Three days to define the eight teams that will access the next phase

The second qualification round of the WSE Champions League Men is now ready sto start tomorrow in the four host cities..Three days of play divided into three sessions, Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon to define the eight participants in the draw that will take place Monday 6 November at 19:00 (GMT) 20:00 (CET) live on WSETV.

On Friday, 16 European teams will compete for the last 8 places available to access the coveted group stage, the third stage of the five scheduled this season. There is so much interest in watching some great European teams compete for one of the top two positions in each group to secure the most important phase of the European Rink Hockey season. Two groups will be played in Spain, in Calafell and Lleida, while one in Portugal in Tomar and one in Italy in Forte dei Marmi.
Group A will feature the Italian home team HC Forte dei Marmi of the Italian national team coach Alessandro Bertolucci, UD Oliveirense Simoldes of the former Valongo coach Edo Bosch, Igualada of Marc Muntanè and the Swiss Diessbach. Only Igualada came from the first qualifying round and won their group.
Group B will be held in Portugal and will be formed with the home team of SC Tomar IPT of Nuno Lopes, Valongo Colquimica of Renato Garrido already semi-finalist of the WSE Continental Cup, CE Noia Freixenet of Pere Varias and the German team of SK Germania Herringen by Norbert Hages qualified from the first round, together with Tomar.
Group C will be played at the Pavellò Onze de Setembre in Lleida where the home team Finques Prats Lleida of the new coach Eduard Amat, WSE Cup semi-finalist last season, the European and WSE Continental Cup champions FC Porto Fidelidade of Ricardo Ares, and the two French teams (who qualified from the first round) of Coutras RH of Jerome Lafourcade, already semi-finalist of the WSE Cup in Lleida and CS Noisy of the coach Joao Delgado
Group D will be hosted at the Joan Ortoll in Calafell, with the home team of Calafell of the coach Ferran Lopez, Reus Deportiu of Jordi Garcia, the Italians Gamma Innovation Sarzana of Paolo De Rinaldis and La Vendeenne of the coach Marc Salicru, the latter qualified by first qualifying round.

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WSE Champions League Men – 2nd Qualifying Rounds – 3-4-5 November 2023

GROUP A – PalaForte in Forte dei Marmi (Italy)
Day 1 | Friday 3rd November 2023 
19:00 (CET) – H.C. Forte dei Marmi (ITA) x Igualada Rigat HC (SPA)
21:00 (CET) 20:00 (GMT) – UD Oliveirense Simoldes (POR) x RHC Diessbach (SWI)
Day 2 | Saturday 4th November 2023
16:00 (CET) 15:00 (GMT) – Igualada Rigat HC (SPA) x UD Oliveirense Simoldes (POR)
18:00 (CET) – RHC Diessbach (SWI) x H.C. Forte dei Marmi (ITA)
Day 3 | Sunday 5th November 2023
11:00 (CET) – Igualada Rigat HC (SPA) x RHC Diessbach (SWI)
14:00 (CET) 13:00 (GMT) – HC Forte dei Marmi (ITA) x UD Oliveirense Simoldes (POR)

GROUP B – Pavilhão Municipal de Tomar (Portugal)
Day 1 | Friday 3rd November 2023 
19:00 (GMT) 20:00 (CET) – AD Valongo Colquimica (POR) x CE Noia Freixenet (SPA)
21:00 (GMT) 22:00 (CET) – SC Tomar IPT (POR) x SK Germania Herringen (GER)
Day 2 | Saturday 4th November 2023
16:00 (GMT) 17:00 (CET) – CE Noia Freixenet (SPA) x SC Tomar IPT (POR)
18:00 (GMT) 19:00 (CET) – SK Germania Herringen (GER) x AD Valongo Colquimica (POR)
Day 3 | Sunday 5th November 2023
12:00 (GMT) 13:00 (CET) – CE Noia Freixenet (SPA) x SK Germania Herringen (GER)
14:00 (GMT) 15:00 (CET) – AD Valongo Colquimica (POR) x SC Tomar IPT (POR)

GROUP C – Pavellò Municipal Onze de Setembre in Lleida (Spain)
Day 1 | Friday 3rd November 2023 
19:00 (CET) 18:00 (GMT) – Finques Prats CE Lleida (SPA) x FC Porto Fidelidade (POR)
21:00 (CET) – CS Noisy (FRA) x Coutras RH (FRA)
Day 2 | Saturday 4th November 2023
16:00 (CET) 15:00 (GMT) – FC Porto Fidelidade (POR) x CS Noisy (FRA)
18:00 (CET) – Coutras RH (FRA) x Finques Prats Lleida (SPA)
Day 3 | Sunday 5th November 2023
11:00 (CET) 10:00 (GMT) – FC Porto Fidelidade (POR) x Coutras RH (FRA)
13:00 (CET) – Finques Prats Lleida (SPA) x CS Noisy (FRA)

GROUP D – Pavellò Joan Ortoll in Calafell (Spain)
Day 1 | Friday 3rd November 2023 
19:00 (CET) – Reus Deportiu (SPA) x CP Calafell (SPA)
21:00 (CET) – Gamma Innovation Sarzana (ITA) x La Vendenne (FRA) 
Day 2 | Saturday 4th November 2023
16:00 (CET) – CP Calafell (SPA) x Gamma Innovation Sarzana (ITA)
18:00 (CET) – La Vendeenne (FRA) x Reus Deportiu (SPA)
Day 3 | Sunday 5th November 2023
11:00 (CET) – CP Calafell (SPA) x La Vendeenne (FRA)
13:00 (CET) – Reus Deportiu (SPA) x Gamma Innovation Sarzana (ITA)

Jose “Rafa” Costa (FC Porto Fidelidade) leading figure of the victory at the recent WSE Continental Cup final 2023 – Photo Credit: World Skate Europe

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