Tomorrow the knockout stage starts with the quarterfinals

The first phase of the 41st Under 17 Men European Championship has ended with the definition of the positions in the standings of the two groups. Tomorrow from 15:00 the knockout stage will begin, starting with Italy-England, at 17 France-Germany, at 19 Portugal-Switzerland and at 21 Spain-Andorra.
The third day was the most spectacular and balanced, with many emotions starting from Andorra-Germany where the Germans won 5-1 (two goals for Kulmer), conquering the third position in the standings. England-Switzerland was very balanced, decided only in the second half thanks to a decisive break by the English, five minutes from the end then the English goalkeeper save a decisive penalty 2 seconds from the end. Many emotions also between Italy-Portugal: two decisive goals (0-2) scored in 20 seconds in the first half by Costa and Preciso who decided the match. The two goalkeepers in this race were the real protagonists. Exciting also the last race where the hosts managed to be right of France only in the second half thanks to the double of Ortigosa (2-4)

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3rd Round – Wednesday 21/09/2022
15:00 B #9 ANDORRA x GERMANY = 1-5
Andorra: Torrebadella, Hernandez Y, Hernandez B, Farrero (C), Solanes – Sanchez, Buen, Mendez – Coach: Rubio
Germany: Hinz, Heinrichs, Kulmer, Huth, Drossel – Rempke, Keil, Halek, Schmidt, Durben – Coach: Feldhoff
Scorers: 1st: 7’00” Kulmer (G), 13’02” Heinrichs (G) – 2nd: 9’39” Kulmer (G), 14’14” Keil (G), 22’35” Halek (G), 17’02” Solanes (A)
Referees: Pico (SP) and Gorina (SP)

17:00 A #10 ENGLAND x SWITZERLAND = 4-3
England: Holmes (C), Berry, Franks, Aitken, Lawler – Hillam, Kay, Bristow, Hosking, Henfrey – Coach: Amaral
Switzerland: Zaugg, Arias, Thonen, Aeschlimann, Dubacher (C) – Dysli, Pahud, Tanner, Schenk, Gnos – Coach: Faustino
Scorers: 1st: 0’08” Lawler (E), 1’42” Thonen (S), 5’21” Thonen (S) – 2nd: 3’41” Franks (E), 5’02” Schenk (S), 6’34” Aitken (E) (dir.shot)
Penalties: 2nd: 6’34” Thonen (2′) (S)
Referees: Le Menn (FR), Rondina (IT)

19:00 B #11 ITALY x PORTUGAL = 0-2
Italy: Mugnaini, Tagliapietra G, Colamaria (C), Uva, Bracali – Tomba, Polverini, De Bari, Tagliapietra A, Poletti – Coach: Giudice
Portugal: Estarreja, Azevedo, Oliveira (C), Costa, Machado – Pereira, Preciso, Pina, Lemos, Nogueira – Coach: Ferrao
Scorers: 1st: 12’21” Costa (pen.shot) (P), 12’40” Preciso (P)
Penalties: 1st: 4’04” Uva (2′) (I), 12’21” Bracali (2′) (I) – 2nd: 11’14” Machado (2′) (P), 11’33” Tagliapietra (2′) (I)
Referees: Perez (SP), Villar (SP)

21:00 A #12 FRANCE x SPAIN = 2-4
France: Oliviero, Gaucher, Gomes, Gelebart (C), Garcia, Bellotto – Lozach, Noel, Garro, Guibert – Coach: Savreux
Spain: Megino, Copa (C), Escala, Armengol, Andreu – Gussinyer, Nadal, Casas, Ortigosa, Garcia – Coach: Cortijo
Scorers: 1st: 13’21” Ortigosa (S), 16’02” Gelebart (F), 16’11” Casas (S) – 2nd: 3’28” Copa (S), 3’44” Gomes (F), 12’20” Ortigosa (S)

Referees: Casimiro (PT), Iuorio (IT)

Group A: Spain 9 points, France 6 points, England 3 points, Switzerland 0
Group B: Portugal 9 points, Italy 6 points, Germany 3 points, Andorra 0

Eliminatory Round
Quarterfinals – Thursday 22/09/2022

15:00 Quarterfinal#1 #13 ITALY x ENGLAND
17:00 Quarterfinal#2 #14 FRANCE x GERMANY
19:00 Quarterfinal#3 #15 PORTUGAL x SWITZERLAND
21:00 Quarterfinal#4 #16 SPAIN x ANDORRA

Semifinals – Friday 23/09/2022
15:00 Semifinal5/8 #17 Loser Match #15 x Loser Match #14
17:00 Semifinal5/8 #18 Loser Match #16 x Loser Match #13
19:00 Semifinal1/4 #19 Winner Match #15 x Winner Match #14
21:00 Semifinal1/4 #20 Winner Match #16 x Winner Match #13

Finals – Saturday 24/09/2022
15:00 Final 7/8 place #21 Loser Match #18 x Loser Match #17
17:00 Final 5/6 place #22 Winner Match #18 x Winner Match #17
19:00 Final 3/4 place #23 Loser Match #20 x Loser Match #19
21:00 Final 1/2 place #24 Winner Match #20 x Winner Match #19

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