Two new clubs will join the WSE Champions League’s Final Eight

Barça and Benfica are joined by two new qualifiers for the Final Eight in Viana do Castelo. They are Porto Fidelidade and Hockey Trissino, paired with 11 points in the group B standings. In this evening of hockey, they won respectively 5-1 against Noia Freixenet (2 goals by Carlo Di Benedetto) and 4-2 against Gamma Innovation Sarzana (2 goals for Cocco and Mendez). The two already qualified Barça and Benfica don’t win their matches. In fact, in Group C the most important result of the evening was achieved by Valongo Colquimica who won at the PalauBlaugrana 4-3, the decisive goal by the Argentinian Navarro 4 minutes from the end, after the exciting 3-0 by the Portuguese and the recovery of Barça 3-3 (Barça is already qualified as first). In the same group, the Italian Forte dei Marmi wins in the home of Amatori Wasken Lodi 3-2 (2 goals from Pedro Gil) and they are in the same number of points as Valongo, but in the standings, the Portuguese have four more goals scored in overall goal difference that will make the difference in the last round (13th April). Instead, Benfica in Group A tied 2-2 against Deportivo Liceo who recovered the match after the initial 2-0 (2 goals from the Argentinian Under 19 Francisco Torres): with this result, they are certain of first place in the standings. In the same group, Oliveirense beats Parlem Calafell 4-0 (2 goals for the 38-year-old Adroher), but to be sure of qualification they won’t have to lose at the Palacio de Riazor. On the fifth day of group D, Sporting beat the French SCRA Saint Omer 6-1 and ensured the temporary first position waiting for the last one game. Barcelos, on the other hand, wins at the home of Reus Virginias 4-1, moving up to the second place, one point ahead of the Spaniards. The decisive last round will be Barcelos-Sporting and SCRA-Reus where still three teams are still in contention for qualification. 
In the top scorers standings, the italian Giulio Cocco remains in the top with 10 goals, followed by three players at 7 goals, Font, Rodrigues and Alabart.
All eight matches of the sixth and last round will be played at 21:00 h CEST, 20:00 h GMT+1.

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Gonçalo Pinto (SL Benfica) and Cesar Carballeira (Deportivo Liceo) – Photo Credit: WSE

WSE Champions League Men (WSECL-M) – 5th matchday, Thursday 23/03/2023
Press media kits:

Group A
21:00 (GMT) – 22:00 (CET) – U.D. Oliveirense (Portugal) x Parlem C.P. Calafell (Spain) = 4-0 (2-0, 2-0)
Oliveirense: Fonseca Fernandes, Pereira T, Adroher, Silva J, Cardoso – Torra (C), Martinez, Araujo, Maruqes, Alves Fernandes – Coach: Pereira P
Parlem Calafell: Camps, Xaus, Escala, Casas, Miras – Mendes, Ferrer, Palau (C), Fernandez, Solans – Coach: Lopez F
Scorers: 1st: 0’28” Pereira T (UDO), 17’06” Cardoso (UDO) – 2nd: 3’26” Adroher (UDO), 5’50” Adroher (UDO)
Penalties: 2nd: 5’50” Escala (2′) (CPC)
Referees: Loic Le Menn (France) and Massimiliano Carmazzi (Italy)

21:00 (GMT) – 22:00 (CET) – S.L. Benfica (Portugal) x Deportivo Liceo (Spain) = 2-2 (2-0, 0-2)
Benfica: Henriques (C), Rafael, Alvarez, Ordonez, Roca N – Di Benedetto R, Nicolia, Lamas, Pinto G, Mendes – Coach: Resende
Deportivo Liceo: Serra M, Carballeira, Rodriguez, Torres D (C), Ricart – Di Benedetto B, Ciocale, Torres F, Canal, Bridge M – Coach: Copa
Scorers: 1st: 17’11” Alvarez (dir.shot) (SLB), 20’41” Nicolia (SLB) – 2nd: 12’35” Torres F (LIC), 13’34” Torres F (LIC)
Penalties: 1st: 17’11” Serra (2′) (LIC)
Referees: Rui Torres (Portugal) and Pedro Figueiredo (Portugal)

Standing Group A: S.L. Benfica (PT) 11 points (+7), U.D. Oliveirense (PT) 7 points (+3), Deportivo Liceo (SP) 6 points (-3), Parlem C.P. Calafell (SP) 2 points (-7)

Group B
20:00 (GMT) – 21:00 (CET) – F.C. Porto Fidelidade (Portugal) x C.E. Noia Freixenet (Spain) = 5-1 (3-0, 2-1)
Porto Fidelidade: Malian, Mena, Barroso, Alves G, Di Benedetto C – Pinto T, Pujadas, GarciaR, Silva J, Rodrigues – Coach: Ares
Noia Freixenet: Roca B, Esteller, Costa X, Salvado, Mitjans – Gabarro, Gil K, Marimon, Ballart – Coach: Varias
Scorers: 1st: 7’53” Di Benedetto (2′) (FCP), 10’25” Malian (FCP), 17’17” Pujadas (FCP) – 2nd: 5’18” Garcia R (FCP), 8’52” Mena (FCP), 16’08” Gil (NOI)
Penalties: 1st: 7’53” Esteller (2′) (NOI)
Referees: Filippo Fronte (Italy) and Simone Brambilla (Italy)

