WSE Euro Women in October

WSE Euro Women Championship, originally slated for July, has been rescheduled for October. The decision comes after no applications were received to organize the event within the defined deadline, leaving the organising committee faced with the daunting task of securing a suitable venue.

The Portuguese Federation, took the initiative and invested substantial efforts into finding a venue, to ensuring the competition would proceed. Regrettably, their exhaustive search proved futile. Despite their best intentions, no venue was found that could simultaneously meet the financial sustainability requirements for participating national teams and the criteria for an event of this magnitude.

The WSE Euro Women Championship, renowned for its fiercely competitive spirit and exceptional level of play, necessitates meticulous planning and coordination to deliver an outstanding experience for all participants. Given the limited timeframe available for organising the event, the decision to postpone the tournament to October was deemed necessary. This rescheduling will facilitate a more comprehensive planning process, ensuring that the event lives up to its reputation.

The rescheduled WSE Euro Women will now take place from the 2nd to the 7th of October, 2023.

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