Tomorrow (12:15) the Final of the WSE Continental Cup: Porto Fidelidade versus Voltregà Movento Stern

Appointment with history tomorrow for Porto Fidelidade and Voltregà Movento Stern, the two finalists who will compete for the WSE Continental Cup from 12:15 (CEST) 11:15 (GMT+1)

Porto Fidelidade earns another final by winning in the Semifinal with a clear 6-1 against Braga. An all-Portuguese match that saw the European champions dominate in the first half, scoring a 5-0 lead thanks to two goals from Gonçalo Alves, goals from Mena, Pujadas and Costa. Braga only managed to contain Porto in the second half but was unable to reopen the match, despite Henriques managing to score the first goal, before Telmo Pinto’s final goal. A trophy that hasn’t arrived in their showcase since 1987.
The Voltregà Movento Stern succeeds in defeating the young team of Valongo. A first half of great sacrifice for the Spaniards who managed to take the lead with Teixido and managed to contain the Portuguese thanks to the great performance of goalkeeper Estrada. In the second half Valonmgo fails to take advantage of a direct shot and a powerplay and from that point Voltregà takes flight and closes the game in the last seven minutes. Rodriguez on a penalty shot, Teixido on a direct shot and Vargas stealing the ball. 

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Pavelló Municipal d’Esports “Victorià Oliveras de la Riva” – Sant Hipòlit de Voltregà (Spain)
Semi-finals – Saturday 30 September 2023
17:00 (CEST) – 16:00 (GMT+1) – FC PORTO FIDELIDADE – HC BRAGA = 6-1 (5-0, 1-1)
FC Porto Fidelidade: Malian, Mena, Nunes, Alves, Costa – Lamas, Pinto, Pujadas, Barata, Pais – Coach: Ares
Braga: Filipe, Seixas, Hugo, Mendez, Silva Jorge – Silva Joao, Meira (C), Trabulo, Henriques, Teixeira – Coach: Neves
Scorers: 1st: 1’48” Mena (FCP), 9’48” Costa (FCP), 12’30” Pujadas (FCP), 18’23” Alves (FCP), 21’07” Alves (FCP) – 2nd: 13’13” Henriques (HCB), 23’40” Pinto (FCP)
Referees: Villar (SPA), Leiton (SPA)

19:45 (CEST) – 18:45 (GMT+1) – CP VOLTREGA MOVENTO STERN – AD VALONGO COLQUIMICA = 4-0 (1-0, 3-0)
Voltregà Movento Stern: Estrada, Vargas (C), Burgaya, Molas, Teixido G – Rodriguez, Serra, Alonso, Sitja – Coach: Teixido L
Valongo: Freitas, Lima, Moura, Ramos, Almeida – Silva F (C), Sanches, Azevedo, Leite, Pedro – Coach: Garrido
Scorers: 1st: 5’00” Teixido (direct shot) (CPV) – 2nd: 18’03” Rodriguez (pen.shot) (CPV), 18’23” Vargas (CPV), 21’18” Teixido (dir.shot) (CPV)
Penalties: 2nd: 13’32” Teixido (2′) (CPV)
Referees: Le Menn (FRA), Ferrari (ITA)

Final – Sunday 1 October 2023

LIVE TV Esport3, Porto Canal and Streaming WSETV

Alex Rodriguez (Voltregà Movento Stern) and Francisco Silva (Valongo Colquimica) – Photo Credit: World Skate Europe

Ezequiel Mena (Porto Fidelidade) and Jorge Silva (BragA) – Credit Photo Web

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