21:00 (CET) – 20:00 (GMT) – Gamma Innovation H.Sarzana (Italy) x G.S. Hockey Trissino (Italy) = 2-4 (1-1, 1-3)
Gamma Innovation Sarzana: Corona, Garcia J, Borsi (C), Ortiz, Festa – Alonso, De Rinaldis F, Perroni, Tognacca, Bianchi – Coach: De Rinaldis P
Trissino: Zampoli, Galbas J, Ipinazar F, Mendez, Cocco – Pinto J (C), Malagoli, Schiavo, Bovo – Coach: Bertolucci
Scorers: 1st: 4’10” Ortiz (SAR), 24’15” Cocco (TRI) – 2nd: 5’16” Alonso (SAR), 8’18” Mendez (TRI), 10’50” Mendez (TR), 22’58” Cocco (TRI)
Penalties: 1st: 4’10” Cocco (2′) (TRI), 14’07” Pinto J (2′) (TRI)
Referees: Ruben Fernandez (Spain) and Daniel Villar (Spain)

Standing Group B: FC Porto Fidelidade (PT) 11 points (+13), G.S. Hockey Trissino (IT) 11 points (+10),C.E. Noia Freixenet (SP) 5 points (-7), Gamma Innovation Sarzana (IT) 0 points (-16)

Group C
20:00 (CET) – 19:00 (GMT) – Barça (Spain) x A.D. Valongo Colquimica (Portugal) = 3-4 (1-3, 2-1)
Barça: Fernandez, Albart, Bargallo, Nunes, Rodrigues – Panadero (C), Grau M, Pascual J, Cairo G, Grau C – Coach: Castro
Valongo Colquimica: Edo, Bessa, Santos (C), NAcarro, Bridge F – Abreu, Silva N, Moura, Ramos, Bento – Coach: Bosch
Scorers: 1st: 2’30” Bessa (ADV), 12’19” Navarro (ADV), 19’57” Bridge (ADV), 23’25” Pascual (BAR) – 2nd: 4’06” Alabart (BAR), 12’00” Alabart (BAR), 20’30” Navarro (ADV)
Referees: Francesco Stallone (Italy) and Joseph Silecchia (Italy)

21:00 (CET) – 20:00 (GMT) – Amatori Wasken Lodi (Italy) x H.C. Forte dei Marmi (Italy) = 2-3 (2-2, 0-1)
Amatori Wasken Lodi: Grimalt (C), Giovannetti, Antonioni, Faccin, Fernandes – Fantozzi, Barbieri, Bozzetto, Fiazza, Porchera – Coach: Bresciani
Forte dei Marmi: Gnata (C), Cinquini, Torner, Gil P, Ambrosio – Gual, Illuzzi, Rossi, Borgo, Taiti – Coach: De Gerone
Scorers: 1st: 3’07” Antonioni (LOD), 18’27” Ambrosio (FOR), 22’47” Gil (FOR), 24’59” Fantozzi (pen.shot) (LOD) – 2nd: 11’17” Gil P (FOR)
Penalties: 1t: 18’50” Gual (2′) (FOR), 24’59” Ambrosio (2′) (FOR)
Referees: Sergi Mayor (SP) and David Cantos (SP)

Standing Group C: Barça (SP) 12 points (+11), A.D. Valongo Colquimica (PT) 8 points (+2), H.C. Forte dei Marmi (IT) 8 points (-2), Amatori Wasken Lodi (IT) 0 points (-11)

Group D
19:30 (GMT) – 20:30 (CET) – Sporting C.P. (Portugal) x S.C.R.A. St-Omer (France) = 6-1 (3-0, 3-1)
Sporting: Girao (C), Verona, Platero, Perez, Font – Souto, Romero, Magalhaes, Almeida J, Macedo – Coach: Dominguez
SCRA St-omer: Chambel, Le Roux, Mantinan, Pellizzari, Cuenca (C) – Barengo, Llisa, Nedder, Savreux L, Mane – Coach: Savreux F
Scorers: 1st: 2’13” Perez (SCP), 11’16” Almeida (SCP), 17’25” Souto (SCP) – 2nd: 1’46” Perez (SCP), 17’36” Almeida (SCP), 19’56” Mantinan (SCRA), 22’45” Souto (SCP)
Penalties: 2nd: 9’04” Verona (2′) (SCP), 19’56” Verona (2′) (SCP)
Referees:Ivan Gonzalez (Spain) and Oriol Perez (Spain)

20:45 (CET) – 19:45 (GMT) – Reus Deportiu Virginias (Spain) x O.C. Barcelos (Portugal) = 1-4 (1-1, 0-3)
Reus Deportiu: Ballart, Aragones, Compagno, Gelmà – Rojas, Salvat (C), Gimenez, Jansà, Zapater – Coach: Garcia J
Barcelos: Acevedo, Querido, Vieira, Morais, Rampulla (C) – Centeno, Rocha, Pereira J, Pinheiro, Ferreira – Coach: Freitas
Scorers: 1st: 10’19” Vieira (OCB), 24’58” Compagno (REU) – 2nd: 5’43” Morais (OCB), 22’53” Centeno (OCB), 23’47” Rampulla (OCB)
Penalties: 2t: 22’15” Gimenez (2′) (REU)
Referees: Matteo Galoppi (Italy) and Claudio Ferraro (Italy)

Standing Group D: Sporting C.P. (PT) 10 points (+9), O.C. Barcelos (PT) 9 points (+3), Reus Deportiu Virginias 7 points (-1), S.C.R.A. St-Omer (FR) 3 points (-11)

Top Scorers: 
Giulio Cocco (Trissino) 10 goals
Ferran Font (Sporting), Ignacio Alabart (Barça) Joao Rodrigues (Barça) 7 goals
Sergi Aragones (Reus Deportiu Virginias) Alvaro Morais (Barcelos) 6 goals

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