WSE Cup Qualifying Round is ready to start with three challenging days  

The qualifying act also arrived in the second European men’s competition. the WSE Cup opens its first phase of the four scheduled: the qualifying phase, Round of 16, Quarter-finals and Final Four. 16 teams will fight from tomorrow to Sunday to conquer the first two places in each group and therefore enter the main draw of the competition in the Round of 16 where the eight teams from the elimination of the 2nd Qualifying round are already registered. The four groups will be played in Duisburg and Wuppertal (Germany), Biassono (Italy) and Braga (Portugal). In all four groups, there are already teams that have participated in the last editions and are the obvious favorites but they will also find emerging teams in their path who have the possibility of qualifying.

In Group A the home team of TeamServiceCar Monza will face the Spanish PAS Alcoy, already participating last season like the English King’s Lynn leaving the WSECL. After their exit in the WSECL, Thunerstern will play in Group A. In Group B, Portuguese Braga will face the Italians Follonica, exiting the WSECL, and two Swiss teams, Wimmis and Uttigen, who return to European competitions after a few years of absence. In Wuppertal in Germany, the home team of Cronenberg will challenge the Swiss Geneve, usually present in European competitions, and two Italians Valdagno and Edilfox Grosseto, exiting from the WSECL in the first round. In Duisburg, the German home team Walsum will try to defeat the competition of the Spanish Voltregà Movento Stern, winner of the last WSECup and second in the WSE Continental Cup, the Portuguese Murches and the French Lyon, already present a year ago. 

After this qualifying round, it’s scheduled the draw for the Round of 16’s table, Tuesday 21 November at 19:00 (PT) 20:00 (CET) live on WSETV.

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Jordi Burgaya and Miquel Estrada (CP Voltregà Movento Stern) and Ezequiel Mena (FC Porto Flidedade) during the last Final of WSE Continental Cup – Photo Credit: World Skate Europe


WSE Cup – Qualifying Rounds – 17-18-19 November 2023 GROUP A – PalaBiassono in Biassono (Italy)
Day 1 | Friday 17th November 2023 
19:00 (CET)  – PAS Alcoi (SPA) x SC Thunerstern (SWI)
21:00 (CET) 20:00 (GMT) – TeamServiceCar HRC Monza (ITA) x King’s Lynn RHC (ENG)
Day 2 | Saturday 18th November 2023
19:00 (CET) 18:00 (GMT) – King’s Lynn RHC (ENG) x PAS Alcoi (SPA)
21:00 (CET) – SC Thunerstern (SWI) x TeamServiceCar HRC Monza (ITA)
Day 3 | Sunday 19th November 2023
11:00 (CET) – TeamServiceCar HRC Monza (ITA) x PAS Alcoi (SPA)
13:00 (CET) 12:00 (GMT) – King’s Lynn RHC (ENG) x SC Thunerstern (SWI)

GROUP B – Pavilhão das Goladas in Braga (Portugal)
Day 1 | Friday 17th November 2023 
19:00 (GMT) 20:00 (CET) – RHC Wimmis (SWI) x RSC Uttigen (SWI)
21:00 (GMT) 22:00 (CET) – HC Braga (POR) x Follonica Hockey (ITA)
Day 2 | Saturday 18th November 2023
16:00 (GMT) 17:00 (CET) – Follonica Hockey (ITA) x RHC Wimmis (SWI)
18:00 (GMT) 19:00 (CET) – RSC Uttigen (SWI) x HC Braga (POR)
Day 3 | Sunday 19th November 2023
12:00 (GMT) 13:00 (CET) – Follonica Hockey (ITA) x RSC Uttigen (SWI)
14:00 (GMT) 15:00 (CET) – HC Braga (POR) x RHC Wimmis (SWI)

GROUP C – Alfred-Henckels-Halle in Wuppertal (Germany)
Day 1 | Friday 17th November 2023 
19:00 (CET) – RSC Cronenberg (GER) x Geneve RHC (SWI)
21:00 (CET) – HC Valdagno (ITA) x Edilfox Grosseto (ITA)
Day 2 | Saturday 18th November 2023
16:00 (CET) – Geneve RHC (SWI) x HC Valdagno (ITA)
18:00 (CET) – Edilfox Grosseto (ITA) x RSC Cronenberg (GER)
Day 3 | Sunday 19th November 2023
13:00 (CET) – Geneve RHC (SWI) x Edilfox Grosseto (ITA)
15:00 (CET) – RSC Cronenberg (GER) x HC Valdagno (ITA)

GROUP D – Sporthalle Beckersloh in Duisburg (Germany)
Day 1 | Friday 17th November 2023 
19:00 (CET) 18:00 (GMT) – RESG Walsum 1937 (GER) x GRF Murches (POR)
21:00 (CET) – RHC Lyon (FRA) x CP Voltregà Movento Stern (SPA)
Day 2 | Saturday 18th November 2023
16:00 (CET) 15:00 (GMT) – GRF Murches (POR) x RHC Lyon (FRA)
18:00 (CET) – CP Voltregà Movento Stern (SPA) x RESG Walsum (GER)
Day 3 | Sunday 19th November 2023
14:00 (CET) 13:00 (GMT) – GRF Murches (POR) x CP Voltregà Movento Stern (SPA)
16:00 (CET) – RESG Walsum (GER) x RHC Lyon (FRA)

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