The unbeaten run continues for just three teams, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland

Tuesday of great successes as the first day, where Portugal is still the team that scored the most. 19 goals were scored by the Portuguese, 11 in the first half, 8 in the second half. Martim Costa still scored many goals, four goals again today which brings the total for the best scorer to 8. Three goals also for Machado and Lemos, in a match where all the players scored at least one goal. Portugal takes six points, like Switzerland in the same group. The home team managed to defeat an insistent England which was fatal 54 seconds at the end of the first half, going from 1-1 to 1-3 which practically decided the match. Two close goals from Bigiotti allowed Switzerland to manage the match also in the second half, but England with Futter reduced the distance but failed to equalize the match, in a rather balanced match. First victory for Italy: Germany managed to keep the match until midway through the second half but had to succumb to the Italians who put on the rink at a different pace compared to the first outing. Three goals for Pesavento, the driving force behind the Italian team. Spain is also on six points with two victories: a very intense match like the debut yesterday against Italy but also on this match, Cortijo’s team demonstrated more offensive efficiency. Moncusi scored three goals which brought another three points and the mathematical victory of group B, Curtiellas and Cervera also scored while Avondo scored for France.

Last day of qualifying is on Wednesday and all eyes will be on Italy and France (17:00) who will decide the second place in group B. Switzerland against Portugal promises the general public at the Rollhockey Halle that they will try to push the home team to the feat of stop the title holders (19:00). The first match will be England versus Austria, valid for third place in the group (15:00), while Spain will finish against Germany, the only team held at zero in the Group B standings (21:00)

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Group stage – 2° Round
Tuesday 12 September 2023

15:00 – Group A – AUSTRIA – PORTUGAL = 0-19 (0-11, 0-8)
Austria: Hinteregger, Hilbe, Mark, Erath (C), Winsauer – Hauser, Fassler, Calvin, Prutsch  – Coach: Dolce
Portugal: Silva, Pereira P, Costa, Pereira J, Machado – Vigario, Lemos, Azevedo, Oliveira (C), Venda – Coach: Vaz
Scorers: 1st: 2’08” Costa (POR), 6’03” Pereira P (POR), 8’40” Machado (POR), 11’56” Azevedo (POR), 14’46” Lemos (POR), 15’10” Azevedo (POR), 17’54” Vigario (POR), 19’26” Oliveira (POR), 22’12” Costa (POR), 22’35” Vigario (POR), 24’39” Costa (POR) – 2nd: 5’17” Lemos (POR), 7’39” Machado (POR), 8’33” Machado (POR), 9’15” Pereira P (POR), 10’05” Lemos (POR), 18’15” Oliveira (POR), 19’08” Costa (POR), 24’47” Pereira J (POR)
Penalties: 1st: 6’03” Erath (2′) (AUS)
Referees: Lopez (SPA), Bell (ENG)

17:00 – Group B – ITALY – GERMANY = 10-2 (3-0, 7-2)
Italy: Mechini, Pesavento (C), Colamaria, Marchetti, Piccoli – Bozzetto, Tagliapietra, Tomba, Barbieri, Mugnaini – Coach: Bertolucci
Germany: Hinz, Halek, Drossel (C), Heinrichs, Kulmer – Barnekow, Schmidt, Caramanno, Haubrock, Durben – Coach: Feldhoff
Scorers: 1st: 3’46” Pesavento (ITA), 5’56” Piccoli (ITA), 20’40” Colamaria (ITA) – 2nd: 4’06” Bozzetto (dir.shot) (ITA), 4’17” Heinrichs (GER), 6’18” Kulmer (GER), 16’01” Pesavento (pen.shot) (ITA), 18’22” Bozzetto (dir.shot) (ITA), 21’36” Tomba (ITA), 24’08” Tomba (ITA)
Penalties: 1st: 22’48” Marchetti (ITA) and Heinrichs (2′) (GER), 13’38” Colamaria (2′) (ITA) and Drossel (2′) (GER)
Referees: Rizzotti (FRA), Perez (SPA)

19:00 – Group A – ENGLAND – SWITZERLAND = 2-3 (1-3, 1-0)
England: Allen, Swabey, Oakley, Futter (C), Adams – Richards, Aaltonen, Allard, Franks, Williams – Coach: Owen
Switzerland: Lehneherr, Bigiotti, Meier, Dysli, Graf (C) – Fayet, Arias, Scheer, Gisler, Tondury – Coach: Simons
Scorers: 1st: 15’25” Allard (ENG), 19’33” Fayet (SWI), 22’53” Bigiotti (SWI), 23’47” Bigiotti (SWI) – 2nd: 0’25” Futter (ENG)
Referees: Stallone (ITA), Casimiro (POR)

21:00 – Group B – FRANCE – SPAIN = 1-5 (0-3, 1-2)
France: Oliviero, Gelebart (C), Allannic, Garcia, Teixeira – Gomes, Avondo, Dionis, Barois, Aidoud – Coach: Herin
Spain: Vina, Cervera (C), Copa, Curtiellas, Moncusi – Jansa, Saavedra, Escala, Martin, Jurado – Coach: Cortijo
Scorers: 1st: 2’00” Cervera (SPA), 2’49” Cervera (SPA), 14’01” Escala (SPA) – 2nd: 2’21” Moncusi (SPA), 24’07” Avondo (dir.shot) (FRA)
Penalties: 2nd: 11’41” Barois (2′) (FRA), 24’07” Curtiellas (2′) (SPA)
Referees: Correia (POR), Bell (ENG)

Standing Group A: Portugal and Switzerland 6 points, England and Austria 0 points
Standing Group B: Spain 6 points, France and Italy 3 points, Germany 0 points

3° Round
Wednesday 13 September 2023

15:00 – Group A – England x Austria
17:00 – Group B – Italy x France
19:00 – Group A – Switzerland x Portugal
21:00 – Group B – Germany x Spain

Eliminatory Round
Thursday 14 September 2023

15:00 – QF1 – 1° Group A x 4° Group B
17:00 – QF4 – 1° Group B x 4° Group A
19:00 – QF2 – 2° Group A x 3° Group B
21:00 – QF3 – 2° Group B x 3° Group A

Friday 15 September 2023

15:00 – SF4 – Loser QF2 x Loser QF4
17:00 – SF3 – Loser QF3 x Loser QF1
19:00 – SF2 – Winner QF2 x Winner QF4
21:00 – SF1 – Winner QF3 x Winner QF1

Saturday 16 September 2023

15:00 – Fin.7°/8° place – Loser SF3 x Loser SF4
17:00 – Fin.5°/6° place – Winner SF3 x Winner SF4
19:00 – Fin. 3°/4° place – Loser SF1 x Loser SF4
21:00 – Fin. 1°/2° place – Winner SF1 x Winner SF4
22:30 – Closing Ceremony

Two photos of the second round of the qualification – Credit Photo World Skate Europe

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