U17 Men competition format

The teams are seeded taking into account the IHTC int ranking system. More news here

Competition format

  • It consists in 3 groups of 3 teams round robin.
Round Robin U17 Men 2023 European Championship system
  • Teams will play against each other in their groups during round robin phase.
  • Teams are ranked from 1st to 3rd in their groups.
GF 1GF 2GF 3
1. G11. G23. G3
2. G31. G33. G2
2. G22. G13. G1
Final phase groups – U17 Men 2023 European Championships
  • The two teams rank 1 and 2 of each group will be seeded in two Final Phase groups of 3 teams, which consists in:
    • In each group, teams play against each other.
    • Teams ranked 1st and 2nd will play semi-final and finals 
    • Teams ranked 3rd of each group play the 5th place game.
  • The last team of each group of the round robin phase will be seeded into the President Cup group, which consists in:
    • A single group phase where each team will play each other team two times in return games.
    • The winner of this phase wins the President Cup Trophy
R4GF 3.1GF 3.3R5GF 3.2GF 3.3R6aGF 3.2GF 3.1
GF 2.1GF 2.3GF 2.2GF 2.3GF 2.1GF 2.2
GF 1.1GF 1.3GF 1.2GF 1.3GF 1.1GF 1.2
R6bGF 3.3GF 3.1
1st GF22nd GF1
R73rd GF23rd GF11st GF12nd GF2
GF 3.3GF 3.2
R8GF 3.1GF 3.2
Lose Semi 1Lose Semi 2
Win Semi 2Win Semi 1
Final phase matches – U17 Men 2023 European Championships