WSE U23 European Championship from 4th to 8th of April

WSE U23 European Championship will take place in Paredes, Portugal, from April 4th to April 8th.

This is a premier of this European Championship, that, according with Orlando Panza, Chairman of WSE Rink Hockey Technical Commission, intends to «continue the project of evolution of athletes, promoting and encouraging the competition» and, at the same time, «increase the sense of responsibility and respect in the athletes actions in a phase of consolidation of their competitive focus». On the other hand, this competition intends to constitute a «moment in which the nations can assess their evolution and prepare for the future in the highest level of international competitions».

This first edition will have five national teams – England, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland – and will be played in a single phase, in league format and in a single round-robin format.

1st Round (4/4/2023)
17:00 – Italy x Switzerland
20:00 – Portugal x England

2nd Round (5/4/2023)
17:00 – England x Switzerland
20:00 – Spain x Italy

3rd Round (6/4/2023)
17:00 – Switzerland x Spain
20:00 – Italy x Portugal

4th Round (7/4/2023)
15:00 – Spain x England
18:00 – Switzerland x Portugal

5th Round (8/4/2023)
15:00 – England x Italy
18:00 – Portugal x Spain

*Schedules may be subject to change according to eventual TV broadcasts.

The city of Paredes has a long history of hosting top-level rink hockey events, and we are confident that it will provide an excellent venue for this year’s tournament. The championship promises to be a thrilling spectacle, with plenty of exciting matches and memorable moments.

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