Figueiredo (Portugal) and Silvia Coelho (Portugal) – Live streaming:
21:00 (CET) – 20:00 (GMT) – C.E. Noia Freixenet (Spain) x F.C. Porto Fidelidade (Portugal) –  Referees: Loic Le Menn (France) and Marco Rondina (Italy) – Live Streaming

Standing Group B: C.E. Noia Freixenet (SP) 3 points (+1), FC Porto Fidelidade (PT) 1 point (0), G.S. Hockey Trissino (IT) 1 point (0), Gamma Innovation Sarzana (IT) 0 points (-1)

Group C
20:45 (CET) – 19:45 (GMT) – H.C. Forte dei Marmi (Italy) x Amatori Wasken Lodi (Italy) – Referees: Alberto Lopez (Spain) and Daniel Pico (Spain) – Live Streaming:
21:30 (GMT) – 22:30 (CET) – A.D. Valongo Colquimica (Portugal) x Barça (Spain) – Referees: Franco Ferrari (Italy) and Massimiliano Carmazzi (Italy) – Live Streaming

Standing Group C: Barça (SP) 3 points (+4), A.D. Valongo Colquimica (PT) 3 points (+3), Amatori Wasken Lodi (IT) 0 points (-3), H.C. Forte dei Marmi (IT) 0 points (-4)

Group D
20:00 (CET) – 19:00 (GMT) – S.C.R.A. Saint-Omer (France) x Sporting C.P. (Portugal) – Referees: Raul Burgos (Spain) and David Godia (Spain) – Live Streaming
21:00 (GMT) – 22:00 (CET) – O.C. Barcelos (Portugal) x Reus Deportiu Virginias (Spain) – Referees: Filippo Fronte (Italy) and Claudio Ferraro (Italy) – Live Streaming:

Standing Group D: Sporting C.P. (PT) 3 points (+2), Reus Deportiu Virginias 3 points (+2), S.C.R.A. Saint Omer (FR) 0 points (-2), O.C. Barcelos (PT) 0 points (-2)

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